Chihuahua Constipation

chihuahua constipation


Chihuahuas are domesticated animals and are kept for various reasons such as security purposes, as a fun pet, for company, for breeding, for sports, and other reasons. There are various breeds of dogs, like bulldogs, German shepherds, Chihuahua, and so on. All breeds face constipation, but for some breeds constipation is special.

Chihuahuas are special, with their small size and adorable look. It is usually a lovely pet, and due to its small nature is very much loved, adored, and pampered. You would have seen some celebrities on television with their chihuahuas in their bags as they move around. That is the life of most chihuahuas, a life of being pampered.

Chihuahua Constipation

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You feel very uncomfortable when you have a bowel problem right? Yes. This is the case with chihuahuas also. Chihuahuas act differently from their usual behavior when they have Constipation. The problem is that they cannot express how they feel and seek treatment. It is then left for the owner to observe that something is wrong and visit the veterinarian for treatment.

You should be able to know when your chihuahua is acting weird or different from the way it used to. This is when you carry out some routine observation or visit the veterinarian for a check-up.

Causes of Constipation in chihuahuas

There are various factors that may be responsible for constipation in your  chihuahua and they include:

  • As a result of dehydration- Is considered the top cause of constipation, Even if the chihuahua is a toy breed and doesn’t need to drink a lot of water. The lack of water can cause dehydration. The chihuahua’s body needs to increase its intake when there is a high level of activity and when it is switched from wet to dry food. Put in mind that just a 1% loss in chihuahua body fluid may lead to constipation issues.
  • Due to blockage of an anal sack- All pets have a pair of anal glands, called also scent glands. They are located on the sides of the anal opening. The role of anal glands is to release small quantities of an oil substance when the dog pushes out a bowel movement and/or when one pet meets another. Occasionally, the fluid that these anal glands release becomes a paste-like substance, and it can block the ordinary passage of feces.

Other causes:

  • When the chihuahua had swallowed dirt, stone, or grasses that cannot be digested.
  • When he lacks enough exercise- Two walks per day for 20 minutes duration are so good for your chihuahua dog, exercise plays a great to keep your dog happy and healthy in so many ways. Also, exercise helps chihuahua to maintain their muscles and to release energy. In addition, exercises prevent sluggish bowel movements.
  • Due to some kind of medication that may affect digestion.
  • A diet that lacks enough fiber content-Normally a healthy and balanced diet must contain adequate amounts of soluble fiber to make the passage of stool easy. Because fibers let respected water levels remain in the stool. High-quality brands contain high amounts of fiber. Sometimes, these brands are not enough and the owner must add some fibrous ingredients to his chihuahua’s diet.
  • Infection or diseases such as kidney disease.
  • Due to prostate enlargement- The reasons behind this health condition vary. sometimes, the issue is related to hormonal imbalances, and sometimes the cause is an age-related issue. The symptoms of this health issue are blood in the urine, difficulty urinating, and the shape of stools(they come out in fluffy strips.

Other rare reasons for constipation:

Signs or Symptoms of Constipation in chihuahua

chihuahua constipation signs
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There are simple signs that you will notice in your chihuahua pointing directly to constipation. The most obvious sign or symptom that your chihuahua is suffering from constipation is when it does not poop. If your chihuahua stops pooping at its regular pattern, then that is an obvious sign of constipation.

Other signs :

However, When a Chihuahua puppy or dog is constipated, he will have one or more of the following symptoms

Difficulty in emptying the bowels: in this case, your dog will face difficulties to push out feces. There are some signs that can tell you that such as the chihuahua’s whine and facial expressions.

Hard stools: they are hard because of the lack of water in them. Their shape may come like little pellets. Normally a Healthy poop is like a solid paste.

Bathroom frequency: Normally puppies go to the bathroom to empty their bowels 20 minutes to one hour after eating their meal and adults once a day.

But this rule is not constant because it depends on many factors including the type of food the dog is eating, the amount of fiber, and the quantity ingested. But once the dog is constipated he will go from 3 to 1 time per day, or he will skip days. Also, he will be able only to push out some feces every other day.

Another sign is when you notice it struggles with pooping and it does not come out completely. Your little dog acts abnormally like taking a crouching position as if they want to poop but nothing comes out. The chihuahua is constantly whimpering and moving in a funny way.

Treatment of Constipation in chihuahua

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There are some simple treatments or remedies for your chihuahua when constipated. This advice should only be considered when you know it is not a serious medical case.

  • You should make sure your chihuahua stays hydrated. Increase the water intake to help in breaking down food.
  • Regular exercise is also a solution for constipation, as the digestive system will function properly with an increased heart rate. Take your chihuahua for a regular walk on the street.
  • it must add more fiber content to the diet of the dog. The fiber content will solve the problem of constipation as the poop become soft and easy for the little pooch to pass it out.
  • it’s possible to use a kind of special laxative for chihuahuas to soften the stool, for easy passage. You should ensure that you do not use a laxative for humans to treat constipation in dogs.
  • You can use natural remedies like aloe Ferox, boiled pumpkin, bran, mineral oil, and other natural remedies as supplements.

How to Prevent Constipation in chihuahuas?

The best way to treat constipation is to prevent it in the first place. There are some steps or preventive measures you can take in caring for your chihuahua. This will help keep the dog healthy and prevent cases of constipation.

You should always feed your chihuahua properly with the necessary mixture of ingredients. You can also take the dog for a regular walk to improve the digestive system through exercise.

If your chihuahua is a male, you can consider neutering it, especially when still young. This will help to prevent prostate enlargement, which can cause constipation.

A fixed visit to the veterinarian is important for a regular check-up, this will ensure quick detection of the complicated condition.

Conditions That Require Visit to Veterinarian

There are some situations when simple solutions or home remedies are not appropriate. In such a case, you will have to take your chihuahua to the veterinarian for proper treatment.

You should visit the veterinarian when:

  • There is blood or mucus substance in the poop.
  • if the chihuahua is in pain when a sharp or big object is in the stomach.
  • When you noticed a considerable loss in weight.
  • When you notice the chihuahua is in extreme pain.


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