Are You Stressing Out Your Chihuahua?

You might think that your chihuahua has nothing to worry about since he doesn’t have a job, bills, or kids to take care of. But from a dog’s point of view, life can be stressful. And there are many things that can be especially stressful for them. Many situations that make them feel stressed are caused by things you can’t change, like other animals, traffic, and loud noises. However, some stressful situations are your fault. Here are the top reasons why chihuahuas get stressed.

Punishing Your Chihuahua For Normal Behavior


Dogs will be dogs. You can’t tell your chihuahua not to bark, dig through the trash, or chew on things. If you leave these treats within reach of your dog, they will probably give in. But that’s just how dogs are, and they don’t need to be punished for it. So, instead of yelling at your chihuahua dog for acting like a dog, try to get rid of those things that tempt him or her and give your dog something better to do.

Hugging Your Chihuahua

woman hugging her chihuahua


Hugs and kisses are hard for dogs to understand especially chihuahuas as they are very small. And from their point of view, they can be very scary and stressful. How would you feel if someone much bigger than you just grabbed you and squeezed you? So, if you try to hug your chihuahua and he starts to wiggle and pant, stop and just pet him instead.

Pulling Your Chihuahua’s Leash So Hard

chihuahua on a leash


Dogs Including chihuahuas love to stop and smell things when they are outside, and they usually pull toward things that look fun. This is also normal dog behavior, so be patient and kind. Don’t pull on your chihuahua every two seconds so he can smell what’s around him. You’re still in charge, so don’t let your dog tell you where to go, how fast to walk, or how long to walk for. Just be a little more patient.

Using Different Orders To Do The Same Tasks

confused chihuahua


Many chihuahua owners think that their dog knows that “fetch,” “get it,” and “bring it” all mean the same thing. But your dog might get really confused by all of these different sounds and get stressed out because he knows you want him to do something, but he doesn’t know what. It’s best to stay consistent and use simple words.

When You Leave Your Chihuahua Alone For A Long Time


Loneliness and boredom are the main things that make a chihuahua feel stressed. You can’t expect that leaving your dog alone for more than 8 hours will be good for her mental health, even if your neighbors feed her and give her water. If you have to leave your dog, find a good pet boarding facility that will make sure your dog has company, good food, and enough physical and mental activity.

Lack OF Physical And Mental Activities

Physical and mental activity every day is good for you and your dog. These things keep them healthy, strong, and happy. But if you don’t give your dog things he likes to do, he can get stressed, bored, angry, and destructive. So, try to take your dog for walks or jogs often. You can also try swimming, playing with a ball, catching a Frisbee, or doing different kinds of training for agility and tracking. Training your dog to obey is a great way to keep him feeling useful, mentally sharp, and mentally challenged.

Last Word

So, if you want a healthy and happy chihuahua, you should get rid of these things that cause stress. You might not be capable of stopping people from enjoying fireworks, making noises, and driving fast down your street. But you can change your behavior and habits that stress out your chihuahua dog. But if your Chi still looks stressed after you make these changes, don’t be afraid to go see a behaviorist or your vet.


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