Simple Tips for Aiding a Rescue Chihuahua Adjust

One of life’s greatest pleasures and most satisfying experiences is saving a chihuahua puppy. Although difficult, it is worth it! If you’ve never helped a dog in need before. This article will provide you with the advice you need to begin going. Before you know it, you will feel at ease helping a Rescue Chihuahua Adjust! Stay tuned.

How much time does a rescue chihuahua need to adjust?

Decompression is the term for the transition period. Most rescues agree that it takes an average dog two weeks to decompress. However, as each dog is an individual with unique experiences, this will differ amongst dogs. Especially chihuahuas, As they are small and fragile, and the experience inside a shelter could be worse compared to their larger counterparts.

How To Make Your Rescue Chihuahua Feels Comfortable?

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You can do a lot of things to make your recently rescued chihuahua feel more at ease, Including:

1. Set up a routine. 

Dogs including chihuahuas enjoy regularity and routines, this way they can develop expectations. Establish a routine that will work for your family long-term the moment you bring your chihuahua home.

Try to maintain as much of the daily routine as you can on days when a diversion is necessary.

2. Start a Training program. 

To assist your chihuahua to understand what will be expected of him or her and to strengthen your bond, you should start working on training right away.

It will be more challenging to train a chihuahua to behave properly if you reward bad behavior from the beginning.

3. Understand And Respect Your New Chihuahua

 While most dogs enjoy being petted and many enjoy cuddling, some do not. Allow your chihuahua to start physical contact first, and watch for cues that get a good reaction from her or him.

Do not continue petting your dog in that manner if he doesn’t enjoy it. Allow her or him to be done and leave your new chihuahua alone when she/he acts that way.

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4. Don’t Hug your chihuahua

Chihuahuas feel awkward and constrained during hugs. Only a few methods exist for an uneasy chihuahua to express itself, and biting is one of them. watch out!

5. If at all possible, avoid grooming during the first week 

A “spa day” that includes a bath, ear cleaning, and nail trim does not appeal to many chihuahuas. So it makes sense to steer clear of any potential unpleasantness at first.

If you notice that your new chihuahua really must have a wash, make it as enjoyable as you can by giving him lots of praise and treats.

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How Can My Rescue Chihuahua And I Become Closer?

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Building bonds requires patience and effort. Spending time with your new furry friend is the best place to start. Here are some suggestions for developing a close relationship with your rescue chihuahua:

1. Take walks

 Because Chihuahuas view walking with you as a pack activity. This tested method helps dogs form strong bonds with their owners. Exercise is beneficial for both of you and taking your dog for a walk lets him experience new sights and smells.

For his protection, be sure to keep your tiny chihuahua on a leash.

2. Pets and cuddles 

Being physically close to your new chihuahua and giving him a soothing massage while you touch him can help you two become friends and make your dog feel more at ease around you by showing him that you are here for him.

3. Use toys to play

 Chihuahuas enjoy playing with their owners. Throwing toys, playing tug-of-war, encouraging your dog with praise as she works to solve a food puzzle toy, or holding a bone while your dog eats it are all excellent activities.

4. Training

Working together via training will help you get closer to your chihuahua.

5. Car ride

Take your chihuahua to places you used to visit with your friends such as the local store, Starbucks, or a neighborhood ice cream shop by driving your dog there.

6. Reading time 

Read to your chihuahua as it cuddles up to you. This might ease your relationship and make it stronger.

Of course, The dog won’t understand the narrative, but she will like your voice and the attention.

7. Baking of biscuits

Baking special treats for your tiny chihuahua is a fantastic hobby. Since it is simple to do at home and offers a chance to teach your dog to behave nicely in the kitchen. Even though using food to convey love puts a dog at risk of experiencing weight issues.

Because chihuahuas are intelligent, they will figure out that you are baking for them and will appreciate this as well.

8. Shopping

Find places that allow dogs and go there with your chihuahua during off-peak hours. To socialize, expose, and assist your dog to develop trust in you, seek out mellow, compassionate people to pet him.

How can you determine if you and your new chihuahua are bonded?

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After applying the tips we’ve mentioned you might be asking if your new chihuahua is emotionally attached to you or not. To make sure that your new dog starts loving you, You will notice the following behaviors :

  • Some dogs will follow you like a shadow throughout the house. Depending on the dog’s personality, some do this more frequently than others.
  • Other dogs come to check on you when they need attention rather than continuously following their owners around.
  • On walks, your chihuahua will glance up at you.
  • If your chihuahua is napping and you are not in the room when she wakes up, she will walk around the house looking for you.
  • In a crowded room, your chi will pick you to be her only companion.
  • Your chihuahua will try to get your attention.
  • She will look you in the eye.
  • When you return home, she will be delighted to see you.
  • The interaction between you both will be positive.
  • Your new chihuahua will always ask you to feed her even if there are other people in your house.

What will my new rescue chihuahua need?

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To take care of your chihuahua and make him feel comfortable, you will need certain items. Below is a shopping list and advice for getting ready for the adoption day of your rescue chihuahua:

A crate

Like teens, chihuahuas enjoy having a “bedroom” to retreat to. Make sure that your dog can easily reach their crate and that it is located in a peaceful area of the house so that she can go there to relax when the house becomes busier than she would like. Please note that the crate should never be located in a high place. Because chihuahuas have fragile bones, and jumping from high places is very dangerous for them.


Choose more toys than you believe are required. The more options your chihuahua has, the less likely she is to play with inappropriate stuff, therefore the more possibilities the better. Toys will help your dog mentally and physically. They keep your dog occupied and this will prevent your dog from getting bored. In addition, the dog will never chew your expensive items if she has enough toys to play with.

Comfortable blankets and a bed

To make your dog feel at ease sleeping in them, place these in a peaceful area. That your chihuahua considers it as her private place. Remember that everyone in your household should respect this area.

Make sure you choose a bed that is simple to clean. And try to put them in the sun if it is possible.

A safety collar and a sturdy harness 

To avoid injury to their neck and throat, dogs especially chihuahuas should always be walked while wearing a harness.

Healthy snacks and treats

Your chihuahua will require a high-quality, nutritious diet. If you decide to make your meals for your dog, be sure to have a reputable veterinarian check the recipe to make sure all of his nutritional requirements are being met.

Be patient; your chihuahua may first be too nervous to eat. Additionally, you should buy him simple normal biscuits, savory training treats, and any other treats you think he will like.

To make it easier for your dog to eat and drink, put water and food bowls somewhere quiet.

Buy a pickup bag dispenser

 A pick-up dispenser for your chihuahua is very crucial. It is a good idea to keep a pick-up bag dispenser on your leash. Even if your community has a dog disposal facility run by professionals, you could need a bag if the facility has an issue.

Grooming Products

You’ll need dog shampoo, nail clippers, and possibly brushes as well, depending on the length of coat your chihuahua has. Although long-coated chihuahuas need to be brushed frequently to prevent matting. It’s always a good idea to have shampoo on hand in case your chihuahua gets into something nasty after the groomer’s hours. Also, You can avoid buying nail clippers if you plan to take your dog to a professional groomer.

Last word

Each chihuahua is an individual with particular needs, but if you are patient and caring, you will be rewarded with the special kind of unconditional love that people who own rescued chihuahuas experience. Even if chihuahuas have a bad reputation when it comes to their temperament. They respond to love and care; never stop loving caring and protecting. Even though the way may get tough at times, if you stick with it, you will be shocked at how far you and your chihuahua have gone.



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