The Maltese chihuahua mix


The mix between the Maltese and chihuahua is called The Maltese or Malachi. This crossbreed is a caring and loving dog with a great character. Like his parents, The Malachi will need to be socialized early to get along with strangers, especially children, and other pets. These beautiful creatures don’t need a lot of exercise, which makes them good companions for some people.

It is pretty clear that this breed is new because it has been presented for the first time in 2000. Therefore, there isn’t a lot of information about this breed. In other words, all the available information about this breed is related to his parents.

Like chihuahuas, The Malachi may suffer from Napoleon Complex Canine known also as small dog syndrome. In which the dog thinks he is bigger than his true size. leading him to have the courage to attack other pets regardless of their size.

In this section we will cover :

  • The Malchi temperament
  • Things to know about the Malchi
  • Four additional facts about The Malchi and the parents

The Malchi Temperament

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As mentioned before this breed thinks that he is larger, but the real issue here is that he will always try to prove it to other pets even those that are larger than him. This confusion about his size is a heritage from his chihuahua parent. The Maltese chihuahua mix can make excellent alert dogs, they will bark at anything to let you know about their presence. The Malchi has loud-mouthed tendencies, which means that this dog is not a great option for people who don’t stand the noise. However, these dogs are loyal, energetic, and very happy.

The Malchi dogs don’t require a lot of exercise which makes them a great companion for celebrities and elderly people. This is why they are so popular.

Unlink other dogs, The Maltese chihuahua mix is stubborn. Which makes their training very hard and demands a lot of effort and consistency. But they are good at agility classes, which means that it is possible to train them.

Is This Dog a good Family dog?

Unfortunately, the Malchi is not a good option for families with kids. Because of his small size, The Malchi can’t get along with kids as there is the possibility to bite them. The dog may become aggressive when a kid tries to grab him at the ears or/and other body parts.

In addition, this dog has the tendency to bark a lot, especially at night when he hears noises of other pets, passengers, cars, bicycles, etc. Therefore, The Malchi is a better choice for those who are living in a quiet place.

Does this Dog coexist with other pets?

Even with his small size, this dog is dominant and he will always try to be the alpha dog. Also, his tendency to bark a lot makes him difficult to get along with other pets, especially cats. However, with the right training and socialization at an early age, there is a possibility to mix him with other animals. The Malchi can be better in a house with no other pets.

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Things to take into consideration When Owning a Malchi:

Malchi dog

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There are things you should know before buying a Malchi. This crossbreed is popular and fits families with no kids or elderly people. The Maltese chihuahua mix requires very little daily exercise. For more information read carefully the covered axes below.


The Malchi doesn’t need intense exercise. In fact, he will need 30 minutes of exercise on daily basis. You can choose between a walk for 30 minutes or indoor play. You don’t have to push him to do extra efforts, when the dog is tired you should stop.

Just like chihuahuas, this crossbreed craves attention and love. Once the exercise time is over, he will show happiness and joy while relaxing on your knee. As we said before these dogs are good at agility, but not all of them can be good at it. It depends on the energy level, and even some of them don’t appreciate this type of activity.

The Maltese Chihuahua Mix Training

It is crucial in order to avoid antisocial and/or unwanted behaviors like aggressiveness, housebreaking accidents, and barking at night. Training has physical and mental benefits for our puppy. Socialization of your puppy at an early age is very important.

Unfortenalay this crossbreed has the tendency to bark a lot, especially at other pets. Also, they can run away from strangers and new friends, especially children. For this reason, teaching your Maltchi puppy social skills and how to respond to other people will play an important role in shaping his future personality.


The Maltese chihuahua Mix doesn’t have a big amount of energy to expand because of its small size. For this reason, his dietary requirements are not expensive. However, you should buy high-quality food to guarantee that your little dog is receiving all the nutritional requirements he needs.

Overfeeding this crossbreed will lead to some health issues like back problems, and hypoglycemia. This is a small dog breed that requires few exercises, which means that they can gain weight easily when you overfeed him.


Being the parents of this crossbreed means that you have to be ready for extra care. Because the Malchi has higher maintenance requirements. His pure white coat makes him an easy prime to grass, staining from food, debris, and things with strong color. This is why you need to be vigilant when you are training him outside. Also, Regular baths are crucial in order to keep your dog clean. Ears will require systematic cleaning, however, you should dry them properly after cleaning to avoid infection.

The coat of the Maltese chihuahua mix needs to be brushed two or three times a week to keep the fur clean and soft.

The Malchi nails will also need special care. We know that this crossbreed doesn’t need a lot of exercise which means that his nails will stay strong. Consequently, you will need to cut his nails depending on how long they are. When you hair their nails clipping and scraping on the floor you have to cut them because this means that the nails are too long.

The Malchi Health and Conditions

Just like any other breed, The Maltese chihuahua mix can inherit some health concerns. We can divide them into two categories, the first category contain minor condition such as Glaucoma, Corneal dystrophy, and eye and ear infection. The second category contains serious conditions like Hemophilia, Retinal dysplasia, and Patellar luxation.

 The first category can be treated by a veterinarian easily, however, the second one will require close attention from your vet and systematic check-ups.

The Malchi Male vs Female

The only known difference between males and females of the Malchi breed is that males are a little larger in size than females. Except that there are no major differences.

Four additional facts about The Malchi And The Parents

The Maltese chihuahua mix


1. Your Malchi Will Bark

There are some bad chihuahua genes that will pass on to the Malchi breed. This is why your dog will certainly bark a lot. If you are surrounded by a lot of neighbors it is not advisable to buy a Malchi.

2. Maltese Were considered luxury goods

The Maltese breed is an old breed dog. Romans and Greeks used this dog breed as a luxury dog and a preferred subject of poetry and paintings. It was traded to wealthy families, especially women.

Because of it is status it was introduced to other people all around the world. In the late 19th century this dog breed was recognized in the USA. 

3. What’s the Price of Malchi Puppies?

Because breeders that can produce this crossbreed are not present in all areas the range of prices of this crossbreed is between $500 and $1,000 for a puppy.

4. Myths about chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are a very old dog breed, their history and where they come from are unknown, as there are a lot of hypotheses about this subject. In fact, In the past chihuahuas were believed to be spirit guides for the deceased on their journey to the afterlife. Also, they were believed to heal some diseases that affect humans.

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Final Thoughts

The Malchi is the result of mating a Chihuahua and Maltese. This new designer breed has the tendency to bark a lot and doesn’t require a lot of exercises. It is a great choice for the elderly and people who are leaving in a quiet area. Even with his small size, he can become a great alert dog.


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