chihuahua terrier mix- A Breed Complete Guide

it Chihuahua terrier mix puppies are petite, inquisitive, and usually playful; they are a devoted and affectionate breed. This breed, which is regarded as hybrid or mixed, is usually a cross between a standard Chihuahua and a fox, Jack Russell, Yorkshire, or rat terrier. Chihuahua terrier mixes come in a variety of features and looks since their parental lineage options are so varied.

You’ll learn more about this tiny, amiable breed from our article. We go over temperaments, basic characteristics, care requirements, and other important details below that you should be aware of before adopting one of these amazing dogs.

History Of The Chihuahua Terrier Mix


The Chihuahua

Because so many other breeds are frequently crossed with the ordinary Chihuahua to create this breed, the history of the Chihuahua terrier mix is more varied. The history of the Chihuahua breed itself dates back to the 1850s in Mexico; it is thought that the breed’s predecessors were the Olmec, Toltec, and Aztec Techichi. In 1904, the American Kennel Club approved the standard Chihuahua.

The Terrier

There are over thirty different types of terriers, but the most common terriers are the Jack Russell, fox, Yorkshire, and rat terriers. However, any terrier can be crossed with a Chihuahua to create a Chihuahua terrier hybrid. Although the histories of these breeds differ, they are primarily linked to the 19th-century necessity for hunting dogs. Not only are terriers becoming more and more popular as family and companion dog types, but they are also well-known for their prowess in the fields of hunting, digging, and capturing vermin on properties.

The Terrier chihuahua mix

Although the exact date of the first Chihuahua terrier mix’s creation is unknown, the breed has most likely existed since the 1900s. These days, the Chihuahua terrier mix is highly recognized for its diminutive stature, devoted nature, and status as an active pet.

Portrait of cute Yorkshire terrier dog on the sofa.

Chihuahua Terrier Mix Appearance

This pup has a wide range of appearances due to the numerous parentage possibilities of Chihuahua terrier mixes. This breed is typically petite, growing to a height of 10 to 28 inches. They normally weigh between six and twenty-five pounds, depending on the breeds of their parents.

Longer coats and wiry hairs are also possible, but short, straight coats are the typical feature of Chihuahua terrier mixes. A Chihuahua terrier mix’s most popular colors are tan, brown, black, and white. Additionally, they can have a single color, two colors, or three colors.

When you can, try to obtain a sense of the potential appearance of your Chihuahua terrier mix by observing how its parent dog breeds seem.


A hybrid of Chihuahua and terrier usually has a petite build, yet it can also be medium in size. Depending on the size of its parent breeds and general genetics, it will weigh between 6 and 25 pounds and stand between 10 and 28 inches.


While most mixtures of Chihuahuas and terriers have shorter, straight coats, some may have longer, wirier coats. It is significant to remember that your Chihuahua terrier mix will be less prone to shed a lot if their hair is more wiry.


Terrier Mixes can be many different colors. Most of the time, these dogs have white, black, brown, or tan fur. You can also get them in two or three colors.

Chihuahua Terrier Mix Temperament

Two cute little puppy dogs sitting on green grass and looking at the camera

Depending on the parent breeds, your Chihuahua terrier mix may have a different disposition. This kind of dog is typically clever and inquisitive, as well as enthusiastic, playful, and devoted. The obstinate streak that comes with having both the terrier and Chihuahua natures is commonly present in Chihuahua terrier hybrids. If they do not receive the essential care and socialization that all dog breeds require, they may become nervous or overly protective.

The intelligence of Chihuahua terrier mixes varies based on the breeds of their parents. Because of its prey drive and hunting instinct, the terrier breed is known for its loyalty and relative ease of training. It also tends to be a more intelligent dog. But remember that your mixed-breed dog may be obstinate and a slow learner, so be patient with them as they progress and gradually introduce increasingly difficult commands.

Chihuahua terrier types are friendly, but they tend to bond with just a few people and get along with everyone else in the house. Still, this dog will be just as content to curl up on the couch with you at the end of the day as it would be to play, walk, or even go hiking outside, based on their personality.

