Pitbull Chihuahua Mix- A Complete Guide

The Pitbull chihuahua mix is the result of mating a chihuahua with a Pitbull. This crossbreed is called Pihuahua, chihuahua Pitbulls, or Chipit. The Pitbull chihuahua mix is very rare and it is hard to find it in markets or shelters. As you all know Pitbulls and chihuahuas have two common traits. They share high energy levels and a high sense of loyalty.

Furthermore, this crossbreed is ready to do everything to protect his owner. This exceptional dog is energetic, loyal, and loves to play. However, The Pitbull chihuahua mix requires a lot of training. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about these dogs from their appearance, temperament, training, health concerns, and caring.

The Pitbull chihuahua Appearance

Pitbull chihuahua mix puppy lying on the grass

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The size and appearance of this crossbreed are hard to predict. Because like all crossbreeds, the dog can have any of her parents’ physical characteristics. The dog will be something between a chihuahua and Pitbull, but never a toy dog. So, if you are looking for a small dog the result of this mating is not right for you.

A Pitbull chihuahua mix can weigh between 15 and 35 pounds (6.5-16 kg) and her tall is between 15 and 20 inches  (38-50 cm).

It is pretty clear that a chihuahua can be long-haired or short-haired. So when both parents are short-haired, you will definitely get a baby with short hair. However, when the chihuahua parent is long-haired, then probably the puppy can inherit this trait.

In the matter of colors, your puppy’s coat color can have any of the following colors or one of their combination :

  • Tan
  • Chocolate
  • White
  • Golden
  • Gray
  • Black
  • brown

The Pitbull chihuahua temperament

The face of a Pitbull chihuahua mix

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Just like her parent, a Pitbull chihuahua mix is very active. She likes running and playing all day, so you have to be ready to deal with this high level of activities. Also, this crossbreed’s emotional intelligence is high as they can feel the sadness, and happiness of her parents. These dogs can do anything in order to protect their owners.

Chihuahuas have the tendency to be aggressive toward strangers and other pets. Therefore, a Pitbull chihuahua mix can inherit this trait and can at any time attack a human or another pet. So, it is highly advised to teach your puppy the necessary social skills.

It is crystal clear that Pitbulls have immense strength. They use their physical strength when they are playing. Obviously, a Pitbull chihuahua mix can inherit this trait. This means that this crossbreed can hurt easily other dogs or children intentionally. It is strongly recommended that the dog must obey orders and know the rules.

A Pitbull chihuahua mix has energy, strength, and loyalty. These three qualities can make this crossbreed a great guard dog for a house or a farm. If you let this dog inactive for a long period of time the dog may display unwanted behaviors such as chewing shoes, ruining your sofa, etc.

Chihuahua Pitbull Mix Grooming

white and tan Pitbull chihuahua mix

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As mentioned earlier your dog can have long hair or short hair. So, when the dog has short hair, it means that your dog will not demand a lot of maintenance. In other words, the dog will require brushing twice a week. However, when the Pitbull chihuahua mix inherited a long hair coat, the dog will need to be brushed four times a week.  Brushing is so important for any dog as it helps them take off any debris, avoid tangles, and prevent shedding.

Bathing should be done twice a month to keep the coat and skin healthy. You should never use shampoos and conditioners dedicated to humans. Nails clipping is also important, you can cut them when you notice that they are long. But, It is preferable to cut them once a month. Chihuahuas are known to have dental and gum issues, for this reason, you should clean their teeth on a daily basis. In addition, you should never forget to clean your Pitbull chihuahua mix ears especially if he has floppy ears. 

Pitbull chihuahua mix Diet

Every dog needs to have a stable diet to maintain his health and good shape and appearance. Your dog’s appearance reflects how you feed him. And it tells people if you are providing him with high-quality food or worst dry dog food.

The quantity of food you have to give our dog depends on his size. In our case, The Pitbull chihuahua mix is a medium dog or a small dog. It depends on the gene which is dominant. It is suitable to feed these dogs with the best dry dog food for small dogs. Due to the vast nutritional needs differences between small and large dogs. It is necessary not to provide large breed dry dog food brands.

