7 Different Types of Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas, once associated with style and luxury, have captured the hearts of pet owners worldwide for many years. From Paris Hilton’s famous Tinkerbell to Marilyn Monroe’s cherished Josepha, it’s difficult to resist falling in love with these characters for their adorable little features and feisty dispositions.

However, did you know that Chiwawa dogs come in a variety of breeds? Every one of them has a distinct appearance, distinct traits, and charming attributes!

We’ll look at the fascinating range of Chihuahua breeds in this blog post so you may choose the ideal dog for your home, whatever breed you’re looking for. Now let’s get going!

the American Kennel Club recognizes two varieties of Chihuahuas: short coats and long coats. These two identified kinds have subclasses in any other variants.

Chihuahua Type 1: Long-Haired Chihuahua

Chihuahuas with long hair are a unique breed that is identified by their flowing locks. All this breed has in common with its cousins with smooth coats is longer hair.

Sometimes people call them “rough-coated Chihuahuas” because of the harsh aspect that their coat can give them.

It might take up to 24 months for their hair to fully mature, and frequent cleaning and grooming are necessary to keep their long locks looking nice.

Fortunately, your pet will probably appreciate the time spent together that weekly brushing sessions provide. Hence, these Chihuahuas will turn heads with their gorgeous coats, whether you refer to them as long-haired or rough-coated.

Chihuahua Type 2: Short-Haired Chihuahua

Chances are you’ve seen a Chihuahua, possibly even the most popular variety, the short-haired Chihuahua, whether you love going to the dog park or are a dog owner.

Even though the short-hair Chihuahua lacks the beautiful, flowing locks of its long-haired sibling, it still has the same spirited nature and unquestionable cuteness.

Chihuahua Type 3: Deer-Head Chihuahua

The deer-headed Chihuahua is a distinctive variation of the breed, even though most Chihuahuas have apple-shaped heads.

These tiny four-footers are different from apple-head Chihuahuas in that they have special qualities. Their slightly longer head and non-sloping nose, unlike the apple head, are two of the most striking features.

It’s not surprising that some pet owners find this variety appealing given these differences. Prospective dog show competitors should be aware, though, that deer-headed Chihuahuas frequently grow larger than their apple-shaped counterparts, which may mean they weigh more than the allowed amount.

Nevertheless, these cute animal friends for sure win your hearts and make wonderful pets.

Chihuahua Type 4: Apple-Head Chihuahua

Numerous other varieties of Chihuahuas differ only slightly from the two official varieties that many people may be familiar with. The form of their heads is one of the most obvious variances between them.

Many people are familiar with the apple head Chihuahua, which has a spherical skull that is somewhat flattened. Adding to their cute appearance, these Chihuahuas have a little shorter nose in addition to their more rounded heads.

Interestingly, like newborn humans, all apple head Chihuahuas have a soft region in their skulls at birth that may or may not close entirely. Although the AKC doesn’t recognize them, apple head Chihuahuas are a popular subset of this endearing breed.

Chihuahua Type 5: Teacup Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are small dogs, as everyone knows, but have you heard of the teacup breed? people claim that these tiny pups are sufficiently tiny to fit inside a teacup.

They are the smallest of the already small Chihuahuas because they have to weigh less than five pounds and have a maximum height of nine inches to meet the teacup requirements.

Despite their beautiful appearance, teacup Chihuahuas are frequently the result of unethical breeding practices and have a wide range of health problems. Despite their adorable appearance in a teacup, these puppies ought to live longer, healthier lives.

Chihuahua Type 6: Pear-Head Chihuahua

Though it may sound like a funny creation, “pear-headed Chihuahua” is a false phrase used by unscrupulous breeders.

These varieties of Chihuahuas have pear-shaped skulls due to their crossbreeding of apple- and deer-headed Chihuahuas. Despite their adorable and distinctive appearance, they are not recognized as a breed and ought not to be promoted as such.

Watch out for breeders that attempt to market “pear-headed Chihuahuas” as unusual finds or at a premium price. Similar to the term “teacup,” this is another warning sign to watch out for when looking for a furry friend.

As opposed to attempting to come up with creative names for their Chihuahuas, a conscientious breeder will concentrate on fulfilling or exceeding the breed criteria.

Chihuahua Type 7: Hairless Chihuahua

You might be surprised to learn about the hairless Chihuahua breed. The hairless variation of this breed has grown in popularity recently, even though many people still associate it with its famously smooth coat.

Even without fur, the hairless Chihuahua is nevertheless regarded as a legitimate breed and is acknowledged as such by the American Kennel Club.

With their pronounced ears and wrinkled skin, these puppies have a distinctive appearance. Beneath their coats, however, the hairless Chihuahua is just as playful, loving, and fiercely loyal to their owners as their furry version.


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