German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix


German Shepherd and chihuahua are totally two different dog breeds. On the one hand, a German Shepherd is known as a working dog perfect for police and the military. On the other hand, chihuahuas are tiny dogs recognized by their tough personalities. Some celebrities use them for fashion status purposes.

We can never predict the temperament of a German Shepherd Chihuahua mix puppies. Based on data we have about their parents. Some of These pups will be nice, loyal, and loving. While others could be cautious, nervous, and with big character.

You might be thinking about breeding these two different dogs. Yes, it is impossible and it may be necessary to use artificial insemination in order for this to happen.

Curious to know more about this crossbreed? stay tuned.

The Origin of German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix

There is no information about the first apparition of this crossbreed. The timing and origin are unknown. This is considered a new breed. People call Them German Shepherd Chihuahua mix because of their parents: German Shepherds and chihuahuas.

German Shepherds and chihuahua facts

Before we start talking about the German Shepherd chihuahua mix, let’s take a look at the parents. Some quick facts about them that will help us understand very well this crossbreed.

The German Shepherd

Germa shepherd dog

source: pexels

The German Shepherd dogs (GSD) have their origin in 1895, in Germany, bred by captain von Stephanitz. They have the tendency to be loyal and obedient.

They are athletic and smart. We can use them in many fields. As mentioned before these dogs are working dogs and we can find them in the military, in the police force, in big houses, as guide dogs, and as Sheep Herding Breed.


a man holds 3 long haired chihuahua

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Chihuahuas are becoming popular more and more around the world.

There are different debates about their origin. Until now chihuahuas’ origin is unknown, but we believe they come from Mexico. They are the symbol of this country. This tiny breed has a huge impact on breeding other small dogs. 

This breed is known for little dog syndrome, they are brave regardless of their size. They are fearless when they feel that they are in danger. A lot of people prefer chihuahuas, especially celebrities. 

The appearance of the German Shepherd Chihuahua mix

German Shepherd Chihuahua mix puppy

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You can never predict what your German Shepherd chihuahua mix puppy will look like. However, This crossbreed may take a shape that is between the German Shepherd breed and chihuahua. 

German Shepherd Chihuahua mix ears are straight and large. His body is strong and fits his height. Also, he has an apple head shape, with small dark eyes that are obvious.

This crossbreed has long and athletic legs. With a medium-sized tail, shaped like an arch.

The size of the German Shepherd chihuahua mix

 A German Shepherd chihuahua mix is considered small-to-medium in size. In general, these doggies can weigh 8-60 pounds and 7-45 inches in height.

A german shepherd chihuahua mix will look larger than his counterpart. This dog will fit life inside an apartment and will require a lot of exercises.

They can be suitable for small spaces.

The size of the German Shepherd chihuahua mix coat

The coat length and color of a German shepherd chihuahua mix are related to the genes of his parent. But, in general, this crossbreed has black/brown short hair. Just like his German shepherd parent.

However, these doggies can also have long hair if one of their chihuahua parents has longer fur.

The German Shepherd chihuahua personality

This crossbreed can get along with children and strangers. Because they are very cautious and protective. This means that they are suitable for the elderly and families without kids.

Concerning the coexistence of this dog with other pets, it is possible if you introduce them to him at an early age.

Remember even an aggressive dog can become a loving family pet with the proper socialization.

It is pretty clear that both parents tend to bark a lot at anything, they make great watchdogs. For this reason, you have to expect your crossbreed to be vocal too.

Also, a German Shepherd Chihuahua mix may have a prey drive. This is why you should always pay close attention when you are walking at the park, or when you are introducing the dog to other animals.

Just like his chihuahua parent, a German Shepherd chihuahua mix craves attention. Therefore, it is possible for these doggies to suffer from separation anxiety.

Start training your dog at an early age to make it easy for him to understand commands and to prevent unwanted behaviors to happen such as barking at night, housebreaking accidents, etc.


Using German shepherds in the military is strong proof that they are very smart. In addition, chihuahuas are also intelligent. As consequence, the German Shepherd chihuahua mix will be so smart and obedient. However, you may face some cases when your crossbreed is stubborn. Being persistent and using treats can help you train your dog even on the most complicated tasks.

You should put in mind potty training is not easy for this dog. Because of his medium-size and tiny bladders, this crossbreed will need to go more frequently to the bathroom.

Even so, you should never tolerate your dog potty in your home. Always control your dog and whenever he starts doing his business anywhere in your home take him immediately outside.

Things to Know When you are the parent of a German Shepherd chihuahua Mix:

german shepherd chihuahua mix

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If your work doesn’t allow you to be there for your dog, this dog is not for you. This mixed breed dog will need extensive and regular training.

You should always keep in mind that the ambient temperature can have a negative impact on your mixed dog. Whether it is hot or cold. You have always to keep your dog in a warm place.


These dogs are strong and energetic. This is why they will need daily activities for at least 30 minutes per day including walks and playing. 

You should know that these doggies will never show any sign of slowing down when it comes to playing and walking. They like long walks, hikes, playing frisbee, etc. However, you have to avoid intense work especially when you are still young. Because they are known to get elbow dysplasia as a common health issue.

You can Start long walks and intense exercise after the age of two years.