Chihuahua Terrier Mix Health

Chihuahua terrier mixes are no different from other little canines in that they often live longer than larger dogs. Depending on its genetic makeup and health conditions, this breed has a lifespan of 12 to 20 years. You can make sure your dog has the most comfortable and extended life possible by providing proper care and scheduling frequent veterinary visits.

We suggest that you talk to your dog’s breeder or vet about the health problems that your pet friends may be more likely to get.

Your dog’s owner will know about any health issues your puppy, whether it’s a mixed breed or not, might be prone to based on how healthy his or her parents are.

But if none of these work, you could also use a DNA test on the dog. I’ve used the Embark dog DNA test on my two dogs. I like that this DNA test for dogs can tell me what type they are and if they are healthy.

When the test results came back two weeks later, I was pleased to see that the breed ID results were very correct.

The health finding also helped me learn more about the health problems my two dogs are more likely to have and how I can better take care of them.

Like most dogs and mixed breeds, Chihuahua terrier mixes are prone to certain health conditions. These can be genetic conditions passed down from their parents or conditions that come with being a small breed. Health problems that your Chihuahua terrier mix might have include:

Patellar Luxation

Puppy chihuahua Terrier mix breeds are prone to patellar luxation, a condition where the kneecap pops out of position. Even though there may be pain involved, this sickness is typically not fatal and can be managed with medicine and surgery.


The most common characteristics of congenital hydrocephalus include a dome-shaped skull (also termed “water head” or “apple head”), a big fontanel (“soft spot”) on top of the skull, and eyes that appear to be looking downward (also known as the “setting sun sign”).

Tracheal Collapse

This is a concern for Chihuahua Terrier mixes as well as typical in small dogs like Chihuahuas. This occurs when the airway closes due to weakening of the cartilage surrounding the trachea. The majority of the time, medication is sufficient to treat tracheal collapse; but, in more serious cases, surgery can be required.

source: VCA Canada


Giving your dog the right care and taking them to the vet regularly will help keep them healthy and make sure that any health problems are caught early, possibly before they get worse or even kill the dog.

Chihuahua Terrier Mix Care

The Chihuahua-terrier mix isn’t the most difficult dog to take care of, but you will need to make sure they get enough exercise, training, cleaning, and food.

Mixes of Chihuahuas and Terriers need to go for two to three short walks and play for an hour every day. When your dog is by itself, they should have toys to keep them busy. But don’t leave them alone for too long, or they may get nervous and start to chew things.

Depending on the type of hair they have, your Chihuahua terrier mix may need to be brushed a few times a week. They may also need baths every so often to help with shedding. To keep their nails, ears, and hair in good shape, they may also need to be groomed by a professional once in a while.

They should eat high-quality dog food, and the amount they are given each day should be based on their size and the number of calories they need. Taking your dog to the vet on a daily basis is the best way to stay on top of his health and catch any problems before they get worse. Also, you might need to take your small breed dog to the vet regularly for cleanings because tooth loss can happen to them.


Your Chihuahua terrier mix’s coat type will tell you how often they need to be cleaned. To help with shedding, short, straight coats should be brushed once or twice a week. Longer, wiry coats may need to be brushed more often.

Professional grooming sessions are sometimes suggested to make sure your dog stays in great shape and feels their best.

Shedding Level

Your mixed-breed Chihuahua may shed. Mixed breeds with longer, straighter fur will shed more than those with scratchy fur. Short-haired dogs may also shed, and brushing them often can help keep the hair from getting all over the house.


You should feed your Chihuahua terrier mix high-quality wet or dry dog food and healthy treats on top of that. This type of dog is prone to weight gain, so make sure you feed your dog the right amount of food for their size and caloric needs. Your doctor can help you with this if you need more help.

You should give them two or three meals a day and make sure they move enough to stay healthy.


