American Eskimo Chihuahua Mix- Chimo – Everything You Need To know

You should get a Chihuahua-American Eskimo mix if you want a pet that is busy, friendly, and loyal, and that can live in any size home.

These canines blend the greatest qualities of both breeds, combining the intellect and sociability of American Eskimo canines with the vitality and vibrancy of Chihuahuas!

They are great companions for active people, people who work from home, and families with lots of room in their homes.

Chimos are known for being easy to train and able to adapt to different situations. Just remember that they are very suspicious of strangers, which makes them great outdoor alarm systems. So, if you want big love in a small dog, get a Chihuahua-American Eskimo mix.

Chimo History

The Chihuahua

Chihuahua pure bred dog outdoor.

Chihuahuas are small, but they are strong! This breed is known for being smart, smart-mouthed, and loyal. Even though they are small, don’t be fooled by that! Chihuahuas are great watchdogs because they are brave and always on the lookout.

They too can be compassionate and loving friends, despite the fact that they occasionally seem yappy or snappy. Along with having distinct personalities, Chihuahuas require relatively little upkeep in terms of grooming; all they require is the occasional brushing and bathing.

The American Eskimo

American Eskimo Dog resting on grass.

The American Eskimo dog is a very smart, loving, and faithful dog that makes a great friend. Even though they might seem cold to strangers, their owners will tell you that when they’re at home with their family, these dogs are friendly and full of fun.

American Eskimo dogs tend to think for themselves, so teaching them takes time, consistency, and lots of praise.

They are playful and active dogs at heart, and they love to be busy every day if they can, like running around in a big yard or hiking with their owners.

The Chimo

chimo dog enjoys sun outside

Finding a trustworthy breeder for American Eskimo Chihuahua mixes is challenging despite their rising popularity. Unfortunately, you could stumble across backyard breeders or puppy mills, which are both very dangerous for the health and behavior of dogs. Without a thorough investigation into genetics and pedigree, puppies may have a variety of unwelcome surprises, including behavioral problems or hereditary disorders.

It’s tremendously satisfying to adopt a Chihuahua American Eskimo mix from a nearby shelter or rescue. Adopting an animal also entails providing it with a better chance at life than purchasing one from a breeder, which makes it more affordable.

Even if it could be challenging to find young puppies, you will discover that shelters are full of adult and elderly Chihuahuas who are just as lovely and deserving of love. Waiting for the right animal to become available at the rescue can be the hardest part of adoption. You will ultimately locate your ideal new dog, though, if you have patience and perseverance.

The American Kennel Club does not accept the American Eskimo Chihuahua Mix.

Chimo Appearance


A rare combination of two different breeds is an American Eskimo Chihuahua mix. With a slightly shorter nose, high-set ears, and brilliant almond-shaped eyes, it resembles a miniature version of its Eskimo father.

Its petite body is coated in a thick white coat that precisely matches the brown patterns on the head and back that come from its Chihuahua lineage. The magnificent double coat of the Chihuahua American Eskimo mix protects it from the chilly winter conditions, although frequent grooming is normally necessary to get the finest results.

The Chimo is a small animal that rarely weighs more than 30 pounds and is just 9 to 18 inches tall, but it has a lot of energy to spare.

Chimo Temperament

white chimo dog resting on grass with his ball

The best method to determine how your Chimo might be is to consider the particular temperaments of its parent breeds, the American Eskimo Dog and Chihuahua, as Chimos are a relatively new hybrid and there is little to no information about the general temperament and intelligence of this mix.

Chihuahua American Eskimo mixes often prefer being around humans and require interaction regularly to remain happy, while there is no exact assurance. Additionally, they might occasionally exhibit an excessive sense of caution and stubbornness, but these traits are readily remedied with the right socialization from birth!

Although Chihuahua American Eskimo mixes are intelligent dogs, they can also be headstrong, so it’s crucial to stick to your training schedule throughout the day while still offering lots of affection and praise.

Although Chihuahua American Eskimo mixes are intelligent dogs, they can also be headstrong, so it’s crucial to stick to your training schedule throughout the day while still offering lots of affection and praise.

Additionally, they struggle if left at home by themselves for too long, so keep that in mind before getting one as a pet. Thankfully, despite their natural tendency to guard, they are frequently very affable and kind to newcomers.

Chimo Health state

The average lifespan of Chihuahua American Eskimo Mixes is 12 to 15 years.

Chimo dogs share some morphological and behavioral characteristics of their parent breeds, but they also share the same health problems.

We suggest that you talk to your dog’s breeder or vet about the health problems that your pet friends may be more likely to get.

Your dog’s owner will know about any health issues your puppy, whether it’s a mixed breed or not, might be prone to based on how healthy his or her parents are.

But if none of these work, you could also use a DNA test on the dog. I’ve used the Embark dog DNA test on my two dogs. This DNA test for dogs is great because it can tell you about their health and breed.

When the test results came back two weeks later, I was pleased to see that the breed ID results were very correct.

The health finding also helped me learn more about the health problems my two dogs are more likely to have and how I can better take care of them.

Tracheal Collapse

Tracheal collapse is a disease that affects many dogs, but Chihuahua American Eskimo Mixes are unfortunately more susceptible than others. It is brought on by the trachea’s cartilage wearing away, which can make breathing difficult and induce coughing. Although this disorder cannot be cured, it can be managed with medicine and a lifestyle change.

Patellar luxation

The kneecaps of American Eskimo Chihuahua Mixes can become displaced from their sockets due to a disorder known as patellar luxation. A limp, a noticeable skip in gait when walking, difficulty applying pressure to the affected limb, and soreness or lameness are all symptoms. Fortunately, the majority of dogs have completely healthy lives following surgery!