When the pitbull chihuahua mix is a puppy, you have to give her 1 and ½ cups of the top puppy food brands. As we said before, the quantity of food is related to the size of the dog. So, after a few months, you will notice if your dog is a small or a medium dog. If he is smaller, then 2 cups are enough. If the dog’s size is medium, then 2 and ½ on a daily basis is good.

When your Pitbull chihuahua mix is becoming a senior dog, you to provide him the best senior dry food. As it may help him to prevent joint and bone pain.

The Pitbulls chihuahua mixes will need a dry food that has vitamins, and necessary nutrients regardless of its brand. If you are confused about the balance of nutrients in the dog’s body, you have to seek your vet’s advice.

Pitbull Chihuahua Mix Breed Exercises

The face of a golden Pitbull chihuahua mix

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The pitbull chihuahua mix is a very lively dog. This crossbreed love running and playing with ball or frisbee. Even if these dogs are very active, they still need your daily assistance to get regular exercise. A Pitbull chihuahua mix is suitable for people who love jogging or running in the park. 

Playing with your dog has various benefits such as improving the mental health of your dog, strengthening the bond between you and your furry friend, and preventing your dog from becoming bored. A bored dog may show bad behaviors such as being aggressive.

Here are some exercises you should try with your Pitbull chihuahua mix:

  • Fetch– These exercises can be done inside or outside the house. Train your dog to bring items that will help him to listen to you and obey your commands. Also, the dog will learn the value of your items. In addition, this exercise will help you to obtain your dog’s attention and focus.
  • Tracking– This type of exercise is not suitable for this crossbreed, but you can give it a try. Tracking is normal for any dog, but it varies from dog to dog.
  • Running– Running is very crucial for dogs. It helps them to strengthen their muscles and improve their endurance.
  • Groupe Games– you can initiate any game with other dogs including, agility, running, or mental tests. This way you will help your dog to develop his social skills and physical strength.
  • New Tricks– This kind of exercise must be done when your dog is still a puppy. Commands like “come”, “sit”, “lay down”, and “shake hands” are so important for your puppy. These are the initial tricks that your puppy must learn, then you can start complex commands.

Pitbull Chihuahua Mix Training

Pitbull Chihuahua Mix Training

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These crossbreeds will inherit two things that can make their training an impossible task, especially for inexperienced dog owners. They can be sassy like their chihuahua parent and have a short attention span like their Pitbull parents. The Pitbull chihuahua puppy might be smart but with his stubbornness and lack of focus it is hard to train him. You will want to seek professional help if you notice that your dog never listens.

 Here are some tips that can help you train your Pitbull chihuahua mix puppy:

  • It is highly recommended to start training your Pitbull chihuahua puppy at a very young age. Preferably between 8 and 12 months. During this period your dog will have the ability to learn new things easily and develops his value system. Also, at this age, the dog will learn to know whether an action is right or wrong.
  • Set rules. In the dog’s world, there is only one pack leader and it should be you. You have to teach your dog that he is not allowed to do whatever he wants. You have to set rules inside your house the dog must know when to eat, when to play, where to eat, where to play, when to sleep, etc.  These are basic rules that your dog must know and respect.
  • Reward good behavior. You should use positive reinforcement when you are training your Pitbull chihuahua mix. Never reward bad behavior such as barking at night. When you give your dog a trait after a good job the dog will automatically remember it and will do the same with any reward.
  • Dedicate a special area for your dog to get some rest. Whether it is a crate or a dog house, your Pitbull chihuahua mix will need a private place in your house. The household members should be aware of it and never go to it when the dog is there.
  • Socialization– try to introduce your Pitbull chihuahua mix to other people and pets. Put in mind that your dog can inherit small dog syndrome from his chihuahua parent. This is why teaching social skills are very important.

