Chinese Crested Chihuahua Mix- Chi Chi – Learn Evrything About This MixedBreed

Chinese Crested Chihuahua Mix dogs are very unique. If you didn’t know they were real dogs, you might think they were dolls because their skin is wrinkled and their bodies are almost totally hairless.

These Chihuahua-Chinese Crested mixes have expressive eyes, cute button noses, and easygoing personalities that make them great pets for experienced dog parents with older children.

ChiChis have almost no hair, and because of that, they need more care than other breeds because they can get skin problems.

All year long, they need to have clothes to protect them from sunburn, cold, and allergies.

Chi Chi History

The Chihuahua

Light brown chihuahua lying on couch. Pet. Home comfort. Cozy

Due to its small size and big personality, the Chihuahua is one of the most well-known and famous dog breeds in the world. Chihuahuas are a breed of dog that is active and brave, and they have a personality to match.

Even though they are small, they can be very protective of their family and friends and are very loyal in return. These little dogs are very loyal, but they do need a lot of attention and care, so they’re great for people who have time to give them.

The Chines Crested

The Chinese Crested dog is a rare special breed thanks to his unusual appearance. The most noticeable thing about Chinese Cresteds is that they have tufts of fur on their heads and tails, and their bodies can be spotted or in solid colors.

Aside from the pattern on their fur, these dogs are known for being gentle, loving pets. They have even been called “velcro dogs” because they like to stay close to their owners.

The Chi Chi Dog

In the late 1990s or early 2000s, some dog breeders chose to mix Chihuahuas with Chinese Crested dogs to make a new type of hybrid dog.

It was a great experiment. They mixed the fun-loving nature of Chihuahuas with the smooth, hairless texture of Chinese Crested dogs. The result was a dog that was distant but friendly, and pet owners who didn’t want their expensive dog rugs to get covered in fur loved it right away.

The A.K.C. does not accept the Chihuahua Chinese Crested.

Chi Chi Dog Appearance

Most Chinese Crested Chihuahua mixes weigh between 4 and 11 pounds and are 5 to 12 inches tall at the shoulder.

The Chi Chi dog is a strange-looking puppy that has a lot of traits from both of its parents. Its body is small and round, like a Chihuahua’s, and its legs are short, but its head has more of the curve that Chinese Cresteds are known for.

Its coat can have either fur or no hair, or both. You might even see dark spots on its body, like on a Dalmatian, or soft-colored spots all over.

Chi Chi Dog Temperament

The Chinese Crested Chihuahua Mix is a small dog that likes to play and hang out with people. Their friendly nature makes them a great match for people who like to have people over.

Overall, this mix breed tends to be calm and laid-back, but they do sometimes get very excited and play.

Chi Chi dogs need love and attention, so you’ll never be bored when you’re with them. They might even follow you around the house and demand hugs.

Chi Chi Dog Health State

Life expectancy for Chinese Crested Chihuahua Mixes normally ranges from 11 to 20 years.

Chi Chi dogs share some morphological and behavioral characteristics with their parent breeds, but they also share the same health problems.

We suggest that you talk to your dog’s breeder or vet about the health problems that your pet friends may be more likely to get.

Your dog’s owner will know about any health issues your puppy, whether it’s a mixed breed or not, might be prone to based on how healthy his or her parents are.

However, if none of these work, you could also use a DNA test on the dog. These are the Embark dog DNA tests that I’ve used on my two dogs. I like that this dog DNA test can tell me what type of dog it is and if it is healthy.


Increased pressure within the eye is referred to as glaucoma, and if it is not detected on time, it can harm the optic nerve and result in blindness. Regular visits to your veterinarian are necessary if you have a Chinese Crested Chihuahua mix to detect any glaucoma symptoms and enable timely treatment before it worsens.

Hip Dysplasia

Your Chinese Crested Chihuahua mix does not have to succumb to this painful joint condition! Regular exercise is a terrific method to assist your dog friend in managing this disease. Short walks might help them feel better and become more mobile. However, it’s crucial to keep an eye on them while they’re outside because vigorous exercise may make their problems worse. Additionally, be sure to give them a cozy place to relax away from dangerous floors and steep stairs!

Patellar Luxation

Depending on how severe it is, this ailment is characterized by a dislocation of the knee joint. Treatment options range from less serious operations that might be required if the problem persists to pain-management methods like physical therapy. Fortunately, there are several preventative measures you may take to keep your Chihuahua/Chinese Crested mix comfortable.

Chi Chi Dog Care

Grooming, exercise, Shedding Level, training, and food must all be taken into account when taking care of a Chinese Crested Chihuahua Mix.


Chinese Crested Chihuahua mixes are a rare and unusual breed that needs attentive training from the start. Without the correct instruction, a Chi Chi may have separation anxiety, which will make them challenging to control.