Hip Dysplasia

Chihuahua American Eskimo Mixes sadly frequently get hip dysplasia. Even though it might not be apparent in the early stages of life, this inherited issue can give these dogs pain and make movement difficult. Before any signs show up, it’s important to have your pooch checked out by a vet so you can take the right steps to make sure your fur baby is as comfortable as possible for as long as possible.

Chimo Care

When taking care of a Chihuahua-Eskimo Mix, you need to think about grooming, exercise, teaching, and feeding.


As soon as you bring your Chihuahua American Eskimo Mix (Chimo) home, you should start teaching them. But make sure to use methods that are based on positive reinforcement and don’t pick up your Chimo when they’re misbehaving. This only makes the behavior worse.

Due to their size, housebreaking may be hard at first, but taking them outside often to do their business will fix the problem. Early socialization with strangers and other pets is essential, as well as group obedience lessons or one-on-one training sessions for extra training chances that would be good for Chimos in the long run.


It is recommended to brush American Eskimo Chihuahua mixes’ dense, double coat at least twice a week to keep it looking great and avoid tangles. Some even like to brush their Chimo’s hair every day!

It’s also important to give them regular baths with good shampoo and conditioner because bad skin can cause itching and pain, which can hurt the coat’s health. American Eskimo Chihuahua mixes need regular trims to keep their fur healthy and stop them from shedding too much.


If you get a Chihuahua American Eskimo Mix, or Chimo, you should be ready for a very busy dog. Aim to take them out for a walk or two every day and let them play for at least 30 minutes.

American Eskimo chihuahua mixes like to walk around, so give them a safe place where they can run free, like a backyard with a fence. To make playing even more fun, think of different games that will keep their minds busy and tire them out. Talk to your vet about trying agility with your Chimo if he or she is a very active dog.


Following a veterinarian’s recommendations who is knowledgeable about the breed is the best approach to feeding your American Eskimo/Chihuahua mix. Many owners choose premium dry food made especially for little dogs since it satisfies all of their nutritional needs and may be supplemented with occasional treats.

If you choose to add some canned food to the dry one as a supplement, be sure it contains the right amount of nutrients; otherwise, extra vitamins may need to be added. Additionally, the amount of food offered should be adjusted based on your dog’s age and level of activity because both too much and too little food can negatively impact your Chihuahua’s health and welfare.

Shedding level

American Eskimo Chihuahua Mixes frequently resemble small polar bears and typically have long, fluffy hair. Even though they look cute, this breed is a medium-heavy shedder, so if you’re thinking of getting a Chimo as a pet, you should be prepared to clean and brush them often. Fortunately, they are simple to groom thanks to their low-maintenance coats; just be sure you have the necessary tools available!

American Eskimo chihuahua mixes are not hypoallergenic.

Is This Dog The Great Choice for Me?

Chimo And Other Pets

These mixed breeds tend to be more territorial and sometimes aggressive toward other dogs. The situation is a bit difficult when it comes to getting along with other pets.

When it comes to developing relationships, socialization is crucial for Chimo dogs since they can interact strongly with other animals in their home if they are nurtured together from an early age. Chimo behavior can be controlled, and happy interactions between them and their furry siblings are feasible with proper time and training from the pet owner.

Slow introductions and positive reinforcement tactics should be used when exposing your Chihuahua/American Eskimo mix to new creatures in its surroundings. Even though they usually get along with cats and smaller pets in the house, unexpected reactions might happen whenever two new creatures come into contact. For this reason, extra caution should always come first.

Not a Good Choice For Small Kids

Chimos are great for families with kids who are a little bit older and more calm. Even though their small size can be cute, it can also make them easy to hurt when they are handled roughly.

Chihuahua-American Eskimo mixes have a happy, calm personality and are good with kids, but they can get angry if they are mistreated or teased too much.

Because of this, families with kids younger than six should think about getting a different kind of dog. Chimos do best in quiet homes with lots of loving family members where they can live happily and get lots of cuddles.

They May Suffer From Separation anxiety

Chihuahua-American Eskimo mixes are a unique and sweet breed, but they do need a lot of love and care. Because these designer mixes can get anxious when they are alone, they are best for families or people who can spend more time with their pets than the average pet owner.

So before obtaining one of these great four-legged pals, prospective owners should carefully consider their lifestyle and how much time and effort they’re able to devote to their furry buddy.

Chimo Male vs Female

Chihuahua American Eskimo Mixes, both male and female are interesting because each breed has its unique qualities. Male Chimos tend to be a little bit bigger and heavier than females. But both sexes have the same lively attitudes.

If you’re seeking unconditional affection and dedication. Chihuahua American Eskimo Mixes males are the perfect companion pets because they have a reputation for being a little more devoted. Although they appreciate the company of people, they also enjoy playing on their own or with other household pets. Female dogs are frequently loving, high-energy lap dogs who pick up commands more quickly than male dogs, though they can need a bit more time to train.

Quick Breed Summary Table

Weight  8 to 30 lbs
Height 9 to 18 inches
Size medium-sized
Coat Type double coat
colors Grey, Tan, cream, white, fawn, black, and multicolored
Amount of Shedding high
Nose Black
Ears high-set ears
Temperament reserved, intelligent, and territorial
Life Expectancy 12 to 15 years
Hypoallergenic No
Intelligence Yes
Kid-Friendly No
New Owner Friendly need training
Activity level high
Breed Recognition None

Here is a Video of A Cute Alaskan Klee Kai puppy and American Eskimo chihuahua mix fighting over fox

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