Great Dane Chihuahua mix dog

In this article, we are going to deep dive into the most unlikely combinations imaginable. The breed of dog that mixes the chihuahua with the Great Dane. However, is it possible to do it? What is its name?

Yes, this combination has been done. And, the name of this breed is The Great Mexican dog or ChI-Dane-Dane. Keep reading to know all you need about this breed that will perplex you for sure.

In this section we will cover :

  • Insights about chihuahua
  • Insights about Great Dane
  • The possibility to have a mix between a Great Dane and a Chihuahua, and how to do it
  • The shape of the Great Dane Chihuahua mix
  • The temperament of Chi-Dane-Danes
  • How to take care of Chi-Dane-Danes?
  • The lifespan of Chi-Dane-Danes?
  • Quick Breed Summary


Chi-Dane-Dane is a mix between Chihuahua and Great Dane. Concerning the age of this new breed, there isn’t enough proof or documentation on when and where they were exactly designed.

But, we will talk about each parent to get some insights into their hybrid offspring.

The chihuahua


source: pexels

According to AKC American Kennel Club, the chihuahua is considered the smallest dog breed.

Even with their small size, chihuahuas have an outgoing character. They are lovely companions who crave love and attention. Also, they can make good watchdogs.

Despite their small stature, they feel like they are larger dogs, known as Napoleon Complex or Small Dog Syndrome.

These little creatures are often referred to as being either “deer head” or “apple head,” depending on the shape of the skull. Also, they can have long hair or short hair. 

They are known for their upright and large ears, with expressive eyes. They weigh 3.5 to 7.5 pounds(2 to 3 kg) and stand around 6 to 10 inches(15 to 25 cm).

The massive Great Dane

Great Danes are very large dogs, they are big enough to scare you. However, even with their massive shape, they are very patient, friendly dogs.

Thanks to their great character, their nicknames are “The Gentle Giant” or “The Apollo of Dogs”

Great Danes have existed since the 1600s. Germans bred them for many reasons such as to protect their properties, and for hunting bears, deers and boars.

They can weigh 100 to 175 pounds (45 to 79 kg) and have a height of 28 to 34 cm inches (71 to 86 cm).

Great Danes are very elegant, excellent companions. But, they can’t trust strangers very fast.

Here is a video of a chihuahua and Great Dane playing together to see the dramatic difference in size between the two breeds 

The possibility to have a mix between a Great Dane and a Chihuahua, and how to do it

It is possible to make this task. However, the big difference in size is a great obstacle for breeders to deliver a healthy Great Dane Chihuahua mix dog.

Methods of breeding the Chihuahua Great Dane mix and difficulties

The natural breeding process is definitely impossible and unethical. Trying to do so means doing animal abuse. We can even imagine a Great Dane mounting a chihuahua female.

In addition, a small chihuahua female definitely will not make it. Because carrying large puppies is out of the question.

You might be wondering about reversing the gender, it is not possible because the chihuahua male can’t reach the Female of the Great Dane to mate.

What about artificial insemination (AI)?

Artificial Insemination is a method used to avoid natural forms of reproduction, chiefly for crossbreeds. It may seem an easy and great way to make this task possible but is it not and it is very expensive.

Some breeders tried this method to create the Great Dane chihuahua mix. The insemination of a chihuahua female artificially was successful, but being pregnant and giving birth to large puppies became a big obstacle.

There were a lot of issues while trying this method by breeders. Firstly, even if the c section, was successfully performed the mother and her pups usually die. Secondly, the fetus was growing too fast while they are still underdeveloped. Thirdly, even for those rare chihuahua females that survived, nursing their large puppies was an impossible task. This means that breeders had to hand-feed them.

Finally, the puppies that survived can face some genetic mutation issues.

The Origin Of The Great Dane Chihuahua Mix Dog

Great Dane Chihuahua mix dog

source: Pinterest

You might be asking about where is the Chi-Dane-Dane from. The answer to this question, like many crossbreeds no one knows exactly its origin. The date and location at which this crossbreed was first bred are unknown.

As we mentioned before the dramatic size between Chihuahua and Great Dane will never allow mating in a traditional sense. Therefore, breeders used artificial insemination to create Great Dane Chihuahua Mix. This process is very expensive and unsafe for chihuahua females. This is why it requires expert breeders.

In addition, the success of this process is very rare because a small chihuahua female can not carry the Great Dane Puppy to full term. Also, the fetus grows too large and very fast putting the chihuahua mother at high risk, the majority won’t make it.

Chi-Dane-Danes that exist today are all the result of artificial insemination.

The shape of the Great Dane Chihuahua mix

You might be thinking about what a Great Dane Chihuahua mix looks like. In fact, healthy Great Dane chihuahuas who were able to fully grow have large heads structured like the greyhound. Also, their shape looks like Dachshunds because of their short legs and large body.

Concerning their coat and color, they can have the same type and shade as their parents. They can have long hair only when their chihuahua parent is long-haired.

The size of a healthy full-grown Great Dane chihuahua miss

Because of the huge size difference between the chihuahua and The Great Dane, it is hard to foretell the designer dog’s weight and height. However, the size of the crossbreed is generally twice the size of a chihuahua but it doesn’t reach the size of a Great Dane. 

