Dog responds hilariously when a woman tells him he’s adopted, collecting 10 million views.

Husky begins to quarrel with his owner and vehemently rejects the notion that he is adopted.

Although we officially adopt our dogs, some of them do not accept this fact.

They seem to take that terrible reality quite hard and are left in a state of extreme disbelief.


Take a peek at this adorable husky’s startled response when he learns he is adopted.

Get to know this amazing and humorous Huskamute.

K’eyush, or just Key, is a mix between a husky and a Malamute that has gained a lot of popularity online.

His YouTube account has 1.78 million subscribers and shows funny adventures of him and his owner Jodie Boo, who is a talented artist who paints cards, mugs, tote bags, and shirts to order.

Key and Jodie have been best friends for a very long time, and their closeness is so strong that it gives the impression that they are mother and son.

“You’r Adopted !”

Videos of animals being informed they have been adopted by their owners have gone viral online.

Every animal responds to those words in a different way.

Some dogs put out a yelp, while others simply show disappointment by lowering their jaws.

That being said, there are those animals that only display a lack of concern by disrespectfully leaving the area and finding another site to rest.

Despite their lack of comprehension of these words, their responses are amusing nonetheless.

As a result, an increasing number of pet owners attempt to do this to their animals and post their sincere reactions online.

Jodie decided to inform Key one day.

Jodie came over to Key one lovely afternoon while he was relaxing on his cozy bed.

Key huskedly answered in response to Jodie calling his name.

Key glanced at her with a countenance painted with dread and concern, as if he knew it was going to be awful news for him, when he began a conversation by saying, “I got some shocking news for you.”

Key released the phrase “You’re adopted” in front of Key, causing the husky to leap up and send out a cry of surprise and incredulity.

The husky got into a fight with his owner after he refused to accept those remarks.

Key howled angrily at Jodie, as though he couldn’t accept the hard reality that he was adopted.

He kept making defiant noises and disputing with Jodie whenever he got the chance.

At last, he became composed and collapsed upon his bed, acknowledging the harsh reality.

To make amends, Jodie offered Key a DNA test that measured the various dog breeds present in his blood.

Still in shock after the first news, Key merely stared off into the horizon. They both discovered how much of a husky and malamute Key is at the end of the video.

This cute Huskamute simply adores acting theatrically.

Key’s exaggerated responses upon learning that he is adopted are appealing.

With his charisma and acting prowess, he could easily make a career as a canine actor in Hollywood.

Furthermore, Key’s vocal exchanges are so funny that it almost seems as though he is communicating in human language.

This must be the reason why Key has so many admirers waiting for new recordings of him teasing Jodie or pulling off paw-some stunts around the globe.

This obstinate husky is undoubtedly endearing, and he deserves all of the love and care that he receives from Jodie, his devoted owner, as well as from the internet.

Check out their amusing exchange here!

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