Husky Chihuahua Mix-A Complete Guide


This is so far one of the weirdest and most remarkable breeds for many reasons. The difference in size between a chihuahua and a Husky makes mating these two breeds impossible. Mating them doesn’t occur naturally, breeders follow the IVF technic to get a husky chihuahua mix.

In general, it is difficult to predict the look and personality of a crossbreed. When it comes to the Husky chihuahua mix. The difference in size, temperament, and other characteristics makes it challenging to tell what a Husky chihuahua mix will look like. People call this mixed-breed Hukyhauhua or husky-chi.

Having more details about parents may help the owner to get some ideas about the chihuahua Husky mix puppy. Above all, these two breeds are totally different and have different characteristics and lifestyles.


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There are various debates about Chihuahua dog history and where this tiny dog comes from. However, chihuahuas have been around for a long time ago. They are the national symbol of Mexico. Due to their tiny size, these dogs were bred to be lap dogs or companion dogs. Chihuahuas are known to have great personalities even with their minuscule size. Next, they are very energetic, which makes them full of life.


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On the other side, The Siberian Husky was bred as a working dog. They used to work in the cold tribes of Siberia. It is reported that these dogs played a very crucial role in saving a tribe called Chukchi. Concerning the look of the husky, none can deny that these dogs have majestic looks with their fluffy fur, amazing blue eyes, and their special color. They like to spend their time playing as they have a lot of energy to realize.

You might be very curious right now about the traits of a Husky chihuahua mix puppy. In fact, You might finish up enjoying the company of a medium-sized dog, a dominant small one, or a small talkative dog who inherits this trait from his husky dad or mom.

Chihuahua Husky Mix Appearance, Personality, and Traits

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As mentioned previously, It is difficult to predict the shape and character of a chihuahua husky mix because this is a very rare crossbreed. Like any other mixed breed, a chihuahua husky mix can have an excellent combination of both parents’ traits or will show only specific traits of one of his parents.

Because there is an important size difference between a chihuahua and a husky, the size of a chihuahua husk mix will mainly be small or medium. The height will be somewhere between 5 and 20 inches. 

When it comes to the coat, obviously husky dogs have thick, double-layered coats. On the other side, chihuahuas have short coats that lay flat or long coats. Therefore, your chihuahua husky mix will likely have a smooth coat that is short or medium.

Certainly, your chihuahua husky mix puppy will inherit different traits from his/her parents. You should keep in mind that the husky is a very energetic, outgoing, and friendly dog. Meanwhile, chihuahuas are sassy, and with great personalities. For this reason, your dog will be aggressive and will need a strict training routine to enjoy his company in the future. Otherwise, there is a potential that your crossbreed will be friendly and nice.

The Husky dog has the tendency to run away if you don’t pay attention the dog will leave your house. Their powerful legs make this mission easy. However, a chihuahua husky mix puppy won’t mostly have the power as his/her husky parent. But, you should keep close eyes on your dog to make sure he is safe.

Husky chihuahua mix Grooming

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The grooming routine and requirements of this crossbreed will be conditional on the type of his/her coat. However, based on some owners’ experiences a husky chihuahua mix will likely possess mid-length hair. This means that there will inevitably be some shedding, but will never reach the amount that pure-bred husky shed. with that in mind, having a high-quality vacuum is a must to keep your house clean.

Whether our dog has a long or smooth coat. Grooming your chihuahua husky mix two to three times on a weekly basis is very crucial. This routine will help your dog minimize hair fall, and retain the coat and skin healthily and shiny.

You should bathe your husky chihuahua mix only when he needs it when he is unclean. Keep in mind that recurrent baths have bad effects on your dog. In other words, it will dry out the dog’s skin and will lead to the loss of hair natural oils.
Concerning ears, you have to check them regularly to make sure that they are clean, and that there is no debris inside them. Also, you should dry them to control any infection. Nails should be trimmed frequently, and if you are not an experienced dog owner you have to ask a professional groomer to do it.

