Cavalier Chihuahua Mix-Chilier- A Complete Breed Guide

A loving and caring dog, the Cavalier Chihuahua mix adores spending time with his owners. These dogs are good family pets because they are loyal, smart, and love to please.

Chiliers like to be on their own and can be very stubborn at times, but they are loving and nice in general. Because they are small and don’t have much energy, they don’t need much exercise and can be happy with just a few steps a day.

They also get along well with kids, which makes them great pets for families. Because they are friendly and don’t need much care, they are a good choice for families, adults, and anyone else who wants a low-maintenance dog.

Chilier History

The Chihuahua

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Because of their big personalities contained within their small frames, chihuahuas are among the most loving kinds of dogs. Even though they may not be the toughest dogs, they give off a strong and confident vibe that makes many people like them.

Chihuahuas come in many different sizes and colors, and each one has its own special traits to learn and love. People think that these dogs are related to the Techichi people of Mexico. This is an interesting piece of history that helps us understand and appreciate this loyal breed.

The Cavalier

A charming breed of canine that stands out for its attractive face, plush coat, and amiable demeanor is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Most of the time, these dogs are small, but they remain busy and full of energy.

They love to run around and play outside, and they will often try to do so no matter how big they are. Even so, they like to cuddle up with their owners while they relax around the house.

Cavaliers are very reliable friends whose only goal is to make your life happier and brighter. As one of the most famous breeds, they can make great family pets if you have the time and commitment to raise a puppy.

The Chilier

The Cavalier King Charles Chihuahua mix is a great family dog that is becoming more and more popular. This new designer breed is the perfect mix of the calmness of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the playfulness of a Chihuahua. It has something for every home and is sure to bring out the best in any setting.

The Chihuahua Cavalier mix is sweet and gentle with kids, but also full of energy and attitude. It is great for people who want a cuddly friend and a funny show all in one fluffy ball.

With this dog by your side, you’re sure to get people’s attention and start a chat wherever you go. It’s easy to see why everyone loves the Chilier. It’s a great addition to both city and country life.

The AKC does not accept the Chihuahua-Cavalier mix.

Chilier Appearance

The miniature dog of your dreams, the Cavalier Chihuahua Mix has a lovely and distinctive medium-length curly coat.

White and tan with black marks are just two possible colors, but any combination of colors is also an option. Yes, there is a ton of variation.

Not to mention their adorable, floppy ears, which give them the appearance of miniature teddy bears. A Cavalier Chihuahua mix can be the ideal dog for you if you’re seeking a cute pet with a distinctive appearance.

The Chihuahua Cavalier mix typically weighs between 6 and 10 lbs. and stands 8 to 10 inches in height at the shoulder.

Chilier Temperament

For a small dog, the Cavalier Chihuahua Mix is a huge fan favorite, partly because of its sociable and happy disposition.

This hybrid species makes wonderful pets for individuals of all ages because it is sociable and eager to please its owners. While generally peaceful, Chihuahua Cavalier mix dogs like daily walks and playing with their family.

They frequently develop deep relationships with their owners, becoming so attached that they follow them around the house and seek out as much cuddling as they can.

Due to their attentiveness and intelligence, Chiliers are great watchdogs that require little training to succeed. Overall, many pet parents looking for the ideal lap dog to love are drawn to this pup’s upbeat disposition!

Chilier Health

The average lifespan of Cavalier Chihuahua Mixes is 10 to 14 years.

While Chiliers may share some characteristics with their parent breeds in terms of appearance and temperament, they also share the same health problems.

We suggest that you talk to your dog’s breeder or vet about the health problems that your pet friends may be more likely to get.

Your dog’s owner will know about any health issues your puppy, whether it’s a mixed breed or not, might be prone to based on how healthy his or her parents are.

However, if none of these work, you could also use a DNA test on the dog. These are the Embark dog DNA tests that I’ve used on my two dogs. I like that this dog DNA test can tell me what type of dog it is and if it is healthy.

I was pleased to find that the breed ID test results were very correct when they were sent back to me two weeks later.

The health finding also helped me learn more about the health problems my two dogs are more likely to have and how I can better take care of them.

Hip Dysplasia

This illness, which can be brought on by lifestyle, environmental, or hereditary causes, affects the hip joints in Cavalier Chihuahua mixes. If the right steps are not taken for therapy, it can result in pain, lameness, and a decreased quality of life.

Since symptoms cannot appear until later in life, it’s critical to get frequent checks to identify any potential problems before it’s too late. In many situations, hip dysplasia cannot be prevented, but some therapies can help control the discomfort and any other symptoms.

