Apple-Head Chihuahua: A Breed Complete Guide

Are you seeking a small-sized pet with a big personality? Consider the Chihuahua, one of the most well-known breeds. In addition to being highly loving and intelligent, there are many different varieties of Chihuahuas. The Apple Head chihuahua is One of the first breeds that springs to mind. whose round head resembles an apple. However, have you ever questioned how it came to have this name and what else makes it special? Continue reading to discover more about these cute tiny dogs!

Unquestionably one of the most popular tiny dog breeds is the chihuahua. It’s important to remember that different Chihuahua breeds each have their own distinctive traits.

Although it’s typical for individuals to be unfamiliar with its unique moniker, the Apple-Head Chihuahua is one breed that comes to mind for many right away.


The term “apple head”  refers to these Chihuahuas’ rounder heads, which have a remarkable resemblance to an apple.

Apple Head Chihuahua Appearance

The intelligence and alertness of Apple-Head Chihuahuas are well known, and they also make great watchdogs. They also have a strong sense of loyalty and enjoy being around people.

An Apple-Head Chihuahua’s body is typically petite and thin, and it has small ears and a short nose. The breed gets its name from its round cranium, which is its most distinctive characteristic. This form frequently draws attention to the eyes, giving them a certain charm.


The hair length of Apple-Head Chihuahuas can range from short to lengthy. Depending on the length of their hair, their coat needs frequent brushing and trimming. In order to maintain their appearance and avoid tangles, it’s crucial to take appropriate care of their coats.


Additionally, there are other colors available for Apple-Head Chihuahuas, such as black and white, tan and white, and chocolate.

Apple Head Chihuahua Temperament

Watch out for the attitude! The Apple-Head Chihuahua is renowned for its feisty and spunky personality. It tends to develop a close bond with a preferred person and is fiercely devoted.

But if they aren’t properly trained, they risk becoming arrogant. The possessive and jealous character of Apple-Head Chihuahuas prevents them from making the best companions for cats, children, and other canine breeds despite their adorableness.

Apple Head Chihuahua Health

Apple-head Chihuahuas are renowned for living a long life; on average, they live up to 16 years. They will live longer if they eat well, exercise frequently, and receive preventative medical care.

Although Apple-Head Chihuahuas are mostly healthy pets, several health conditions may be more likely to affect them. Hypoglycemia, luxating patella, and hydrocephalus are all prevalent ailments.

Collapsed Trachea

The windpipe wall weakens and collapses in on itself in a condition known as collapsed trachea. Coughing, wheezing, and breathing issues are signs of this condition. Depending on how severe the illness is, there are many treatment options.

For more info about this condition you can read: Tracheal Collapse in Chihuahuas: Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment

source: VCA Canada

Patellar Luxation

Patellar Luxation, a disorder where the kneecap dislocates, can also affect Apple-Head Chihuahuas. This may result in symptoms like a limp, lameness, and knee pain. Regular visits to the vet might help identify any issues before they get worse.

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Heart Disease

Apple-Head Chihuahuas could also be more susceptible to cardiac issues including murmurs or valve issues. It is advised to keep an eye on their respiration and look for any indications of distress or exhaustion in order to keep them healthy.

Eye Issues

Apple-Head Chihuahuas are more susceptible to eye conditions such as glaucoma, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), and distichiasis because of the size and shape of their eyes. Regular veterinary exams might aid in spotting these problems at an early stage.

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Dental Problems

Due to their small jaws, Apple-Head Chihuahuas might sometimes experience dental problems. As a result, they might need special care and attention in relation to dental hygiene. It is advised to clean your teeth frequently to maintain their health and prevent periodontal disease.

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Apple Head Chihuahua Care

A few considerations should be made if you’re thinking about getting an Apple-Head Chihuahua.


Maintaining your Apple-Head Chihuahua’s health and finest appearance requires regular grooming.

You ought to brush them at least once a week, depending on the length of their coat, and clip their nails as necessary. Additionally, it’s crucial to regularly examine their ears and, if necessary, clean them with a suitable cleaner.


It is crucial to feed your Apple-Head Chihuahua high-quality dog food that has been specially prepared for its small size.