Husky Chihuahua Mix Food Requirements

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Note that dietary needs depend on the dog’s size, health status, and metabolism. This means, that being the parent of a dog, means that you have to take your time to find the proper dog food and supplement for your furry friend.

Based on your experience you will certainly notice that your chihuahua husky mix prefers certain food over others. You will determine this fact through some mixings, matchings, and even errors. However, you should feed your husky chihuahua mix with high-quality dry dog food. Choose a brand whose ingredients contains real meat and minimal additive or grains.

The weight issue nowadays is the main problem among pets espcially dogs. Note that any additional weight means that your dog may be prone to some health concerns including elbow and hip dysplasia, back problems, and joint problems. Husky chihuahua mix’s parents are known to suffer from one of these problems. However, there are some supplements that can help keep your dogs healthy such as fish oil, chondroitin, and glucosamine.

There are various dog food brands out there that you can try to choose the proper dog food for your husky chihuahua mix. 

The best dog food brands that exist are Wellness Core Dog Food, Dog For Dog Food, or Nutra Thrive dog food supplement. Also, keep in mind that food requirements are proportional to the dog’s age. In other words, a puppy’s food requirement is different from a senior’s food requirement. To make the final decision, you can seek your veterinarian’s advice.

Husky Chihuahua Mix Exercise

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Like all dog breeds, a husky chihuahua mix needs regular exercise. Owners should integrate training with activities.

This dog will only need regular walks or an hour of exercise every day, as it doesn’t have all the power of a Siberian Husky. You can let your dog run and play in a fenced backyard, or an enclosed area.

When you notice that your Husky chihuahua mix has an apple head shape like a chihuahua. Then you should avoid intense exercise because this type is susceptible to Brachycephaly. This condition is a disability caused by the shape of the dog’s skull and the short muzzle. Unfortunately, this condition is the cause of snoring, breathing difficulties, pain, and other respiratory diseases.

In addition, Avoid walks or exercise during hot days, because husky chihuahua mixes are sensitive to heat. 

Choosing suitable toys for this crossbreed will help him and you in many ways. They will prevent destructive behaviors, and bored, and they are ideal for the physical and mental health of your dog. Also, they will keep your dog entertained when you are not at home.

Chihuahua Husky Mix Training

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It is crucial that this crossbreed goes through socialization training and learn some obedience tricks. Huskies and chihuahuas are smart. However, both dogs were bred for various purposes in the past. This means that it can appear in your husky chihuahua mix’s behaviors.

Although husky chihuahua mix’s parents were bred for different purposes, they can share some traits. However, there are some traits that are unique to each dog. Chihuahuas are sassy and independent, while huskies tend to do all it takes to please their parents.

Socialization at an early age and obedience training will guarantee that you will enjoy the company of a good boy and well-adjusted dog.

Here are some tips that can help you accomplish the training:

  • Avoid distractions. During training sessions, You have to eliminate any source of distraction. Choose carefully a place that’s free from distractions. Put away items such as toys and other things that can trigger the attention of your dog. Also, put the dog on a leash to keep him safe and to avoid any sudden movement such as chasing a cat or squirrel.
  • Positive reinforcement. This type of training will lead to great results according to dog experts. For this reason, it is better to encourage your dog by giving him praises, and traits than using punishment and scolding.
  • Daily routine establishment. Just Like humans, a healthy daily routine will lead to good results. So, establishing a daily routine for your dog will make it easy for him to learn quickly. For instance, schedule an exact time for going potty area, and another one for little play. This way your will learn and do things automatically. 
  • Introduce your dog to various experiences. Make sure to introduce your husky chihuahua mix to different situations, people, and pets. But, you have to make sure that your furry friend will get a positive experience, not a bad one. This way your dog will be familiar with those situations and will always remember them as positive experiences. For example, when you are introducing your dog to a kid, you have to tell the kid not to use harsh play with him or to grab him tightly, to avoid scaring the dog.
  • Consistency. All the household members should use the same commands, encourage good behavior, and discourage the bad ones. This way your dog won’t be confused. This way your husk chihuahua mix will learn quickly what is good, and what is bad, and the basic commands such as “come”, “satay”, “go”, and so on.