German Shepherd chihuahua mix diet

To avoid health issues related to the dog’s diet such as hypoglycemia and obesity, you have to be careful about your dog’s calorie intake. In other words, pay attention to the frequency of treats and always choose treats that are leaner.

In addition, you should always provide high-quality food to your dog ana that fit the dog’s age. Because there is food dedicated to puppies, juniors, adults,s, and seniors. Every age has its nutrient formulas. For example, seniors will need food that contains Omega 3 Fatty, puppies will need food that contains calcium to help their growth. Etc.

There are some foods that are extremely dangerous to your dogs such as onions, chocolate, garlic, apple seeds, and alcohol. If you are in doubt about any food you have to ask your veterinarian.

German Shepherd chihuahua mix grooming

Due to Their short hair, these dogs will need to be brushed once per week using a Slicker brush, and the task will be easy. Because there won’t be tangles. Brushing your dog’s hair will certainly help remove debris and other dirt.

Concerning bathing, you have to avoid doing it on a high frequency. Bathe your dog when the smell is bad or when he is dirty. Also, pay attention, the water should never enter his ears. And never use human shampoo and conditioner. Instead, use those that are special for dogs.

Cutting his nails is crucial, just like with any other dog using a Nail grinder

German Shepherd chihuahua mix Common health problems

There are some health issues you should expect when you are the owner of a German Shepherd chihuahua mix including: 

This health problem occurs when the elbow joint is not connecting properly to the socket. It may cause huge pain to the dog. When you notice symptoms of this such as pain localized in this place you should take your dog to the vet. The latter will perform an X-ray test to diagnose the condition.

This health issue is common in German Shepherds, the german shepherd chihuahua mix can be prone to this condition too.

Hip dysplasia is like Elbow Dysplasia, it happens when the hip bone is not fitting into the socket. For this reason, it is necessary to avoid intense exercise when the dog is young.

Symptoms of this condition are pain and limping. When you notice them, take your dog to the vet.

  • Obesity

Chihuahuas tend to suffer from this problem when their diet is not controlled and there is a lack of exercise. There this mixed dog can also suffer from some weight issues.

To avoid this health problem you have to avoid overfeeding your dog. The dog must know the timing of his meals. Also, high-quality food is required, it must be natural and low-fat

Other Health issues

This condition is common in mall breeds, it is the buildup of fluid in the brain. This issue is considered a serious health problem that can lead to brain damage and even death. Mild cases could be treated.

When your dog suffers from Hydrocephalus he will display various symptoms such as dementia, loss of coordination, domed skull, learning difficulty, blindness, comas, etc. When you notice any of these signs you should take your dog immediately to your veterinarian.

This condition affects puppies, they are born with it. This is why you have to buy your mixed puppy from a reputable breeder. 

This neurological disorder is common in all dogs. The treatment of this health issue depends directly on its diagnosis and its severity. 

If you think that your dog suffers from this condition, you have to control his behaviors and how long they last and record him if it is possible. Then take him to your vet and give him what you have noticed because it will help him greatly in the diagnosis.

This issue occurs when there is a blood clot that prevents blood flow to the brain. The symptoms are various such as intense pain, accidents, the inclination of the head, etc.  

 When you notice any strange behavior take your dog to the vet.

  • Cancer

This issue is very common among German shepherds, a lot of them die because of this issue.

German Shepherd chihuahua mix health issues Prevention?

You should remember that these dogs have one of the longest lifespans, they tend to live anywhere from 9-20 years. So, in order to keep your dog healthy and happy, you have to Be extra proactive in preventing the diseases that we have discussed.

 Firstly, you should buy your mixed puppy from a reputable who conducts health screenings on all parent dogs. Secondly, you should follow a healthy diet and activities on a daily basis. Then, Regular checkups at the vet are very important.

Additional facts about the German shepherd chihuahua mix

german shepherd chihuahua

source: google images

The price and breeders

The price range is $800 – $3000. Always try to buy your puppy from breeders, especially those with a good reputation. Avoid purchasing your puppy from stores.

Adopting a Chihuahua and German Shepherd mix

Time and effort are required if you want to adopt a chihuahua German shepherd mix. Because it is not easy to find a rescue dedicated to this crossbreed.  It is advisable to do your own research.

Male vs Female

Unforetnalty there is any information that can help u to differentiate between a male and female of this crossbreed. Because the parents are hugely different in size, temperament, and character.

Quick Breed Summary

Breed Characteristics
Size: 7-26 inches
Weight: 8-60 pounds
Lifespan: 11 – 16 years
Coat: Short, smooth
Color: lack, brown/black
Do They Shed: Not much
Temperament: Loving, loyal, and playful, Easy to train, Distrusting of strangers
Intelligence: intelligent
Socialization: They don’t get along with kids, strangers, and other pets
Alternative names: Chihuahua German Shepherd mix
People Skills: Tend to love only one person
origin Unknown
suitable for Apartments, families, As a companion, and experienced dog owners

Final Thoughts

The final truth about this crossbreed is that this breed is still new and there is still so much to know about it. However, depending on the data we have the German Shepherd chihuahua mix could be a loyal, loving companion for the elderly, singles, and families without kids.

Adopting this new breed will need a special approach because of unknown outcomes such as temperament, size, and more. 

If you are already adopting a German Shepherd Chihuahua, would you tell us something about the breed in the comment section?

Here is a video of a German Shepherd chihuahua mix playing with her toy. Enjoy!


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