Patellar Luxation

The kneecap is impacted by this condition, which develops when the knee joint is formed or placed incorrectly. If neglected, it may result in excruciating discomfort and limping, which may significantly lower the quality of life for your Chihuahua/Cavalier mix.

If you’re thinking about bringing one of these tiny dogs home, make sure to look out for any symptoms of patellar luxation, including limping, hopping, and difficulty walking.

Tracheal Collapse

If not diagnosed and treated promptly, this ailment can severely decrease the quality of life of Chihuahua Cavalier mixes, so it’s vital to be aware of the hazards if you have one or are thinking about getting one.

Numerous environmental variables, including stress or exposure to smoke, dust, and other airborne irritants, can lead to tracheal collapse. It’s crucial to watch out for any changes in your Chilier’s behavior since labored breathing, coughing, and gagging are symptoms of a collapsed trachea.

Chilier Care

Grooming, exercise, training, and food must all be taken into account when looking after a King Charles Chihuahua Mix.


Because of its minimal care coat, the Cavalier Chihuahua Mix is ideal for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time maintaining their pets. To reduce shedding, this puppy needs to be brushed frequently, but happily brushing it twice or three times a week is typically sufficient.

Take your Chihuahua/Cavalier mix for occasional visits to a professional groomer if you want an extra pampering session. As they have thick hair that may easily collect dirt or wax, it’s also crucial to keep a check on their ears. Nothing beats a nice ear rub!


Moderation is best when it comes to feeding your Chilier puppy. Due to their small size, this breed is particularly prone to weight gain, and you can quickly see when they’ve put on a few extra pounds.

Giving them free food and allowing them to eat whenever they want will only make the situation worse. As an alternative, provide 1/2 to 1 cup of premium dry kibble per day, divided into two meals.


With your consistency and their will to please, Cavalier Chihuahua Mix puppies are quite simple to teach. When it comes to bringing your Chilier up to speed, consistency is key.

Your Chihuahua Cavalier mix will be well-mannered in no time if you set aside 5 to 10 minutes each day for training; any more than that, you risk your pup getting restless and losing interest in what you’re trying to teach them.

Shedding level

Many dog owners think that having a dog means spending hours cleaning it and vacuuming it once a week to get rid of all its fur. However, this isn’t the case with the Cavalier Chihuahua mix.

This breed is known for its long, silky hair, which only needs low to moderate maintenance, which is great for people who are busy. Also, they don’t shed much, so you won’t have to worry about pet hair taking over your house. If you want a reliable friend who won’t make you do a lot of extra work, the Chilier is a great choice.

They are not good for people with allergies.


The Cavalier Chihuahua Mix is a great dog for a companion. She isn’t too busy, so she’s great for people who don’t do much.

A nice walk or two a day should be enough to keep them physically and mentally active, but if you’re up for it, you could also take them to the dog park. Just keep an eye on your Chilier at all times. They are small, so bigger dogs could scare them and cause them to fight, which could hurt them.

Is Chilier The Right Option For Me?

They Crave Attention

When it gets lots of love and care, the Cavalier Chihuahua Mix is really living its best life. They are very social animals, so if you like to spend a lot of time at home with your dog, the Chilier might be a good choice for you.

Chillier And Other Pets

The Cavalier Chihuahua Mix breed is a fun one. Even though they look small and cute and have sweet personalities, it’s important to remember that these pups are still very much hunters at heart.

Because of this, they shouldn’t be around other small animals like hamsters if you want to keep your friend safe. Lucky for them, though, Chiliers get along great with cats, even though cats are often bigger than them.

Good Option For New Pet Owners

Chihuahua-Cavalier mixes are a great choice for people who are just starting out as dog owners.

Since everyone has to start somewhere, it’s best to expect that mistakes will be made now and then. But it’s important to remember that this breed needs training just like any other dog. Don’t think that because they’re small, the rules don’t apply. In fact, you should work even harder to make sure your puppy knows what’s expected of them from a young age.

Male Vs Female Chilier

Male and female Chihuahua-Cavalier mixes can be different in small but important ways, so it’s important to know about both sexes if you’re thinking of getting one as a pet. For example, male Chiliers tend to be more outgoing, while females are more sensitive. Depending on how busy you want your puppy to be, you may do better with either gender.

Quick Breed Summary Table

Weight   6 to 10 lbs
Height  8 to 10 inches
Size small
Coat Type short or long
colors Golden, white, silver, Brown, tan, and cream
Amount of Shedding low
Nose Black
Ears floppy big ears
Temperament Territorial, stubborn, loving, and smart.
Life Expectancy 10 to 14 years
Hypoallergenic No
Intelligence Yes
Kid-Friendly yes
New Owner Friendly yes
Activity level moderate
Breed Recognition None


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