Get your Chihuahua to Take Their Medicine: How to Do It

Convincing a chihuahua to take his medication is the one task all owners detest doing. Dogs are famously reluctant to take their medications, whether they are tablets or liquids. All too frequently, this leads to missed doses and frustrated pet owners. This is awful for everyone, but it’s especially bad for your chihuahua because he needs his medication to recover. What can you do to increase the likelihood that your chihuahua will adhere to his treatment plan? Here are original ideas you can use To get your chihuahua to take their Medicine.

How To Give Your Chihuahua Oral Medications

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Owners will need to give Several dog medications orally. Tablets, capsules, and liquids are all acceptable forms of oral drugs. Tablets can be broken up, and capsules can be dissolved in water and injected if necessary.


The veterinarian for your chihuahua will advise you whether to give your dog’s medication with food or on an empty stomach. If there is a possibility that your dog can take the medication with food, you can roll the pill or capsule into a meatball made of cheese or canned goods. Make a “test meatball” first; if your chihuahua eats it whole without chewing it, they will likely also consume the subsequent meatball containing the prescription.
So, you should only use the meatball approach on chihuahuas with a good appetite and you should pick a dish that your dog likes a lot. If your dog eats the meatball and tastes the pill, it will be harder to medicate on a second effort.

Also, the pill will begin to dissolve and become difficult to handle once it has been moistened by the dog’s saliva. Based on your chihuahua’s personality, hunger, and the advice of your dog’s veterinarian, you should pick the best way to deliver an oral prescription.
You should use alternative means to medicate your dog if he refuses to eat the meatball with the medication on it or if your dog’s doctor advises that the medication should be taken on an empty stomach. The proper way to give your chihuahua pills (tablets or capsules) and liquid medications is outlined in the steps below.

How To Give A Pill To Your Chihuahua


  • Put your fingers on your chihuahua’s muzzle and press the skin against the teeth.
  • Put the thumb of your left hand inside your dog’s mouth and press up on the palate to keep the lips pressed against the teeth. In order to prevent your hand from getting bit, it’s critical to maintain your lips curled over your upper teeth.
  • Towards the back of the throat, at the base of the tongue, place the pill. The dog will spit out the pill if you cannot get it over the base of the tongue far enough. To get the pill over the back of your chihuahua’s tongue, you might need to use your fingers.
  • You should keep your dog’s head slightly lifted, close his or her mouth, and keep it shut while you stroke the dog’s throat or blow into the animal’s nose to get it to swallow.
  • Check your dog’s mouth to make sure he ingested the medication.

How To Give Your Chihuahua A Liquid Medication

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  • Fill a syringe with the prescribed amount of liquid medication (or dissolved pill).
  • Elevate your dog’s head a little bit.
  • To create a pocket for the liquid to pass through to the throat between the teeth, raise one of the lips’ sides.
  • Make sure your dog is drinking the beverage by cautiously administering it.

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