How To Get Your Chihuahua Ready For The Baby

Most parents spend plenty of time getting ready for a baby. But for chihuahuas, their new housemate shows up out of nowhere. If you’re going to have a baby, it’s important that your chihuahua always feels like he or she is a part of your family.

This article tells you how to get them ready for the change in their routine. And for all the new sights, sounds, and smells that the new baby will bring. We also have some advice that is just for chihuahua puppies.

If you do this with a lot of time to spare. It will be easier for your dog to get used to this new experience.


Reason Why do Chihuahuas have difficulty with a new baby?

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For dogs including chihuahuas. A new baby coming in the early hours of the morning can be a big surprise and a big change in their daily life.

Dogs like routines because they feel safe when they know what to expect and when to expect it. If they aren’t ready for all the changes that a new baby can bring, they may feel very uneasy.

If you have a new baby, your chihuahua dog might get less attention or go on shorter walks than they are used to. They might also need to be left alone a little longer than usual or not be allowed in certain rooms.

Babies also bring new things into the house, like loud and strange sounds, strange smells, and maybe even a lot of guests. It’s obvious why.

How To Prepare Your Chihuahua?

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The sooner you start preparing your chihuahua. The more time they’ll have to adjust and feel at ease. You’ll also be able to move at your dog’s pace, which is crucial for their confidence.

Think about the things your tiny chihuahua will need to get used to and do them slowly so he or she is ready when they happen in real life. Always use treats that your dog likes, and go slowly so that your dog has plenty of time to learn, practice, and get each step right.

When your baby comes, all the work you do now will really pay off. You’ll be able to spend your time getting to know the baby, knowing that you’ve already taught your chihuahua useful skills that will help them feel at home, too.

1. Establish the baby’s kit and toys

Don’t wait for your baby to come before you get their new things ready. In the months before your baby is born, slowly put stuff around your house like:

  • Toys for babies include baby gyms
  • High chairs
  • Mobiles that move and make weird noises
  • Playpens

This gives your chihuahua a lot of time to get used to new things. Ensure your dog can always come up to the items and smell them. Let them explore at their own pace and build a positive association with new things by giving them treats, chews, a game, or a fuss.

2. Bringing home smells of babies

A good way to bring baby smells into your home is to ask friends who have babies for their unwashed baby clothes and blankets. As with noises and equipment, don’t overwhelm your chihuahua with too much at once. Instead, introduce these things slowly and let your dog investigate at their own pace. Again, link them to something that your chihuahua likes, like a game, a treat, or a fuss.

3. Having baby sounds played at home

Dogs can be startled by the sounds of babies, so it’s best to play audio clips of babies at home.

We have a set of sound clips that will help your chihuahua get used to the idea of a new baby coming.

Start by playing baby sounds at a very low volume while your chihuahua is doing something he or she enjoys, like playing or eating.

As long as they stay calm and at ease, you can gradually raise the amount over the next few weeks and months until it sounds like real life. If your dog seems nervous or scared, stop the recording and turn the volume down the next time.

4. Routine changes for your chihuahua

Think about how your chihuahua’s routine might change when your baby comes. Changes should be made slowly and a long time before your due date so that your dog can get used to the new structure. It could mean:

  • Less attention from you or attention at different times of day
  • Shorter walks and different routes
  • The chihuahua won’t be able to go into your baby’s future room, for example. You’ll have more visitors, including healthcare workers who probably won’t be interested in your chihuahua.

When people come to see your baby. Baby gates can help keep them from getting into certain parts of the house.

5. Chihuahua settle training

If you teach your chihuahua to be comfortable on the other side of a gate from you while eating a tasty treat or playing with a stuffed interactive feeder, they will be able to relax on their own when you need them to be out of the way.

You might want to teach your chihuahua to feel safe and comfortable when he or she is in a crate. If your dog likes to sleep in their crate and feels safe there, it can be helpful to put them in there when you have people over, like healthcare workers.

6. Practicing carrying and talking to a baby

When you hold and talk to a baby doll that looks real. Your chihuahua can see you holding and talking to a “baby.”

Don’t pay attention to your chihuahua if he jumps up, but be ready to give him a treat if he keeps all four paws on the ground.

You could try dropping treats on the ground every time you pick up the doll until your dog’s nose goes to the floor as soon as he sees you pick up the doll.

Then you can keep giving them treats for not getting up. They’ll learn that it’s always best to keep their paws on the ground when you’re carrying the baby.

7. You and your baby and dog are out and about

Your walks will be very different once your baby comes. You might have to take care of your baby, your stroller, and your dog at the same time. If your dog already knows how to walk next to the stroller. It will make things easier, so why not practice before your baby comes?

Put some treats in your diaper bag and give them to your chihuahua as a reward for walking next to you.

Recall training is helpful because it lets you take your chihuahua for a walk and know that you can quickly call them back to you. Always give your dog a treat when he comes to you. And practice in the house or garden until you are sure he will come when you call.

It’s hard to think about going back to work when everything is so new and you’re focused on building a happy family. But when you start making plans to go back. Keep in mind that your chihuahua may find it hard because their daily routine will change again.

Help them out by getting them used to their new schedule. Just like you did before your baby was born. That way, it won’t be such a shock to them when you’re not home as much.

When your baby comes, put safety first

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When supervising, you should always be doing something, and you should never leave chihuahuas or babies alone. This means that when your baby is in the same room as your dog. You should always talk to your baby and make sure you can give them your full attention without being distracted.

For instance, you could give your dog a treat that lasts a long time and leave it in his bed while you play with your baby in the same room. So, your dog will have something fun to do on their own. And you can have an enjoyable with your baby without having to worry about your chihuahua.

How to Help Your Chihuahua Puppies Feel At Ease With Your Babies And Kids

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During the time between 3 and 12 weeks old when they are getting used to people. Puppies need to meet a lot of different people. This helps them see being around other people as a normal and good thing.

In an ideal world, this would include meeting kids. It’s best to meet at least one older child who is at least eight years old and a baby or toddler. For safety’s sake, people who are around children should be actively watched.

When babies or young children meet puppies for the first time, their parents should hold them. When they can’t spend time with young kids. It helps if they can listen to good recordings of kids playing and babies crying.

Puppies need to be slowly and carefully introduced to new things to make sure they always think of people in a good light.

It’s also important that puppies aren’t already nervous or scared when they meet adults or kids. If they are, they’re more likely to associate people with these bad feelings.

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Last Word

Even though a new baby’s schedule is hard to predict and the family dynamic changes a lot. With careful teaching and planning, many Chihuahuas go on to become the best of friends with their new two-legged family members. Giving your family the chance to make many great memories in the future.

Have you ever had to get your dog used to a new baby? How did you respond? Tell us what worked for you in the comments.


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