Because of their small size, they need a properly balanced diet to maintain their health and well-being. Incorporating healthy goodies into their routine can also be used to reinforce positive reinforcement during obedience training sessions and reward good conduct.


Apple-Head Chihuahuas need frequent exercise to be in shape and healthy, just like any other breed.

They should not, however, be overworked or left in sweltering temperatures for long periods of time due to their small size.

You can keep your dog active by taking them on brisk neighborhood walks or by playing fetch in the backyard.


You must start socializing and teaching your Apple-Head Chihuahua early on if you want them to be well-behaved as they get older.

It is useful to teach excellent manners and create discipline by encouraging positive reinforcement strategies, such as rewarding good behavior or complimenting them when they complete chores correctly.

Additionally, it’s crucial to teach them fundamental instructions like “sit,” “stay,” and “come” to ensure their safety while they explore their surroundings.


To ensure that your Apple-Head Chihuahua grows up feeling at ease around other people and animals, socialization is crucial.

You may assist them in becoming used to their surroundings by taking them on walks in the park or introducing them to other dogs. Everyone needs a little love, therefore you should also take the time to focus on them specifically.

Apple Head vs. Deer Head Chihuahua

Despite not being recognized by the AKC, the Deer-Head Chihuahua is a member of the Apple-Head breed. Although there are noticeable cosmetic alterations, especially in the size and shape of its skulls, its fierceness is unaffected.

Apple Head is The Breed Standard For Chihuahuas

Some people may disagree with the classification of Chihuahuas, especially varieties like Deer-Head Chihuahuas, as they cast doubt on the breed’s veracity. Although they may not adhere to the canine breed standard, all Chihuahuas, regardless of kind, are authentic representatives of the breed.

Choosing an Apple-Head Chihuahua is advised if upholding breed standards is important to you.

It should be highlighted that because of their conformance to the preferred skull shape as requested by kennel clubs, Apple-Head Chihuahuas are well-suited for dog shows.

On the other hand, Deer-Head Chihuahuas lack the skull shape recognized by these groups and are hence disqualified from competing. Nevertheless, it is important to recognize that all varieties of Chihuahuas are utterly lovely in their own right and have the potential to make wonderful companions.

Apple Head Chihuahuas Are More Expensive

Given that they represent the breed standard, Apple-Head Chihuahuas frequently cost more than Deer-Head Chihuahuas. Typically, they cost around $800, but occasionally, the cost may be significantly higher.

On the other hand, Chihuahuas with a distinguished pedigree can occasionally cost more than that. Due to their distinctive aesthetic appeal, many people voluntarily spend money on Apple Heads.

Cost is not a factor for some enthusiasts who are just interested in competitiveness when they buy an Apple-Head Chihuahua. Others, who don’t care about show dogs, find deer heads’ price is more reasonable while still being lovely.

How And Where To Find An Apple Head Chihuahua?

Research is crucial if you’re looking for an Apple-Head Chihuahua.


Another excellent place to look for Apple-Head Chihuahuas is a rescue group, as they frequently take in dogs of all sizes and breeds.

For further information, you can look up local animal rescue organizations online or get in touch with your neighborhood animal shelter. Furthermore, lots of shelters host adoption occasions where you may see the dogs in person and decide if they’re a good match for you.


Working with a trustworthy and responsible breeder is the greatest place to begin. Before making any commitments, get references from your veterinarian or the nearest animal shelter, and be sure to look into the breeder’s history.

To further aid ensure that the Apple-Head Chihuahua you’re thinking about adopting comes from a sound lineage and is clear of any potential hereditary illnesses, always request to see the parents.


Apple head Chihuahuas belong to the toy breed group and can reach heights of five to eight inches on average. They usually weigh between three and five pounds, and their colors range from black to chocolate, cream, fawn, or red.

These dogs are frequently vigilant, brave, loyal, active, and extremely intelligent, however, they aren’t as dog-friendly as some other dog breeds. They require very little upkeep in terms of grooming, and they can be active for up to two hours every day.

Because they are among the tiniest canines in the world, people call them toy breeds. This breed of little dog has also gone by the names Apple Head Teacup, Long Haired Chihuahua, Short Hair Chihuahua, and, most popularly, deer head Chihuahua in addition to Apple Head.


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