8 facts about senior chihuahuas

Just like any other creature in the world, a senior chihuahua dog will require more attention and care due to a lot of reasons. Whether your senior chihuahua dog was your little friend for most of his life or you have just adopted one. There are things you might be thinking about such as the number of exercises, and calorie intake, does a senior dog get along with strange people, especially kids? Etc. Here are 8 facts about senior chihuahuas

1. The health advantage of senior chihuahua

It is pretty clear that being old is always related to different health issues. However, being senior sometimes is advantageous. Because GME is a neurological condition that targets small breeds and it is becoming more popular. Some experts think that the main cause of this condition is over-vaccination. Fortunately, for unknown reasons senior dogs over 8 years don’t get this disease.

2. Are senior dogs in need of clothes?

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Chihuahuas and regardless of age are easily prone to cold, which means that they need clothes. Due to their weak body, seniors chihuahuas have the tendency to get cold.

Therefore you have to keep some soft sweaters on hand for your chihuahua along with blankets. Also, try Therefore you have to keep some soft sweaters on hand for your chihuahua along with blankets. Also, try to buy the right clothes, beds, and blankets during the cold seasons to avoid unwanted health issues.

3. At what age we can say that a chihuahua is a senior dog?

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Unlike large dog breeds, a chihuahua is considered a senior dog when he/she is 10 years old. You should put in mind that chihuahuas have a long lifespan compared to larger dogs.

Some dog breeds are considered a senior when they reach 7 or 8 or even 5 to 6. However, in order to keep your dog healthy, you should follow a healthy lifestyle including training, healthy diets, and good supplements.

4- Common health issues For a senior chihuahua

It is pretty clear that senior chihuahuas share the same health problems as other dogs, for this reason, the owner must be ready to deal with some of them. It is preferable to do preventions such as systematic checkups before your dog becomes senior in order to prevent them. Here are some health issues that your senior dog may have:

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5- Senior chihuahua personality changes

scared senior chihuahua

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Obviously, just like humans chihuahua dogs’ personalities may change when they become seniors. 

Firstly, You will notice that Their activity level will decrease, and show no more interest in running and chasing other pets. Secondly, they can display stress when they are surrounded by kids. Thirdly, they become scared just of anything such as sounds, cars, etc.

You may notice some new and unusual behaviors such as housebreaking accidents.

Dementia can play a great role in changing your dog’s personality. If you witness any signs of this disorder such as confusion, and memory disorder you have to take your dog to your vet.

The vet may prescribe some drugs, don’t worry these drugs can work perfectly with your dog.

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6- Your contact with your senior chihuahua dog

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Due to their small bodies, chihuahuas can get injuries and accidents very easily. When your chihuahua gets older his bones become fragile. For this reason, you have to pay attention to the way you handle them ( you should do it softly). Also, never let your dog or encourage him to jump from a high distance (more than one meter). 

In addition, if there are kids around, you have to teach them how to handle your dog in order to avoid harsh contact.

7. Why senior chihuahuas are special?

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Senior chihuahua dogs are special because they were a family member for a lot of years, they shared your special moments, and the bond between you and your senior dog is very strong. We are emotional creatures we appreciate love, sacrifice, and all other noble feelings. Dogs never hesitate to show their love and loyalty even during the last years of their life.

8. Some tips that may help

  • Start giving your dog joint supplements as they can help against arthritis.
  • A wellness check-up at least once a year or twice is very important for your senior dog in order to catch issues earlier and for a fast recovery.
  • Exercises are very important even for senior dogs, 15-20 minutes daily are enough.
  • You have to control their weight because they may become obese easily due to their inactivity.
  • Don’t let kids play with your senior chihuahua
  • Engage all the household in taking care of your senior dog


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