My Chihuahua Has Bulging Eyes -Ocular Proptosis- Symptoms, And Treatment

Do you own a Chihuahua that has vision problems? If yes, you may be aware of Ocular Proptosis, a medical disorder.

Often referred to as “bulging eyes,” this common health problem in Chihuahuas can affect the breed, particularly the long-faced individuals, and result in considerable discomfort.

We’ll talk about ocular proptosis in this blog post, along with treatment options for your Chihuahua.


The Definition Of Ocular Proptosis (Bulging Eye) In Chihuahuas

Ocular proptosis is a dangerous ailment that affects the eyes of Chihuahuas. Our Chihuahua dog may experience pain and discomfort from it, and it frequently has a frightening appearance.

It can be frightening when the eyeball’s location is past the eyelids, especially if it looks like something from a horror movie.

Causes Of Eye Bulging In Chihuahuas

For pet owners, seeing a Chihuahua with proptosis can be unsettling and frightening. It’s a rare but serious ailment that the vet should treat right now.

Traumatic injuries are the most frequent reason for proptosis, including blows to the head. On the other hand, a tumor or severe pressure within the eye or socket may also be the cause.

Unexpectedly, proptosis can result from a tight collar or neck constraint as well. It is critical for owners of Chihuahuas to be aware of the risks in order to avoid this debilitating and potentially fatal ailment.

Symptoms Of Eye Bulging In Chihuahuas

The hallmark of ocular proptosis is an enlarged eye that looks to have burst out of the eye socket. Additionally, conjunctival edema and redness may result from this illness.

Due to the inability of the eyelids to seal correctly, the cornea and conjunctiva may get parched, giving the appearance of leather. In extreme circumstances, the cornea can potentially burst.

Getting your Chihuahua treated right away is essential to preventing other problems.

Bulging In Chihuahuas Diagnosis

The diagnosis of proptosis in Chihuahuas can be made on the basis of a trauma history, abrupt onset, and particular clinical symptoms, such as:

  • The protrusion of the orbital cartilage
  • The clinician’s incapacity to view the edges of the eyelids, which are imprisoned beneath the globe’s equator and curled inward.
  • The Dog’s incapacity to blink the lids over the cornea

Hemorrhage, strabismus, discomfort, and periocular edema are possible additional concomitant symptoms.

Bulging In Chihuahuas Treatment

It’s critical to take immediate action if your Chihuahua’s eye protrudes out of its socket. Take them right away to a veterinarian.

Surgery can restore eyesight and realign the eye into its socket if you have detected the condition early enough. However, the vet may require the removal if the eye or surrounding muscles have sustained too much damage.

Don’t delay; early intervention maximizes the likelihood of a positive result. Keep in mind that proptosis in Chihuahuas can damage the optic nerve and result in irreparable vision loss.

Repositioning the eye will need surgery if it can be preserved. If not, enucleation—the removal of the eye—will be necessary. While waiting for a permanent cure, treatment with adequate pain medication is required to manage the excruciating agony associated with proptosis.

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Prevention Of Bulging In Chihuahuas 

When it comes to minimizing chihuahua eyes that bulge, prevention is essential. Apart from underlying factors that may exacerbate the problem, there are steps you may take to shield your dog’s eyes from harm or injury:

  • Dogs with short noses (brachycephalic), including chihuahuas should wear harnesses rather than collars.
  • Avoid letting your dog run or play in places where there may be foxtails among the long, dry grasses.
  • Avoid breeding pets with known hereditary health problems.
  • As soon as you notice any squinting, redness, or discharge from your dog’s eye(s), take them to the veterinarian. Before the eye enlarges, your veterinarian would prefer to visit the dog because treating it then is simpler and less costly.

Bulging Eyes in Chihuahuas FAQs

1. Are Bulging Eyes Normal In Chihuahuas?

Because of their shorter noses and shallower eye sockets, some breeds including chihuahua give the impression that they have larger eyes than others. For these breeds, this is typical. Due to their narrow eye sockets, these dogs often suffer from medical conditions such as proptosis with little head trauma, corneal scrapes and ulcers, and dry eyes.

2. Are Bulging Eyes An Emergency In Chihuahuas?

Bulging eyes is a serious emergency unless the dog has a short nose or brachycephalic and seems comfortable with clear eyes. There’s a chance that the eyes will dry up, have ulcers, and lose blood or nerve supply. Blindness or pain may ensue.


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