Giant Husky “accidentally tips” baby over and way he makes it right gets 7.8M views

Ever come upon a video that brightens your day?

The cutest show you’ll watch today is about a huge husky named Teddy and his favorite toddler Nathan

It’s like seeing a mini-drama unfold, with Nathan almost completely entranced by the big fluff of a dog. Who wouldn’t be?

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So let me set the scenario.

Every morning, Teddy, the resident ‘ morning dog,’ wakes everyone up with cuddles rather than alarms.

Can you think of a better way to start the day?

It’s like having your living teddy bear, but this one is much bigger and fluffier

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Here’s the kicker: Teddy isn’t alone in this heartwarming story.

Enter Miko, the sensory dog.’ She’s the Robin to Teddy’s Batman, sneaking into the scene with the ease of a seasoned ally.

The two have a wonderful bond that is enjoyable to witness

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Miko, with her “pillow dog” aura, is that friend who is always relaxed, the one you go to when you need to unwind.

She’s the tranquil center of this trio, a haven in a world of toddler turmoil

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You have got to see Nathan with these two.

He appears to have his personal cheer squad dressed in fur jackets

Miko and Teddy are nearby as he wobbles and tries to roll over, ensuring that he has enough area to explore but enough fluff to catch him in case he falls.

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Oh, and in a fit of enthusiastic devotion, Teddy accidently knocks Nathan down

Consider a bowling ball of fluff gently bumping into a pin.

Nathan lands comfortably on a nice bed, undisturbed; but Teddy? Guilt is written all over his furry face.

source: youtube screenshot

Teddy’s reaction was classic

He does this cute thing where he hides beneath a blanket. He seemed to be saying, “If I can’t see you, that means it didn’t happen, right?”

We’ve all experienced those moments, haven’t we?

source: youtube screenshot

As the movie progresses, Nathan’s relationship with the dogs grows stronger

They’re teaching each other about life through lighthearted tumbles.

It’s a growing-up dance, with Teddy and Miko guiding their little human through the maze of childhood.

source: youtube screenshot

Are you ready to receive your daily dose of cuteness? Trust me, it’s like watching pure love in action, and who doesn’t want more of that?

Watch how Teddy makes things right with Nathan below!

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