Pitbull Chihuahua Mix Health Issues

two Pitbull chihuahua mix dogs

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This crossbreed is new and rare, so there is a lack of data about their probable health concerns. However, Pitbull chihuahua mixes can inherit some of their parent’s health issues. Here is a list of mutual health issues with this crossbreed :

  • Morela – Chihuahuas tend to have this issue when they are born. It is a hole in the skull of the newborn puppy as the skull is not fully formed yet. Since he is a mix a Pitbull chihuahua mix can inherit this condition.
  • Patellar Luxation –This condition is common among chihuahuas and Pitbulls. It refers to the dislocation of Kneecaps. The mixed breed might have this issue too.
  • Pregnancy issues – Due to the size difference between a chihuahua and a Pitbull, the female chihuahua may have fatal health issues during delivery. This is why this crossbreed is rare.
  • Hip Dysplasia – This condition is common among a lot of dog breeds including chihuahuas and Pitbulls. It occurs when the dog’s hip is popping out. Because of this health issue The dog may suffer from paralysis or unbearable pain.
  • hypoglycemia
  • Heart issues
  • Asthma
  • Shivering
  • Allergies

These health issues can be limited or avoided if you follow a correct diet and systematic checkups. The Medical insurance for your mixed breed will be anywhere between $200 and $700 a year. It depends on the package you’re choosing. 

Pros and cons of having a Pitbull chihuahua mix

If you are willing to adopt a Pitbull chihuahua mix here are some pros and cons you should take into consideration: 


  1. The personality traits of the dog are unpredictable. Chihuahuas are sassy, and courageous and will do everything to protect their owners. On the other hand, Pitbulls are strong with a short attention span. So, it is hard to know the temperament of your mixed breed. However, strict training can help your dog to be obedient and gentle.
  2. The dog’s growth is unpredictable. Mating between a medium dog and a small one makes predicting the size of their puppies hard. 
  3. A Pitbull chihuahua mix can show destructive behavior when he is bored. Being very energetic means the need for a lot of activities. When the dog is confined inside the house for a long time the dog will get bored and consequently he will chew furniture or shoes. This mixed breed will need a lot of exercises to realize his pent-up energy. 

Pros :

  1. Kind and elegant. Chihuahua Pitbull mix can understand easily your feelings. Whether you are happy or sad, the dog will certainly share that feeling with you. They will do their best to make you happy.
  2. They are Protective. This crossbreed will show big character when it comes to protecting their human parents. They are suitable for people who are looking for guard dogs. The owner should be very careful when strangers try to pet his Pitbull chihuahua mix.
  3. Suitable for the active lifestyle. Pitbull chihuahua mix can be great companions for people who like to be active. These dogs love long runs. They are the best motivation source for healthy activities, as they will always encourage you to start running.

The price of owning a Pitbull Chihuahua Mix?

black and white pitbull chihuahua puppy

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The price of a Pitbull chihuahua mix puppy is anything between $300-$700 from reputable breeders.

Also, you have to expect to add other items such as a crate, collar, and leash, shipping, and neutering which will cost around  $430 to $500.

Then, as mentioned previously there are medical insurance costs to consider, coming from $200 to $700 yearly.

Finally, there are additional costs including license, professional grooming, and training. The price will range from $430 to $700 each year.

Here are the places where you can buy a Pitbull chihuahua mix puppy

If you are willing to adopt a Pitbull chihuahua mix puppy, you can check these places:

Quick Breed Summary Table

Weight 15 to 45 lbs
Height 12 to 18 inches at shoulders
Size Small or medium (unpredictable)
Coat Type Short Coated or long 
Coat Color Various colors. It could also be a combination of the breed parents’ markings
Amount of Shedding Moderate
Nose Dark
Ears Erect or Floppy 
Temperament Sassy, playful, energetic, and don’t get along with strangers
Life Expectancy 10 to 13 years
Hypoallergenic Yes
Intelligence Not very intelligent, short attention span is at play
Kid-Friendly Yes, but if the mixed dog inherits the Pitbull gene
New Owner Friendly Yes, and no it depends on the dominant gene
Activity level Very active
Breed Recognition No

Last word

The Pitbull chihuahua mix is a great choice for people who can afford a lot of time for their dog. The dog will certainly enjoy playing and running with you. Also, as long as you train your Pitbull chihuahua mix there is nothing to worry about. They can live in apartments and small houses.

Here is a video of a cute Pitbull chihuahua mix named Roxi


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