Start your training early, and during your teaching sessions, be sure to be consistent and clear to avoid this issue. Your Chihuahua Chinese Crested mix and you can develop a stronger bond by practicing commands in a friendly environment with plenty of rewards available. This will also increase the likelihood that you’ll be able to properly train your dog to the required behaviors.


The chore of maintaining the coat of a Chinese Crested Chihuahua Mix is pretty interesting. To start, brush the coat once a week to prevent hair shedding and keep it tidy.

Bathing shouldn’t be done more frequently than once a month because it can harm the coat. Use a specifically formulated detangling spray or conditioner while brushing and styling your dog’s hair to avoid matting.

Pay attention to any underlying conditions that may necessitate more regular grooming sessions, such as mange, mites, or allergies.

Finally, it’s crucial to understand that these mixes have extremely delicate skin around their eyes and muzzle. Use additional caution when brushing and combing these areas to prevent irritability!

Shedding Level

The answer to that query is greatly influenced by the proportion of each breed in the mix as well as the coat the Chi Chi dog has inherited.

The majority of Chihuahua and Chinese Crested hybrids have short hair and traditional Chihuahua coats, which significantly reduces the amount of fur that accumulates around the house. These mixed breeds are typically regarded as modest shedders in comparison to other breeds with denser and longer fur, while there may still be some minor shedding.

There are no hypoallergenic Chinese Crested Chihuahua breeds.


If their nutrition is not watched, Chinese Crested Chihuahua Mixes are prone to gaining weight. As a result, owners must give their dogs roughly one cup of food each day and do their best to avoid giving their dogs “puppy dog eyes” when they ask for more.


The ideal breed for an energetic individual is a Chinese Crested Chihuahua Mix!

For these energetic bundles to be truly happy and healthy, intense activity is necessary. They can maintain their physical fitness with the support of brisk walks and moments of active play. Despite their diminutive size, they have a lot of sass and enjoy running around or playing a competitive game of fetch.

This breed requires mental stimulation as well because they are prone to boredom. Playing hide-and-seek or teaching them a new trick can provide them with the stimulus and attention they require.

Is This Dog The Right Option For You?

Chi Chi Dog And Other Pets

Chihuahua-Chinese Although crested mixes are little, they have a strong enough personality to get along with other house pets of different sizes.

However, because Chi Chi dogs like to be the alphas of their pack rather than mixing with other animals, their genetic makeup, which is mostly Chihuahua, might not always agree with their newfound furry buddies. They can eventually learn to coexist happily with other pets if given enough time and care, despite their initial resistance.

Chi Chi Dog Doesn’t Get Along With Small Kids

Chi Chis make excellent friends, but due to their diminutive stature, they need special consideration when you play with them.

They function best when handled cautiously by adults or older children; otherwise, the Chihuahua Chinese Crested mix may suffer harm from excessively enthusiastic encounters.

In order to prevent harm to the Chinese Crested Chihuahua mix, shrewd owners will keep an eye on both kids and canines to make sure that everyone is having fun in a secure atmosphere. This breed enjoys playing, but they require responsible adults to keep them safe while they are having a good time.

Not A Good Choice For New Owners

Chinese Crested Chihuahua Mixes can be wonderful companions, but to realize their full potential, they need a knowledgeable dog owner.

These hybrids are friendly and lively, but if they do not receive enough exercise and care, they have the propensity to become high-energy and prone to separation anxiety.

Due to their intelligence and persistence, they may need more socialization than other breeds, and if you left them alone or neglect them, they can easily become bored and destructive.

A Chinese Crested Chihuahua mix can be the ideal companion for your home if you’re ready to invest the time and effort required to keep your animal both physically and mentally healthy.

Chi Chi Dog Male vs Female

If you live an active lifestyle, the fact that male Chihuahua Chinese Crested mixes require more activity than females may be a key consideration when picking one of either gender. Female Chi Chis can frequently develop a calmer disposition early in life, even if they still need a lot of stimulation.

Quick Breed Summary Table

Weight  4 to 11 lbs
Height 5 to 12 inches
Size Small
Coat Type Combination of fur, hairless, or both
colors Fawn, cream, white, black, and brown
Amount of Shedding Low
Nose Black
Ears Pointed
Temperament Clingy, loving, territorial, and loyal
Life Expectancy 11 to 20 years
Hypoallergenic No
Intelligence Yes
Kid-Friendly No
New Owner Friendly Suitable For Experienced dog owners
Activity level Moderate
Breed Recognition None

Here is a Video Of Elwood, a two-year-old Chinese Crested and Chihuahua mix, that has been crowned the world’s ugliest dog.


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