When Can I Stop Crating My Chihuahua?

When can your chihuahua stop being in a crate?

Crate training is very crucial for all dogs including chihuahuas. Most of the time, owners are told to crate-train their dogs to make potty training easier. This is true, and there are also many other good reasons to crate-train your chihuahua puppy.

If you do crate training right, your chihuahua should feel safe in the crate. It’s where they go to eat special chews and sleep in peace. If they start to feel stressed, they can go to their crate, which should ideally be somewhere quiet and out of the way.

So, there’s really never a time when you should stop “crating” your chihuahua. You should always have the crate out so that your chihuahua has a place to go if he needs to get away for a while.

This gives them a safe place to sleep as well. Many chihuahuas think of their crate as their bedroom and go to sleep alone.

Usually, you can stop putting your chihuahua in a crate when he or she is about two years old. There are chances to get into trouble before that age.
They can’t act right when they’re not being watched until they’re fully grown.
Adult chihuahuas can also do more damage using their teeth, so until they are done teething, you should keep them away from your home.

Chihuahuas shouldn’t mind being crated if they’ve been trained right. Getting your chihuahua to love their crate is part of crate training. You can do this by giving them lots of special chews and treats. If your dog doesn’t like their crate, it’s likely because you haven’t trained them to like it enough.

When Should I Stop Using a Chihuahua Crate?


You don’t really have to stop using it completely. A chihuahua crate is much more than just something you use to train your dog to stay in it. It gives your chihuahua a safe place to go when he or she wants to get away. When crate training is done right, many chihuahuas love their crate and will use it as a bed.

If there are a lot of guests over or your chihuahua is sad for another reason crate gives them a place to go where they can relax. A chihuahua should feel safe in their crate, which will keep them from acting aggressively when they are scared. They can just hide in their crate instead.

It’s their “safe zone,” so it shouldn’t be taken away just because they can go to the bathroom on their own. Also, it’s best to keep your chihuahua in a crate when you’re driving.

That doesn’t mean you have to lock the crate, though. Your chihuahua will stop having accidents in the house and stop chewing on furniture at a certain point. At this point, it’s best to let your dog use the crate whenever they want.

You can still give your chihuahua special chews in the crate, particularly if you own other family pets that might try to steal from each other. But you don’t have to leave them in the crate for long periods of time very often.
Around two years old, most chihuahuas are old enough to be left alone in the house. This may appear to be a lot longer, but this is the time length it takes most chihuahuas to grow up.

Even after dogs have grown up physically, it may take a while for their brains to grow up.

Many chihuahuas go through a “teen” phase between the ages of 1.5 and 2 years. During this time, they may act out and seem much more hyperactive than they were before. At this point, many people give their dogs to the shelter because they think they have a bad dog.

We don’t think you should let them in your house until this stage is over.

When Can I Stop Crating My Chihuahua at Night?


It depends on why you started doing it at night in the first place.

If it was just to help them learn how to use the bathroom, you can stop crate training them after they haven’t had an accident for more than two months.

Since their bladders are smaller, chihuahuas may not have to stay in their crate for longer. Because you have to take them outside more often, chihuahuas are often harder to potty train.

But there are some reasons why you might still want to keep your chihuahua in a crate after he has learned to go potty outside.

Even if they don’t have accidents, some chihuahuas will get into trouble if they aren’t watched. When you’re sleeping, you can’t always keep an eye on them well. So, even after they learn to use the bathroom outside, many puppies will still need to be in a crate.

Owners can’t always trust their chihuahuas until they are close to two years old. We advise putting your chihuahua in a crate at night until he reaches this age. If you can leave your dog home alone for a few hours without putting him in a crate, you might be able to leave him out of his crate at night.

You should also think about whether your chihuahua will sleep in his crate even if you don’t lock him in. Even if you don’t tell them to, many dogs will go to their crate at night on their own. If you train your chihuahuas to like their crate the right way, it will be very helpful at night.

If your dog doesn’t sleep in his crate unless you tell him to, you should decide if that’s okay with you. Sometimes, your dog will whine all night because he wants to sleep on your bed, even if he has never done so before.

This isn’t good for getting a good night’s sleep. So, you’ll probably have to keep putting your chihuahua in a crate at night for a while.

How Do I Start to Leave My chihuahua Out of the Crate?

chihuahua dog inside a box or crate for animals


In other words: very slowly. You shouldn’t suddenly take them out of their crate for a long time. It is possible instead to try to slowly let them out for longer and longer periods of time.

In addition, You shouldn’t start this process until at least two months have passed with no accidents. Before then, they probably don’t have enough control over their bladders to go for long times without having an accident. You should go to the bathroom at the same time every day.

Also, you shouldn’t make it impossible to get to the crate. Chihuahuas often see their crate as a safe place where they can go to get away from things that make them nervous.

For example, many chihuahuas will go into their crate on their own when you leave, even if you didn’t put them in there before you left. If you don’t let your chihuahua into the crate, he will lose his safe place.

At first, you should only let your chihuahua out of the crate for very short times. You might just want to go outside and sit in the car for ten minutes. If your puppy is good while you are gone, you can slowly lengthen the time you leave it alone.

At some point, you will be able to leave your chihuahua out of the crate for as long as you want.

But this doesn’t mean you can throw away the crate. If you train your dog to use his crate well, he will continue to do so on his own even when he’s an adult. Many will use it as their bed and a place to feel safe.

Should I Stop Crating My Chihuahua?

white chihuahua inside a crate


At some point, there may not be much reason to keep your chihuahua in a crate. If they are well-behaved as adults, you usually don’t have to crate them any longer.

