The delivery man is anxious to see the dog on the porch, but they end up having the sweetest conversation.

The homeowner felt the video was so important that she had to share it with everyone.

A popular misconception is that dogs don’t like mail carriers.

This idea is not without merit. Ultimately, a dog that guards its family and house may perceive an intruder as a potential threat.

It follows that delivery drivers should use caution while making stops, particularly if they come across a pet that isn’t inside the house.


A remarkable exchange between an Amazon truck and a local dog may be seen in one doorbell camera footage.

Everything happened during a delivery, and it has since gained popularity online!

Grace, a Missouri-born pit bull mix who is eight years old, was lounging on the porch.

However, Eric—an Amazon delivery driver—arrived with a gift just as Sarah was about to unwind.

What followed was captured on camera by a Ring device, and the homeowner eventually shared the adorable footage with the entire world.

Grace is initially invisible to Eric.

However, he is shocked when he does and comes to a halt on the sidewalk.

With such cuteness, he says, “Oh, hi, Pretty!” to her.

He is unsure of the dog’s approachability.

The Amazon employee asks, looking a little apprehensive,

“Are you cordial? I sense that you’re not.

After that, Eric uses his phone for a little while to consider his options.

Grace hadn’t moved an inch throughout the entire time—hey, she was comfy.

Eric initiates contact

He intends to initially just leave the gift on the sidewalk and tell the pit bull,

“Alright, I’ll arrange it for your mom right now.

However, he then chooses to take a step further.

He hesitantly places the item on the doorstep and says, “Hello, my name is Eric,” all the while glancing at Grace.

This is where things start to become very sweet.

At last, Grace, who had been sitting still the entire time, gets to her feet and begins to wag her tail.

It seems that she wasn’t as bad as she seemed!

Eric brightens up the moment Grace walks over to him, all she wants is some love.

A new friendship is formed at that precise instant.

The video then shows Eric stroking Grace and complimenting her on her lovely eyes. Oh my!

Ashley Gore, Grace’s mother, was reportedly in the backyard during the endearing exchange, according to T&T Creative Media.

“Winning people over one delivery at a time…” is the caption she wrote for her Instagram video. Hello, my name is Grace.

The video went viral on the internet very fast.

Eric expressed his happiness for Grace’s newfound celebrity in a comment on Ashley’s post after observing the video’s popularity.

Feeling happy about their meeting, he wrote, “Hey, ya’ll, your dog got viral ahhhhhh! When I first met her, she was such a sweetheart! 😍 I am forward to see her again. 💙

Grace and Eric likely run into one other again given how often they hang out on the porch.

Who knows, maybe their second meeting will be as cute as their first!

To witness the touching exchange for yourself, click the play button on the video below!


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