Depending on their nature and the breed of terrier they are, your Chihuahua terrier mix might be easy to train. Terrier breeds vary in how hard they are to train. Keep in mind that this type of dog is likely to be stubborn, so they will only learn when they want to. It will probably take a lot of patience, positive feedback, and lessons over and over again to train a Chihuahua terrier mix.

When you’re training your dog, never use anger, violence, or yelling. This will only make their behavior worse, ruin the training, and make them mad.

Is Chihuahua Terrier Mix The Right Choice For Me?

Take a moment to read through our short list of bullet points before you decide if the Chihuahua-terrier mix is the right dog for you. You can use these things to cut down the pros and cons of this breed and make a choice.

1. Are They Energetic Dogs?

The mix of Chihuahua and terrier is pretty active and loves to play outside with their family or toys. This breed is pretty busy, so they will need at least an hour of exercise every day and two to three 10- to 15-minute walks every day to make sure they get enough exercise. If you don’t give your dog enough exercise, they might get too much energy and act mean or harmful.

When you take your Chihuahua-terrier mix for walks, make sure they get to meet other dogs and that you watch them when they play off-leash in public places with fences, like dog parks.

2. Do Chihuahua Terrier Mixes Bark a Lot?

When it comes to barking, chihuahuas and terriers are both known for being good at it. You can expect your Chihuahua terrier mix to be pretty loud. They may bark when they are happy, playing, angry, trying to get your attention, or just seeing something strange outside. With the right training, you can stop your dog from barking too much, but keep in mind that this type of dog may always be quite loud.

3. Do They Bark A Lot Of?

When it comes to barking, chihuahuas and terriers are both known for being good at it. You can expect your Chihuahua terrier mix to be pretty loud. They may bark when they are happy, playing, angry, trying to get your attention, or just seeing something strange outside. With the right training, you can stop your dog from barking too much, but keep in mind that this type of dog may always be quite loud.

4. Are Chihuahua Terrier Mixes Good With Other Breeds?

It’s best for Chihuahua terrier types to be the only dog in the house, but they can be taught to get along with other pets. Unfortunately, this breed does not do well with dogs that are much bigger than it or that play rough, or are mean. The Chihuahua-terrier mix is small, so bigger dogs may scare or hurt it easily.

If you have other animals, small dogs or even cats are best. To make sure everyone is safe, make sure you properly socialize your dog and introduce new animals slowly, watching how both animals behave.

5. Are Chihuahua Terrier Mixes Aggressive?

Chihuahua terrier mixes can be naughty and have a strong desire to hunt, but they are usually not mean. If they feel attacked, they may bark and growl to protect you, and they may also lash out when they are stressed. But with the right care and teaching, you can stop these bad habits and calm down any very aggressive behavior your dog might have.

6. Are Chihuahua Terrier Mixes Good With Kids?

If you have young children, a Chihuahua terrier mix might not be the best pet for you. This breed of dog is on the smaller side, which makes them more likely to get hurt. They also like to be the only busy dog in the house. Because of this, they might not get along well with little kids and may growl bark, or nip at them.

Mixes of Chihuahuas and terriers usually do best in homes with only adults or older kids who know how to behave around small dogs.

7. Are Chihuahua Terrier Mixes Good For New Dog Owners?

Chihuahua terrier types are usually a good choice for first-time dog owners, even though they can be naughty and may take more time to train. Just remember that this breed needs a lot of exercise. You will need to socialize it properly and it will need a place where there aren’t any small children or other dogs that are too big for them. This breed is easy for new dog owners to fit into their lives.

Quick Breed Summary Table

Weight 6 to 25 lbs
Height 10 to 28 inches
Size small
Coat Type Long or short, smooth or wiry
colors white, black, brown, and tan. They can also be a solid color, bi-colored, or tri-colored
Amount of Shedding Average
Nose Black
Ears Pointed or floppy
Temperament Curious, loyal, playful, energetic, stubborn
Life Expectancy 12 to 1 years
Hypoallergenic No
Intelligence Average
Kid-Friendly No
New Owner Friendly yes
Activity level Average To High
Breed Recognition None


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