When this happens depends on the dog. Most chihuahuas grow up faster than big dogs. But because they have smaller bladders, they may need to stay in the crate longer when being trained to go to the bathroom outside.

Most owners stop crate training their chihuahuas when they realize they will behave nicely. Obviously, this happens at different times for different dogs. A lot of the time, it depends on the dog’s breed and how it acts.

When you decide to stop crate training your chihuahua is up to you. Technically, if what you’re doing right now is working, you never have to stop!

Putting your chihuahua in a crate is in no way cruel. When crate training is done right, many dogs will choose to stay in their crate. After all, it is their “safe space.”

Even if you decide to stop making them stay in the crate, we don’t think you should take them away from them. Your chihuahua should always have a safe place to go where they can rest if they need to.

Also, giving your chihuahua constant access to the crate will make times when he or she is sick or hurt much less stressful. If they are used to being in a crate, being put in one when they are sick probably won’t bother them too much.

If you used more than one crate, maybe because you didn’t want to move it from room to room, you can give away all but one of them now that your chihuahua doesn’t need to be crated as often.

Is It Cruel to Crate a Tiny Chihuahua at Night?

Cute chihuahua dog in the paper box.


It’s not unfair, and it doesn’t make chihuahuas aggressive either. A crate gives your chihuahua a safe place to hang out and rest. When your dog is in his crate, he can’t do anything wrong. This lets both you and your chihuahua relax. Your chihuahua dog will have an amazing time if you put him in a crate when you can’t keep an eye on him.

Obviously, you can’t keep an eye on your chihuahua at night.

Without supervision, your chihuahua could get into just about anything, even something risky. While you’re sleeping, you don’t want your dog to eat something he shouldn’t.

Putting a chihuahua puppy in a crate at night is often good for his health. Taking care of your dog’s health is not cruel. It’s the right thing to do.

Most dogs love being in their crate if they are trained to like it. Many will want to sleep in it even after you stop making it. They will think of it as their bed and treat it like one.

Your chihuahua will probably spend time in his crate even when he is not sleeping. If you are a parent of multiple dogs, it is crucial to keep giving them their special bones while they are in their crate.

Should you put a blanket over a chihuahua’s crate?

cardboard box and chihuahua


It depends on the chihuahua’s character. Many dogs think of their crate as a safe place, and they might feel better if it is covered. But,  They won’t be able to see what’s going on, and it will be darker in their crate.

We usually suggest putting a blanket on top of the crate, but not on the door. This lets your chihuahua come and go whenever he wants. You don’t want to get in the way of the door, or your dog might not be able to use the crate when they want to.

If the door to the crate is already shut, you can use the blanket to cover it. This is most likely to help the dog sleep at night when he needs as much darkness as possible. It also cuts down on the number of things that can wake them up, which can help them sleep better. It’s like drawing the curtains in your bedroom window.

Should I ignore a Chihuahua whining in his crate?

cute longe chihuahua in his crate


When your chihuahua whines in the crate, it’s usually because some of his needs haven’t been met. Your chihuahua may be bored, hungry, or need to go to the bathroom. He may also need to get used to the crate more slowly.

Give your puppy a special chew toy for their crate. This will keep them busy long enough for them to calm down.

Of course, you should never punish your chihuahua in response.

Can a chihuahua get bored in his crate?

the bored dog at the fence door


Not likely, especially if you give them chew toys and other things to do to keep them busy. Some puzzle toys can even be used in a chihuahua’s crate and are a great way to keep your dog busy. Obviously, you should only put your chihuahua in a crate when he is likely to relax and sleep anyway, like at night or during his nap.

A chihuahua can feel a lot less anxious when he is alone if he has a crate. Most of the time, dogs don’t bark at cars and people going outside because it’s fun. Instead, they do it because they are nervous or excited.

When you keep your chihuahua in a crate, it helps them stay calm.

When you train your chihuahua to enjoy their crate the right way, they will learn that it is a safe place to be. Because of this, putting many dogs in their crates doesn’t cause them nearly as much stress as you might think. After all, they know they are safe inside it!

They don’t have to worry about anything else, and they aren’t doing anything different than they would be doing anyway.

When your chihuahua isn’t in a crate, it’s important to give them plenty of mental and physical stimulation. A chihuahua should never stay in his crate for 12 hours or spend most of his time in a crate.

Where to put a chihuahua’s crate at Night in the House?

Chihuahua sitting on the wooden crate in the garden


There are a few things to think about when choosing where to put a chi’s crate at night including:

  • A place away from your room. You don’t want your chihuahua to hear you because it might make him whine. Hopefully, you won’t be able to hear your puppy whine if he does.
  • Not in the way. It shouldn’t be somewhere people will walk by, especially after you put your chihuahua puppy to bed.
  • Where it’s dark. Just like us, dogs sleep better when it is dark. Put the crate somewhere else or pull the curtain. Put a blanket over it to cut down on how much light your puppy sees from outside.

Last Word

It’s important to crate or train your chihuahua. It gives your dog a safe place to go when they are feeling stressed, and it helps you control how your chi acts. When crate training is done right, a dog usually loves their crate a lot.

But you don’t have to keep closing their crate door for the rest of their lives. At some point, your chihuahua will probably no longer need to be put in his crate.

When your chihuahua gets to this age varies. Some will be fine by the time they are about a year old. Some may not be able to behave on their own until they are closer to the age of two.

Even after you stop using it, many chihuahuas will still use it as a bed and safe place.

In case your dog gets hurt or sick, a crate is also important. In these situations, crates are often a better choice.


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