Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix

The Rottweiler Chihuahua mix dog breed is very special and distinctive because he carries the genes of two dogs with unique characteristics. Also, He includes the combination of two courageous, loyal, smart, and confident dog breeds. The difference in size makes it very difficult to predict the size of the offspring.

You might be thinking about adopting a Rottweiler chihuahua mix, or you are already a proud owner of this beautiful pet. The first step toward a healthy relationship with your pet is to understand your pet’s makeup to make it easy for you to take care of him. This section is a comprehensive guide on the rottweiler chihuahua mix.

Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix History

The rottweiler chihuahua mix at the park


In recent years, mixed breeds have become increasingly popular, it is becoming a trend. Nowadays, There are a lot of mixes that are famous such as The Maltese chihuahua mix, the Great Dane chihuahua mix, etc. However, the History or the day when these breeds were first mixed is still unknown, Including The rottweiler chihuahua mix.

There is little Information about this crossbreed because there is no record of his history. However, we can get some insight into his character by looking at his parents’ personalities.

 The process of mating two different purebred dog breeds is fraught with debate because the results are not guaranteed. Some people believe that they do not make good pets as the results are unpredictable. On the other hand, some prefer hybrids to purebreds because they think that they are better thanks to the approach known as hybrid vigor.

Characteristics of Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix

rotteweiler chihuahua mix staring at owner


In order to understand the characteristics of the Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix, we should take a look at their parents. Because the crossbreeds always inherit many of their parent’s genes. This is why we will talk about the characteristics of each parent.


long-haired chihuahua in snow

They are considered the smallest dogs in the world, they contain two varieties, the long-haired chihuahuas and short-haired chihuahuas(called also smooth-haired). Based on the AKC standard, the height of a chihuahua is between 5 to 8 inches and the weight should never exceed 6 lbs.

Chihuahuas are small with big personalities, they show never any fear when they feel that their parents are at risk. Also, they are cute and loyal. Celebrities prefer them because they are charming and portable, they can carry them easily in bags. They have erect ears, and expressive eyes and their coats come in many different colors. They have one of the longest lifespans, they can live 12 to 20 years.

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rottweiler and his owner

source: pexels

Rottweilers are big and very strong dogs. They are full of energy. While The weight of a male rottweiler is between 95-135 pounds and his height is between 24-27 inches. The weight of the female is between 80-100 pounds and can be between 22-25 inches tall.

Their terrifying look and strong body make them good guard dogs. They are powerful, brave, faithful, and obedient. Even with their frightening look, they can live among families and you can depend on them to be loyal and protective.

Their life expectancy is between 9 to 10 years. Some breeders train them to be guide dogs for blind people because they are very protective.

It is pretty clear that this purebred is fearless and very strong. However, with the right training and socialization at an early age, a rottweiler could be loyal, and calm.

The Temperament of My Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix 

rottweiler chihuahua mix lying on a bed


In order to predict the temperament of this mix, the first step is to know which gene is dominant. In fact, The pet’s character depends on the genes of the parent breed.

The huge difference in personality and temperament between Rottweiler and chihuahua makes knowing the temperament of the offspring difficult and unpredictable. The shape of the mixed dog can be a medium-sized dog with a terrifying look and erect ears.

Following a strict training routine when this mixed dog is still a puppy will result in having a friendly and loyal dog for sure.

Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix Care

As mentioned before With the sharp contrast in the parent breed’s genes you should be ready to take good care of your pet. Here are some axes you can base on to take care of your Rottweiler chihuahua mix:


The amount and type of exercise you should follow are related to the dominant gene. When the Rottweiler gene is dominant, you can go for long walks, or go hiking. Also, you can engage your dog in some dog sports. This way you will exercise the dog’s strong arms and muscles. In brief, like any other dog breed the Rottweiler chihuahua mix dog needs exercises on a daily basis to help better his physical and mental health.


Starting training dogs when they are still puppies is the best option. At this early age, you can teach them the basics such as “come”, “sit”, and “go” commands. The Rottweiler chihuahua mixes can learn and adapt very fast, thanks to the genes they inherit. Because It is pretty clear that Rottweilers and chihuahuas are very smart.

Following the reward technic while teaching your dog command is recommended. Always, reward your dog by giving him a treat after carrying out a task.


Like any other dog breed, you should pay a close eye to your Rottweiler chihuahua mix diet. You should control the pet’s calorie intake. You should remember that chihuahuas are prone to weight issues when their diet is not controlled by the owner.

A convenient plan for your pet’s food and treats is a must. Depending on their sizes and age, you should feed them high-quality home or commercially made dog food. In addition, if you think to feed them human food you have to seek your vet’s advice before doing so.

Meals must be rich in protein to help build and repair the body tissues and muscles. Also, they must include vitamins and minerals. To avoid overweight issues, Don’t feed your pet food or treats with much fat. The commercial food label must say clearly it all-natural.


Like any other breed, the Rottweiler chihuahua mix needs grooming is a serious concern. You have to take care of your pet regularly.

