Does Crate Training Help With Barking In Chihuahuas?

We know that chihuahuas are vocal creatures. But, does your chihuahua bark all the time, making you and your neighbors a little crazy? Are you thinking about putting the dog in a crate to stop it from barking? You might wonder if Does Crate Training Help With Barking In Chihuahuas.

Short answer: yes, crate training can help with some types of barking. Let’s look at when it works and when you need to try something else to get your chihuahua to be quiet.

When Does Putting A Chihuahua In A Crate Help With Barking?

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Before we can figure out if crate training will help your chihuahua stop barking, let’s look at why he barks.

Usually, dogs bark to talk to each other. It is impossible to find a dog that never barks. Some breeds, like the Basenji, are known for not barking very often. However, chihuahua dogs and mixes do bark a lot. Some breeds, like Shelties and Pyrenean Shepherds, are known for how loud they can be.

Chihuahuas bark because of the following reasons:

  • When something catches their attention
  • To tell their family something important
  • If they’re worried or afraid
  • Happiness
  • If they crave something (such as food or to go outside)
  • playing
  • When they’re frustrated and not getting enough exercise,
  • If they are angry or upset,
  • When they hear a sound they have learned to associate it with barking (such as the owner’s voice)
  • The dog is sick

As you can clearly see, there are many different reasons to bear. And the answer will be the same. Putting a chihuahua in a crate when he needs food won’t make him bark less. Because the dog needs to eat.

Most of the time, crate training will help a dog who barks because he or she is excited, stressed, or overly reactive.

If your dog barks each morning when the delivery man comes, you can keep him quiet by putting him in a crate in a room where he can’t see or hear the truck.

If your dog barks in the yard, you can stop him by calling him inside and putting him in a crate.

Lack of activity makes Chihuahuas bark

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The barking of most chihuahuas gets a lot better when their owners push them to get more exercise. Almost all pet dogs are bored because they don’t get enough exercise and mental stimulation. To be well-behaved and polite, chihuahuas need to be physically and mentally active on a daily basis.

If you don’t walk, play with, or train your chihuahua every day, the last thing he needs is to spend more time in a crate. Chihuahuas can’t be “put away” in crates because they are bad. When the chihuahua has had enough exercise and training and is ready for a nap, it is only fair to put him in a crate.

Crating is an effective way to stop barking. But!

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Let’s assume this example. An owner has a chihuahua dog named Bershka who is 6 years old. Like all chihuahuas, Bershka was a very energized dog. She was often anxious and reacted badly to certain sounds and traffic. Bershka ‘s house was across the street. Every morning at 8:30, the Delivery man arrives in the neighborhood with his vehicle to do his job. Every morning, Bershka would bark nonstop at the cars and their sounds, just like clockwork.

The owner here could put Bershka in a crate at the other end of the house, where she wouldn’t hear or see the noise. It is very important to get that done well before 8:30. Once Bershka got crazy, it was impossible to get her to calm down again. Instead, the owner will need to put her in the crate while she was still calm and happy.

The owner began putting her in her crate every morning at 8 a.m. Bershka got a tasty chew to keep her busy and make her happy. She couldn’t hear or see the cars on the other side of the street leaving. Bershka’s owner could take her out of the crate again at 9 a.m., but she couldn’t bark until then.

Bershka will certainly learn the new routine in a week and will go into her crate by herself at 8 a.m., looking forward to her tasty chew toy and morning snack. As you can see,  In this particular example, putting the chihuahua in a crate was the perfect way to stop her from barking.

Crating before the chihuahua starts barking

One important thing to note about our example is that Bershka’s owners put her in the crate before she got upset. Once a chihuahua is in that frantic state, putting him in an unbreakable crate won’t stop her from barking right away. If you know when your chihuahua is most likely to bark, you should put him in a crate before he gets too worked up.

A big behavioral issue with chihuahuas that bark a lot is that they get to do it permanently until it becomes a daily strong habit. You should know when your dog is likely to “lose it” and put him in his crate so he can’t see what’s going on.

Last Word

Whether or not crate training will help your chihuahua stop barking depends on why he barks. Crate training is a great way to deal with chihuahuas that bark in certain situations. Because the crate allows us to take the dog out of that situation. For this to work, the crate shouldn’t be too big or too small, and it should be put somewhere quiet.)

On the other hand, many chihuahuas bark when they are upset, bored, need to go to the bathroom or don’t get enough exercise. If your dog barks because of these things, putting him in a crate won’t change anything about the barking.

When there is a problem with a chihuahua’s behavior, you should always try to find out why. Why is my dog acting in this way that I don’t like? What’s making it happen? Then take care of it right away. In some situations, crates can help, but in others, you’ll have to find other ways to help.


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