This crossbreed is a great choice for people living in Appartements.

The temperament of Chi-Dane-Danes

Great Dane Chihuahua mix dog

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Chihuahua and Great Dane have great qualities such as loyalty, showing love, etc. This means that the designer dogs will inherit these great qualities. Chi-Dane-Danes are friendly and affectionate.

However, we should not forget the aggressiveness of chihuahuas. In other words, Chi-Dane-Danes will not hesitate to be fearless and ferocious when they feel that their owner is not safe. This means that Chi-Dane-Danes can be a great watchdog.

In addition, because of their genes, they can get Small Dog Syndrome, and they are ready to do whatever it takes to protect their human friends.

These crossbreeds are very strong due to the Great Dane genes they inherit. Therefore, the owner should socialize them at an early age to avoid any unwanted behavior.

Here are some of the possible Chi-Dane-Dane traits :

  • Loyal
  • Lively
  • Aggressive
  • Intelligent
  • Friendly
  • Reserved
  • Loving
  • Gentle
  • Confident
  • Affectionate
  • Sociable
  • Courageous

Great Dane Chihuahua Mix Dog Breed Health status

What you should take into consideration is that this crossbreed is very rare and the information about its health status is dangerously low. This is why breeders will forcefully rely on the parents’ health issues they know to introduce the Chi-Dane-Dane health issues.

Here are some health issues about Great Dane :

The Chihuahua Health issues:

How to take care of Chi-Dane-Danes?

This crossbreed doesn’t need a lot of care and maintenance. Because both parents are mild shedders and require few exercises.

Great Dane Chihuahua Mix Breed Exercise And Training

Chi-Dane-Danes are considered a low-energy dog breed. Great Danes are very large but they have the tendency to be lazy. On the other side, chihuahuas are very energetic, but their small size controls the amount of exercise they should practice.

Socialization of The Great Dane chihuahua mix when they are still puppies is an excellent idea. Start introducing them to people and other pets will reduce the chances of having an aggressive dog. 

To keep this mixed breed healthy and happy, you only need a quick run around the house. Finding the right toys for this crossbreed is a must. As they stop them from getting bored and help to release any pent-up energy. 

Thanks to the genes they inherit from their parent, this crossbreed can be very strong. Therefore you should consider buying high-quality indestructible toys.

Great Dane Chihuahua Mix Breed Diet

Concerning the diet you should follow, it depends on the weight, age, activity level, and health status of your Chi-Dane-Danes. However, it is advisable to feed them dry kibbles and joint supplements.

In addition, just like any other breed, you have to avoid overfeeding this crossbreed to avoid health issues like obesity, and back problems.

Cleaning and Grooming

Great Dane Chihuahua mix is very easy to clean and groom. Fortunately for you, you will need only to brush their hair every other day and bathe them when needed. Without forgetting the other basics like brushing their teeth, trimming their nails, cleaning their ears, etc.

Wellness check-ups

In order to prevent any bad surprises, and as mentioned previously great chihuahua mixes don’t have a list of identified health problems, you have to regularly bring your dog to the vet to perform some health tests like ophthalmologist evaluation, thyroid, and cardiac exam. 

Furthermore, vaccination is a must to make the dog less susceptible to some diseases.

The lifespan of Chi-Dane-Danes?

As mentioned previously and Like any other breed, there are some diseases that this crossbreed may encounter such as elbow and hip and hip dysplasia, Hypoglycemia, Restitutory Problems, Cardiovascular disease, Teeth and mouth problems, Gum disease, and Hydrocephalus.

Also, Chi-Dane-Danes can inherit some health issues from their parents.

Regular check-ups, proper care, and vaccinations are enough for your Chi-Dane-Dane to enjoy a lifespan like its parents’ life expectancy.

The great Dane can live from 7 to 10 years, while The chihuahua can live 12 to 20 years.

How to Find a Healthy Chi-Dane-Dane?

Finding a Great Dane Chihuahua mix in the market or shelter is extremely impossible. This dog is very rare.

For this reason, you have only one method to find a Chi-Dane-Dane puppy, which is to buy from a breeder. Firstly, you have to find a reputable breeder who had already a litter of Chi-Dane-Danes. Secondly, you have to ask the breeder when another batch of puppies will be available.

You should be so patient because it is not an easy task to find a reputable breeder who specializes in this dog.

Quick Breed Summary

Breed Characteristics
Size: Varies dramatically. Usually a “medium-sized” dog of 28” – 34” (71 to 86 cm)
Weight: 100 – 170 Lbs (45 – 77 kg)
Lifespan: Unknown
Coat: Short, smooth
Color: Black, white, gray, brown, mottled
Do They Shed: Not much and not often
Temperament: Loving, loyal, eager to cuddle
Intelligence: Very intelligent
Socialization: Doesn’t have an interest in strangers
Alternative names: Chi-Dane, Great Mexican Dog
People Skills: Protective of their family members
origin Unknown
Activity Levels: Can do just fine with a couple of walks a day or 20-30 mins of exercise.


Last word

until now pictures and videos of Chi-Dane-Dane are rare. Because a lot of breeders prefer not trying to create them due to many difficulties and high costs associated with the process. Also, Dog experts know very little about Chi-Dane-Danes because they are few.


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