Husky Chihuahua mix Health concerns

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This crossbreed is known to be prone to some health issues because of its genes. But, by following a proper diet, care, and systematic veterinarian’s visit, you can prevent them and let your dog live a happy life.

If you are not able to deal with inherited health problems in your husky chihuahua mix puppy. Then you have to buy your husky chihuahua mix from a reputable breeder. As he/she will be able to give you guarantees when it comes to your puppy’s health. Also, they can provide you with the medical history of your puppy’s parents. Doing so will help you to avoid any surprises and additional veterinarian bills in the future.

According to experts and experienced breeders, crossbreeds such as husky chihuahua mix are healthier than their parents. Crossbreeding is not a science that can add some value to the gene pool. In other words, we can’t claim that crossbreeding will prevent genetic issues from being passed down to the offspring.

Here are some health concerns that the husky chihuahua mix may get :

Is a husky chihuahua mix the right option for a family?

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The answer is yes, this crossbreed can make a good family pet. But, it is the right option for experienced dog owners who can deal with their stubbornness and aggressiveness. Also, it is suitable for families with older children, since they have the ability to understand how to handle this dog. In addition, if there are small kids in your family, a husky chihuahua mix can’t get along with them. Their nose and harsh play can provoke the dog leading to unwanted scenes such as snapping and biting.

If you are a person who is very active, then this dog is not good for you. Since the husky chihuahua mix is not a working dog like the husky or German shepherd. 30 minutes to an hour of walking on a daily basis is enough for this dog.

Having a yard is ideal for a husky chihuahua mix, this way the dog will have enough space to run around. But, this crossbreed can also survive living in a small apartment.

Enjoying the companionship of this dog will require regular exercise, a healthy diet, socialization, training, and regular veterinarian checkups. Thus you will get a smart, loving dog. The well-adjusted dog will bring you joy and happiness. 

The Pros And Cons Of Owning A Husky Chihuahua Mix

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The Pros

  • A unique rare dog. This crossbreed is extremely rare, it is the result of an unexpected combination of two totally different dogs. A husky chihuahua mix has a stunning special look, that makes it easy to set it apart from other dogs.
  • Longer life expectancy. You will certainly enjoy the companion of this unique pet for more than a decade, especially if the dog is living a healthy lifestyle. The dog can live more than 12 years.
  • Smart and sassy. A chihuahua husky mix is a combination of two great dogs. You will get a dog with the intelligence,  courage, and loyalty of a chihuahua and the fun, playfulness, and lovable personality of a husky. The dog will never let you get bored.

The Cons

  • Unexpected health concerns. You should note that this crossbreed is rare and new. Thus none knows for sure what genetic issues this dog can inherit. Especially, as the parents are prone to various conditions.
  • Can’t get along with small kids. There is a possibility that this dog may inherit this trait from his/her chihuahua mom or dad. So, there is no guarantee that a husky chihuahua mix will react well to small children and other pets.
  • Aggressiveness. This dog may develop a tendency to be aggressive toward strangers and pets. Chihuahuas are popular and some owners claim that those who are not well socialized can show aggressive behaviors such as snapping, barking, and biting. A husky chihuahua mix can display this habit.

Quick Breed Summary Table

Weight 7 to 15 lbs, but it depends on what parent breed is dominant
Height  6 to 15 inches tall, but it also depends on the dominant gene
Size Small to medium
Coat Type Short to medium
colors black, white, grey, tan, or their combination
Amount of Shedding Low to medium depending on the dominant gene
Nose Dark
Ears Erect
Temperament active, stubborn, Sassy, playful, energetic, and may show some aggressiveness.
Life Expectancy 12 to 16 years
Hypoallergenic No
Intelligence Not very intelligent, they need time to be trained
Kid-Friendly No
New Owner Friendly Yes
Activity level Very active
Breed Recognition None

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