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When it comes to dogs chewing things, we are all familiar with it. chihuahuas chew objects and some things that aren’t chewing worth hoping only they didn’t chew their prized possessions – favorite toys. chihuahua Chewing Issues are not something that we must worry about a lot.

Like any other dog, you can expect chihuahuas to expect chewing objects. More than often chewing is a behavioral issue and sometimes is a health issue. Fortunately, we can work on a resolution to fix the issue.

The most common chewing problems are chewing the body such as paws, leg, tail, or bum base, chewing the hair loss points, gnawing hair or nails, and chewing household objects including furniture.

Chewing Body Parts

Chihuahua chews on accessible body parts such as the paws, the tail tip, and the lower parts of the legs. When the urge is very strong inaccessible body parts also get involved with Dogs curling up and twisting to reach them.

Itching is the main cause of chewing body parts and with a small itch, there can be an endless cycle of chewing body parts. A small itch turns into a bigger issue.

The skin becomes irritated due to consistent chewing and without treatment, it continues until the hair loss. Eventually, it causes some sort of rashes or soreness. However, the chihuahua doesn’t know it and still tries to scratch more.

You can only hope your chihuahua doesn’t chew itself raw.

Dry or itchy skin is the main cause of chihuahua gnaws at different body parts. Dry skin is related to weather, poor diet, and pre-allergy conditions. Use bath products that are dermatology approved such as dog shampoo, condition, and hair coat spray. Encourage your chihuahua to drink sufficient water and don’t forget to reevaluate foods because low-grade quality can also lead to stomach ailments and skin or coat issues.  

Top Reasons For chihuahua Chewing Issues


Allergies can be caused by many factors such as unwanted contact, food, and the environment. Your chihuahua can develop allergies at any age and might cause frenzied actions. Therefore, it is recommended to point out the triggers as early as possible.

On the other hand, there is medication to help with the itching. After doing so, assess the chewing points like paws or tail tips to look for skin infection as it may have led to skin cracking which is infectious.

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Outside elements are also among the root causes of chewing body parts issues. There might be chemicals present in the grass and is quite familiar in Public recreational areas or parks to control weeds, insects, and pests. Another reason is the ice-melting chemicals. Municipal services spread chemicals on public roads and can be easily tracked by vehicles.

Fleas, parasites, and other

Chihuahuas are vulnerable to fleas, mites, pests, and parasites. These cause itching or irritation that leads to chewing body parts. If the chewing becomes severe the skin can turn raw and fur falls out. Other reasons might include an injury such as walking on a hot surface. The paws become sore, and agonized, and may lead to further progressive injury.

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If you see your chihuahua chewing the body parts madly, get a checkup appointment with a vet to verify the causes and treat your dog properly.


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If you find your chihuahua chewing everything in your house including furniture or things, preventing so can be really exhausting.

Adult dogs develop intelligence relative to human toddlers. This means they have a need to satisfy their aptitude and curiosities turning them somewhat stir crazy. In turn, it leads to excess barking, and destructive activities such as chewing the body parts of objects that are within their reach.

Excess energy

Chihuahuas are small in size but don’t ever judge their energy. They have an awful lot. When chihuahuas don’t get to release their energy in a more constructive way, it gets bottled up. When it comes out, expect a destructive outcome through their chewing.


Chihuahuas only need the smallest reasons to get stressed out. When stressed, they tend to shake, withdraw, whine and chew body parts or objects.

Chihuahuas don’t do well in the noisy and rowdy households. They tend to react inadequately to yelling, arguing, or to other commotion.

Run a household that is peaceful and happy so that your chihuahua can live without fear. Do you know that they get extremely anxious when they are left in a house by themselves? Imagine the scenario of what an anxious dog can be.

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Every pup goes through a stage of teething. Generally, the stage lasts 4 – 7 months during which the gums itch intensely. Itching boils to a point where the pup develops an urge to chew anything within the reach.

To stop this, limit your chihuahua’s exposure to objects and give them chew toys.

Less exercise

There is a belief that chihuahuas don’t need much exercise. However, making them exercise means good health maintenance, and socialization, and most of all exercising releases bottled-up energy which can come out through destructive chewing.

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What To Do When Your Chihuahua Chews On Things They Shouldn’t

You should put in mind that all the dogs understand our non-verbal communication. They know when we are angry when we’re satisfied, etc. So in order to prevent chihuahuas from chewing on things they shouldn’t at one point or another. Firstly, you should never get angry or aggressive when this happens, because doing so may send the wrong message to your dog. Instead, you can call their name in a strict tone, to let them know that what they did was unacceptable. Then bring them and say “bad boy/girl” or “don’t do it again”, and take them to their private place or crate.

Moreover, You should also encourage and reward your dog’s good behavior. This technique is so effective. for example When you come home and you find that everything is ok, give your dog a treat. In other words, let your chihuahua know that you are appreciative of her good attitude. 

Give Your Chihuahua the chance to Chew On

There is a rule you should remember, you simply can’t stop a dog from chewing on things. So instead of trying to prevent them, you should bring them things that are acceptable for them to chew on. This way, you give them the opportunity to satisfy the urge that’s driving them to chew without ruining your home.

Here are some great chew items you can buy for your Chihuahua:

  • Kong toys
  • Squeaky toys
  • Rope toys
  • Rawhide chews

Additional Tips To Stop Your Chihuahua Chewing issues

merle chihuahua

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Here are other tips you can follow to prevent your chihuahua from chewing on things. You can apply them if you still coming home to find a mess caused by your little chihuahua even if you tried your best.

  • Limit your chihuahua’s access to things such as rooms where carpets, curtains, and other items that the dog may chew on.
  • To discourage your chewing you can purchase items that are tougher like Polyester and rugs.
  • When you see your chihuahua chewing on things, stop them immediately and take them outside. This way they may understand that their behavior is not acceptable inside your home.
  • You can spray items with something that has an offensive taste or odor that your chihuahua may hate. However, make sure that the product won’t harm your dog and it’s not poisonous.

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