  1. Bathing: Bathing your dog at least once per month is a must to avoid bad odors and to make him healthy and adorable.
  2. Cleaning teeth and trimming nails: Cleaning teeth once per day is good as it will protect your dog against tooth and gum diseases. On the other hand, trimming his nails is unavoidable.
  3. Brushing: In order to keep their coat clean and adorable you have to brush your pet’s coat, especially for the long-haired dog. 

Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix Health Concerns

rotteweiler chihuahua mix face


As a rule, Before buying any mixed breed, you should always ask the breeder to provide you with a certification for the health screening of the crossbreed’s parent. This way you will know if your pet does or doesn’t hold any genetic defects transmitted by his parents.

It is crystal clear that both breeds are vulnerable to different health issues. These problems can be the result of their genetic makeup, diet, age, or accidents. So what are these issues?

Chihuahua Health issues

Collapsed Trachea

When this issue occurs, your chihuahua will display some symptoms such as being weaker than before, Breathing difficulties, honking coughing, and refusing to do exercises. This health concern happens when the Trachear Cartilage becomes fragile, the rapid inhalation of air leads the trachea to be crushed.

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Kneecap Dislocation

Called also patella luxation, like any small dog breed, chihuahuas are prone to this health issue. It is a knee injury that occurs when the patella is not aligned with the hip. This may lead to walking dysfunction, the chihuahua may limp or lose his walking ability.


All toy dogs have the tendency to get this health issue. It happens when the level of blood sugar becomes very low. If you don’t pay attention this condition can lead to fatal results.

Heart Murmur

This issue is not a big concern for your chihuahua as it is harmless. However, it can lead to more serious underlying cardiovascular disorders if left untreated.

Tooth and Gum Disease

You can prevent tooth and gum disease by following a strict daily routine of brushing and cleaning your chihuahua’s teeth. You should remember that chihuahuas are easily prone to dental issues. Because the formation of tartar is the result of food, saliva, and bacteria that are trapped in the gum line.


This condition can lead to brain death, because of the accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain that causes the intracranial pressure.

Pulmonary Stenosis

The deformation of pulmonary valves leads to abnormal blood flow through the heart. Therefore, to make extra workload, the heart is obliged to work harder to pump out the blood. This disease is considered a congenital disorder.

Rottweiler Health Issues

Elbow Dysplasia

In this condition, there are some abnormalities in the formation of the elbow joints because of osteochondrosis, fragmentation, and more. This health issue is becoming popular and a lot of dog breeds suffer from it.

Subaortic Stenosis

Subaortic Stenosis is the result of the difficulty in pumping out the blood flow caused by the narrowed aorta of the heart. Firstly, it starts as a mild heart murmur and later progresses to a deadly stage.

Hip Dysplasia

This condition is popular among larger dogs. It happens when ligaments become fragile as a result there is a loss of connection between the thigh bone and the socket of the pelvic bone. Obesity and intense exercises always make the situation worse. This is why you should control your dog’s calorie intake and avoid intense exercise especially when the dog is getting older.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

PRA is a disorder of the retina which causes the loss of vision in dogs. This condition is considered inherited. PRA is gradual, firstly it starts with night blindness then when cataracts form the dog loses completely the vision.

Von Willebrand’s Disease

It refers to an inherited bleeding disorder, in which there is the loss of the clotting function of the blood caused by the lack or insufficient quantity of the protein that is in charge of blood clotting.


Hyperthyroidism is the result of the under-secretion of the thyroid gland, causing the deficiency of thyroid hormones. When this condition occurs there are a lot of results on display such as being vulnerable, coat changes, and weight issues.

Is the Rottweiler chihuahua mix a good option for families?

rottweiler chihuahua mix with a leash at park


Both dog breeds have good qualities such as loyalty, courage, and fearless when it comes to protecting their parents. Chihuahuas crave love and attention, as well as Rottweiler. Rotthuahua is no exception.

However, when the Rotthauhua inherits most of his traits from the chihuahua parent there will be some issues at play. In this situation, it is difficult for your pet to get along with kids. As you may know, chihuahuas have fragile bones, this is why they can get injured or get hurt easily by kids. Also, they hate to be touched by their ears.

Following proper training and socialization, the Rottweiler chihuahua mix can make an excellent family pet.

Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix Puppy Price and Breeders

There are a lot of factors that play a crucial role in defining the price of the Rottweiler chihuahua mix puppy such as The breeder’s reputation, location, and timing. However, the prices will range from $1000 to $1500.

Instead of buying a puppy, you can adopt a rottweiler chihuahua mix. This way you will reduce the number of suffering dogs in shelters and provide him the love and family he deserves.

Final Thoughts For “Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix Dog Breed Guide”

Now that you are well equipped with information about this crossbreed you can answer the question ” is a Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix Right for me”

 This medium-sized dog is often calm, smart, and affectionate with an interesting lifespan expectancy. However, he is fragile and prone to various genetic health issues as declared earlier.

In brief, if you decided to adopt this crossbreed you have to well plan everything, from his diet to exercise and grooming. And be ready to spend an interesting time with them.

Here is a video of a baby Rottweiler chihuahua mix playing with her owner, obviously this is a good crossbreed.


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