Toy Fox Terrier Chihuahua mix -Taco Terrier- A Breed Complete Guide

This new dog breed on the scene is a cross between the Fox Terrier and the Chihuahua, two of the most well-liked breeds now available. For those who desire a little bit of everything in a pet, the Taco Terrier is the ideal little but spirited canine companion.

This adorable Chihuahua mix is likely to delight, whether you’re seeking a devoted friend or an always-happy-to-see-you dog. Thus, why do you delay?

Taco Terrier History

The Chihuahua

Although numerous hypotheses exist regarding the origins of the Chihuahua dog, the most widely accepted one holds that the ancient Aztecs were their ancestors’ breeders. The Aztecs were well-known for their love of dogs and were a formidable empire that dominated a large portion of Mexico.

In actuality, the Aztecs frequently kept dogs as pets because they thought they had magical abilities. It’s thought that the original Mexican hairless dog breed, from which Chihuahuas originated, was delivered as gifts to the ruling class of Aztec culture.

The Fox Terrier

The original purpose of the Fox Terrier breed was fox hunting. Although the breed’s precise origins are unknown, it is believed to have started in England in the 1800s.

The Fox Terrier breed saw rapid growth in popularity among hunters after the first recorded birth in 1805. Another well-liked companion animal was the fox terrier, which Victorian gentlemen frequently kept in their homes.

The Taco Terrier

The Taco Terrier is a relatively young breed; its origins are thought to have occurred in the United States in the 1990s. The dog, as its name implies, is a crossbreed between the intelligent and devoted Fox Terrier and the smart Chihuahua.

Although the Taco Terrier’s original origins are uncertain, its lively and amiable nature has helped it gain popularity in recent years.

The A.K.C. does not accept mixes of Fox Terrier and Chihuahua.

Taco Terrier Appearance

Mixes of Chihuahua and Fox Terrier are little yet powerful, with a lot of muscle packed into their little bodies.

The Fox Terrier-Chihuahua hybrid usually weighs 10 to 15 pounds and has a shoulder height of 12 to 16 inches.

They have a short, sleek coat that is available in a variety of hues, such as tan, white, brown, and black.

Taco Terrier Temperament

Because of their intelligence and commitment, Terrier Fox Chihuahua mixes are considered to be ideal companion animals. They can, however, also be extremely protective of their owners, which occasionally results in aggressiveness.

It can also be difficult to train Chihuahua Fox Terrier mixes because of their rebellious nature. However, you can teach your pet obedience and etiquette if you are persistent and patient with them.

Toy Fox Terrier Chihuahua mix

Taco Terrier Health

The average lifespan of a Fox Terrier mixed with a Chihuahua is 13 to 15 years.

Chihuahua Fox Terrier mixes have many characteristics with their parent breeds, both in terms of appearance and disposition, but they also inherit similar health problems.

If you want to know what health problems your furry friends may be prone to, we recommend that you speak with your dog’s breeder or veterinarian.

Your dog’s breeder will be aware of any potential health issues that your puppy (mixed breed or not) is predisposed to depending on the health of his or her parents.

If none of these choices are available, you could also conduct a dog DNA test. I’ve utilized the Embark dog DNA test on two of my canine family members. I enjoy how this dog DNA test can identify breeds and detect health issues.

When the test results arrived two weeks later, I was pleasantly pleased by how exact the breed ID was.

Furthermore, the health detection allowed me to learn more about the health issues that my two dogs are prone to and how I may aid to better care for them.

Tracheal Collapse

A disorder that damages the windpipe called collapsing trachea is common in Chihuahua-Fox Terrier hybrids. A collapse of the trachea, a tube that transports air to and from the lungs, can make breathing difficult or even impossible. Coughing, gasping for air, and wheezing are common signs of a collapsed trachea.



While it can occur in any breed, hydrocephalus, sometimes known as “water on the brain,” is most frequently observed in mixes of Chihuahua and Fox Terrier. Dogs with hydrocephalus may exhibit different symptoms, but frequently, they include strange eye movements, convulsions, and walking in circles. The Taco Terrier may go blind or paralyzed in extreme circumstances.

Patellar Luxation

One of the many canine breeds that are known to experience luxating patella is Chihuahua Fox Terrier Mixes. Luxating patella, another name for this ailment, is when the kneecap pops out of its natural position. Arthritis may eventually result from this, which can also cause pain and stiffness.

Taco Terrier Care

You need to think about feeding, grooming, exercising, training, shedding frequency, and training when taking care of a mixed Chihuahua and Fox Terrier.

