Angry baby bulldog throws tantrum to mama, garnering 32 million views.

Every mother will be the first to tell you, “Been there, done that,” because tantrums are a natural part of being a mother.

The mother bulldog Patches is the same.

Elvis, her little child, seems to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, as he is displaying no fear of expressing his emotions.


The only distinction is that a puppy’s tantrums are too adorable to be upset about.

Elvis was raised by his mother Patches as an “only puppy.”

Elvis got his nickname because of his enduring smirk because he was born with a cleft lip.

Elvis, however, possesses a lot of attitude in addition to his endearing leer.

Everyone, especially his mother, will know when he is upset.

In addition to giving him an Elvis scowl, Elvis’ cleft lip forced him to experience hardship in the weeks following his birth. Fortunately, Elvis had a kind owner in addition to his dog mama.

“My wife bottle-fed him until he was on solid food,” the owners claim. He developed into a powerful, vivacious, and physically fit Bulldog.

Patches was observing Elvis intently on this particular day, and Elvis was not amused!

Elvis has no trouble snarling directly in his mother’s face because he is still so tiny, his growls are quite endearing.

Although he may believe he is a tough guy, mothers always know best. Patches stays put since she is aware that she is still the mother.

Elvis’s fury becomes even louder as Patches’ paw inadvertently touches his face.

Their owner even says this, even though Elvis is still growling and barking at Patches.

Oh, he’s going to be furious with you! He’s saying, “Whoa, don’t do that.” Oh my, you’re such a strong bulldog.

Patches persistently tries to get near Elvis, but Elvis won’t allow it.

He needs time away from his overbearing mother.

Patches persists in attempting to establish a connection but eventually gives up.

At last, she lies down a short distance away from Elvis.

Elvis is just like any other infant, or should we say dog, based on what transpired afterward

Elvis wants his mother after Patches stops focusing on him.

Elvis had to give his mother apologetic hugs in an attempt to win her forgiveness for the outburst.

For a little while, Patches tries to ignore her, but no mother could be moved by that adorable face.

It’s not long before Patches cuddles up to Elvis.

I accept your apology

When Patches gets the chance, she begins grooming her dog.

Like the wonderful mother that she is, all she has wanted to do is look after her pet.

However, Elvis is a strong little bulldog, and his mother will not give him a clean for very long before she begins to bark at her once more.

Although Elvis’s first few weeks of existence were difficult, he is now making up for it.

Elvis is adored by so many people in his immediate vicinity in addition to his dog mama.

The proprietors of patches inform everyone about this.

“We donated him to a veterinary technician who had assisted with his care from the beginning and had long desired a white bulldog. With Elvis, everyone gained. His new family was overjoyed to have him, and we were fortunate to have him. His charisma more than compensated for his lack of physical beauty.

Watch the video below to see Elvis for yourself. That little kid is so much fun!

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