10 Tips for Exercising Your Chihuahua in Winter

If you live in a place where the seasons change quickly, it can be hard on your little chihuahua.

Not every breed or mix loves the cold. Chihuahuas especially don’t like the cold. Your dog might not like going outside.

If, in contrast, your chihuahua is a fitness fanatic who constantly begs you to go outside and play in the snow. Or if you have a dog with a lot of energy that needs to be used up. You will need to make sure your chihuahua is dressed for the weather.


The American Society to Prevent Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) says pets need fresh air and exercise, even if they don’t want to go outside or it’s a little chilly. The staff warns, though, that if your dog is a small breed such as Chihuahua, or has short hair, you may need to buy some pet clothing to keep him warm.

ASPCA Animal Experts, say that if your best furry friend doesn’t want to go outside, you might need some basic training before you try to make them play in the snow.

Here Are 10 Tips That Will Help Your Chihuahua Enjoy Winter More:


1. Use seduction methods. Start with easy games like tug or fetch that doesn’t require a leash. If you have other dogs or can set up a play date for them. Any activity that gets them moving will help them stay warm when it’s cold outside.

2. Reward your chihuahua with treats. Even small good things, like getting a favorite toy, should be rewarded for the best results. Your dog will associate this extra reward with wanting to go outside when it’s cold.

3. Put special treats away for trips. Use small treats with a lot of value so you don’t add too many calories. As you walk together at a steady pace, offer something special every so often. Some dog owners even feed their dog’s breakfast by hand while they are on a trip.

4. Think about training lessons inside. Activities like flyball that make your chihuahua more agile are the best. The ambient temperature in indoor places is generally controlled to make sure that both chihuahuas and their owners are comfortable.

5. Take walks in wooded places. Sure, I meant safe wooded places. Trees tend to be interesting to dogs. Forests have many different smells, sights, and sounds, and they also offer some cover from the weather. Most dogs are so interested in this place that they don’t notice how cold or snowy it is.

6. Spend money on dog boots. Not every chihuahua will be okay with them, but they are perfect for a dog who doesn’t like salt, chemicals, or even snow on the sidewalk. You can buy them from pet stores and online places like Amazon and Chewy.
Make sure to check the size standards. You don’t want to spend money on Velcro boots that fall off after one block.

7. Think about a paw wax. If your chihuahua dog won’t wear boots, the ASPCA suggests trying Musher’s Secret, which is a sticky product you can put on the dog’s paws. When walking on snow and ice, it covers the toes and pads of the paws.

8. Be sure your chihuahua is comfortable. Chihuahuas need to be dressed if they are going to be outside for a long time in the cold. You should also put a coat or sweater on a puppy since they don’t have enough body fat yet.

All dogs should have gear that keeps them warm. Also, think about buying a coat that fits well and covers the dog’s back and tummy, like one made of wool. To get the right size, you will need to measure.

Since dogs need more calories to stay warm when it’s cold, you should talk to your vet to find out if your pal needs more food in the winter.

9. Know when to stop trying. You’ve tried everything you can to get your chihuahua to go outside, but the dog still doesn’t want to. Now is the time to think of ways for your dog to get more exercise inside. There is no need for complicated toys. Both chasing balls and playing tug of war are very good ways to get exercise.

10. Make your chihuahua’s mind more alert. Pets often get bored during the dark days of winter. The ASPCA says that you can give your dog more mental energy by putting meals or snacks in puzzle toys. For a piece of food to come out, the dog has to roll the ball in a certain way.

Last Word

You can also teach your chihuahua new tricks and spend time together by playing games like hide and seek. There are many games that your chihuahua dog can play inside. If it’s too cold outside, this is the best thing to do with small dogs like chihuahuas.

Do you take your dog outside when it’s cold to play or work out? If so, do you have any tips or tricks that will help you and your chihuahua have a great time? Tell us in the comments below.


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