Spurned Bulldog gives dad a pitiful expression, earning him over 8 million views online.

I was unable to put this down. Dad’s advice is quite insightful.
Is there anything more unpleasant than being told “no”? Most likely not.

This is particularly valid for dogs. They merely have no voice in any decisions. At most a bark, maybe.

Certain dogs are not easily soothed.


This dog recently demonstrated as much when he declared he wanted to be petted.

There was only one issue, though, which was that when he went into the room, he found his owner sleeping. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop him from attempting to attract some attention.

Get to know Bulldog Reuben.

When Reuben the Bulldog was adopted, his family was informed that he would need a lot of love and care. How accurate this ended up being! The description of the video says this.

The whole cute moment was captured on video.

The little video has struck a chord with many people worldwide, mostly because every dog owner has experienced something similar at some point.

Over 8 million people saw Reuben’s funny antics.

It’s an all too familiar tale.

The owner is seen at the beginning of the video lounging on the couch and attempting to sleep. Reuben the Bulldog appears out of nowhere, squealing.

He wants to be loved. In an attempt to rouse the man, he lets out a few gentle groans.

He is being courteous by not barking.

Nevertheless, he must intensify his efforts if his grunting is ineffective.

Reuben chooses to leap.

He jumps up on the man and plants a peck on his cheek. Fortunately, it turns out to be a reasonable tactic for the dog.

“He just sprayed me in the face with cheese-smelling mucous,” says the man.

He is informing the public.

It’s commendable that the man provides such a thorough explanation for the dog’s bad breath.

We are unable to learn these minute things from watching videos unless they are made clear to us.

It does, however, assist in putting the man’s reasons for not wanting to return the puppy’s affection into context.

All Reuben wants to do is hop on the couch and show his owner.

He quickly learns, therefore, that he is not welcome on the couch.

Instead, he pouts and retreats to his chilly dog bed.

“Look at that. How novel! He is actually using his bed for once. Although, he is not happy about it,” the man jokes.

He is correct. Reuben is not content.

The man smiles.

Reuben rarely obeys his orders with such grace. But the obedience turns out to be quite fleeting. Reuben barks a little in protest.

“He would much rather be laying on top of me, but sometimes I need a break because I can’t always have a dog on top of me every time that I lay down. So now he’s mad,” explains the man.

He makes good arguments.

He would never get any sleep if he let Reuben jump on top of him whenever he felt like it. As a dog owner, you sometimes have to set the rules and tell the dogs no.

“Pout all you want. Give me a break, just for today,” says the man.

The complaint of barking gets louder.

Reuben is not accustomed to being kept off the couch. Indeed, for a brief while, the owner wins the debate in the end.

But we can almost assure you that the dog will finally achieve his dream.

“I don’t think this is going to last, right Reuben?” the man says.

Reuben waddles off the dog bed, glaring at his dad. He loves the floor a lot, especially when his father is curled up on it like a warm plum ready for a cuddle.

Watch the video below to see how Reuben responds to being told “no” and his dad’s humorous commentary!

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