Shedding Level

It can seem impossible to locate a dog that won’t make your allergies worse for anyone who has to deal with them. A few breeds are well-known for being hypoallergenic, though. A well-liked option is the Chihuahua Fox Terrier hybrid.

Not only are these tiny puppies adorable, but they also don’t shed a lot. This is because, in contrast to most other dogs, they have single coats. They consequently generate less dander and are less prone to cause an allergic reaction.

Mixes of Chihuahua and Fox Terrier are not entirely hypoallergenic.


A few quick brushings a few times a week will suffice to keep the short, wiry coat of these lively pups of the Chihuahua Fox Terrier Mix breed in good condition. This breed is ideal for anyone looking for a low-maintenance canine companion.


The Chihuahua Fox Terrier combination is unquestionably the best option if you’re searching for a very athletic dog.

You’ll need to plan to take this little powerhouse on lots of walks and runs because it has a high energy level and enjoys exercise.

There are many ways to keep your Taco dog active, even in a small apartment; just make sure he has toys to play with indoors at all times. It is not advised to own this breed if you are unable to commit to regular exercise because of how energetic they are.


Being an intensely protective breed, Taco Terrier puppies should be socialized at a young age to avoid any problems down the road. Given their intense prey drive, they need to be appropriately trained from an early age to avoid exhibiting aggressive behavior toward other animals.

There are many benefits to having a Taco Terrier as a faithful friend, like their intelligence, devotion, and playful attitude, even though these socialization requirements may seem difficult.  the required actions to provide their pets with the right kind of socialization to guarantee that they fulfill their potential as family-friendly companions.


Being a petite breed, the Chihuahua Fox Terrier hybrid doesn’t need a lot of food.

Their daily dietary requirements are only about 1 cup or about 40 calories per pound of body weight.

Accordingly, a 10-pound mix of Chihuahua and Fox Terrier will only require about 400 calories a day. This implies that if you don’t overfeed them, you can also reduce their food bill. To keep them healthy, just make sure you give them enough of exercise and adhere to their suggested daily calorie intake.

Is Taco Terrier Care The Right Choice For Me?

Taco Terrier And Other Pets

Like most things in life, there is no definitive answer. Since each dog is unique, some may be more inclined than others to get along with other animals. Nevertheless, Chihuahua Fox Terriers are noted for being intensely devoted to their owners and may regard other animals as rivals for their care.

Additionally, animals that are significantly bigger or smaller than them could arouse their suspicions. Because of this, it’s crucial to carefully and gradually expose your Chihuahua Fox Terrier mix to other animals.

Not Good With Small Kids

However, the Chihuahua Fox Terrier Mix is not the ideal dog for a family with little children if you’re seeking a petite, lively dog.

This mix is not as tolerant of loud noises and roughhousing as some other breeds, even though it can be fairly lively. Toys and food can also be very precious to the Chihuahua Fox Terrier Mix, and they may not always be willing to share them with other family members.

It’s wise to think about getting a breed that can handle more movement and noise if you have little children.

Good Choice For Apartment Living

Many people believe that owning a yard is the only way to have a pet.

To them, owning a pet is the same as owning a sizable piece of land. While this might hold for certain species, it is surely not true for all of them. Particularly dogs can live quite happily in apartments as long as they receive lots of exercise.

And the Chihuahua Fox Terrier hybrid is among the greatest breeds for apartment living. These dogs are playful and enthusiastic, yet they are still small enough to fit in a small place. For those who don’t have much space but want a cuddly companion to come home to, they are ideal.

Taco Terrier Male vs Female

To begin with, Taco dogs tend to be more independent males than females. If you have a male puppy, you may need to prepare for a few mishaps as they tend to mark their territory with pee.

Females Conversely, fox terrier-chihuahua mixes are typically easier to train and more loving. Furthermore, although stubbornness is a trait shared by both sexes, Females tend to be less obstinate than males.

Quick Breed Summary Table

Weight 10 to 15 pounds
Height 12 – 16 inches
Size very small dog
Coat Type  short coat with no undercoat
colors Sable, Brown, White, Red, Blue, Brindle, Pied, Black, Fawn, and Cream
Amount of Shedding  They don’t shed much
Nose black
Ears Pointed ears
Temperament Very stubborn by nature
Life Expectancy 3 – 15 years
Hypoallergenic No
Intelligence Yes
Kid-Friendly They need training
New Owner Friendly No
Activity level very active
Breed Recognition Yes


Here is a video of a cute happy Taco Terrier dog. Enjoy!


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