How To Keep Your Chihuahua Safe For Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is a celebration that ought to feature love, joy, and happiness. Don’t let an accident derail your holiday preparations, like leaving a box of irresistible Valentine’s Day candy within your chihuahua’s grasp. Taking your chihuahua to the veterinary emergency facility rather than spending this important day with your loved ones may result from a split-second of distraction.
In general, veterinary offices are busy on holidays and the days that immediately follow them. Dogs including chihuahuas frequently get into mischief during these celebrations. To make sure your chihuahua is secure and content on these noteworthy days, just take extra precautions and adopt preventive measures.
Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be any different because information is power, so be vigilant about these dangers.

How to Keep Your Chihuahua Safe for Valentine’s Day

Keep Toys Away

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Your chihuahua might find that adorable stuffed bear, plush kitten, or cupid toy appealing.


A lot of dogs are living “hovers,” and they frequently grab toys, shred them up, and swallow large chunks intact. Some parts might be choking hazards, but if the dog swallows them without incident if the parts are large enough, they could lodge in the dog’s stomach or in the curvy parts of the intestinal tract, getting stuck and causing an obstruction. Such obstructions may end up being highly expensive since surgery is typically the only way to shift and permanently remove the obstruction.

Keep Chocolate Away

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Chocolate is still a frequent source of poisoning in dogs. Chihuahuas are drawn to its smell, but they are unaware that even a small amount of the dark variety can cause great harm to smaller dogs, such as our chihuahuas.

Baking chocolate is by far the least dangerous, followed by semi-sweet, milk chocolate, and white chocolate, which is the least harmful of all.

Theobromine and caffeine are both present in chocolate, which is an issue. These two stimulants have the potential to influence the heart muscle and central nervous system, leading to hyperactivity, increased urination, restlessness, seizures, and even death.
Call your veterinarian right away if your dog eats chocolate; if less than two hours have passed, you might still be able to cause vomiting. Tell the vet exactly how much chocolate you think your dog consumed, its sort, and when you think it happened.

Pay close attention to your veterinarian’s directions on how to cause vomiting and what to do afterward.

If it has been more than two hours since your dog consumed the toxic dose, it will need supportive treatment from a veterinarian.

Never Feed Your Chihuahua LeftOvers

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Almost every home prepares a special meal to honor a holiday. It can be seductive to want to include dogs in special feasts. However, some foods were not designed for a dog’s stomach to consume. Your chihuahua may develop acute pancreatitis, a deadly pancreatic inflammation, from eating fatty foods, particularly bacon, ham, and leftover turkey.

Additionally, avoid giving the dog any leftover cooked bones that may splinter or become lodged in its digestive system.

Keep These Foods Away From Your Chihuahua

Other than chocolate for Valentine’s Day, there are other risks. There are several foods that, while they may seem fairly harmless to humans, can seriously make a dog ill.

According to the ASPCA, there are some foods that few dog owners are aware might be detrimental to dogs. Including raisins, macadamia nuts, avocados, and grapes. Additionally, keep in mind that eating candy that contains the sweetener Xylitol, also known as Birch Sugar, can cause liver failure.

Last Word

Even though Valentine’s Day may be eagerly anticipated, dog owners should remember to watch over their pets. While preparing food, getting ready, or enjoying a special occasion with a loved one, it is simple to become distracted. If you are unable to keep an eye on your chihuahua. Carefully confine him somewhere you are confident they can remain out of harm’s way.

And don’t forget to celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving your adorable pet something special. Something to show them how much you care, like a unique dog treats or toy.


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