Brussels Griffon Chihuahua Mix -Chussel- A Complete Breed Guide

The Chussel is the right puppy for you if you want a dog with a lot of stamina and a lively spirit. This mix of a Brussels Griffon and a Chihuahua may be small, but it has a lot of energy. With wiry hair and short muzzle, they look a little like Ewoks from Star Wars. They are just as funny and cute as any other animals.

Even though they might look cute, Chihuahua Brussels Griffon mixes are very bossy and will not put up with owners who aren’t committed.

Even if your dog doesn’t need much cleaning, a dog this active would need more than just occasional attention.

Chussel history

The Brussels Griffon 

Portrait of a Brussels Griffon dog breed on a park bench. Funny angry muzzle of a dog with shaggy hair.

The Brussels Griffon is an easy-to-recognize friend because it has a face that looks both playful and charming. Griffon Bruxellois dogs come from Belgium. They are friendly and loyal, and they love to be around their owners.

They can also be very watchful and good guard dogs, using their big personalities to scare away people who don’t belong in your home.

This breed does best with people who understand that they are independent but still like to be around other people. They also need a lot of chances to run around and explore their surroundings at their own pace.

The Chihuahua

portrait of a cute purebred chihuahua in a training of agility

The Chihuahua is known for its unique head shape, which looks like an apple, and for its unique attitude. Its love and loyalty go far beyond its small size. It is a faithful friend who loves nothing more than to cuddle up with its owner. Even though it’s small, don’t be fooled by how cute this puppy is—they can be quite a problem!

They are smart, alert, brave, and eager to please. It might take them a while to get to know new people, but once they do, they are loyal friends for life. Chihuahuas are always fun to watch, and they make great additions to many homes.

The Chussel

In the 1990s, Americans started getting the cute Chussel, which is a mix of a Brussels Griffon and a Chihuahua. These loving, furry balls of joy have the attitude of a Chihuahua and the spirit of a Brussels Griffon. They are a great addition to any home.

Their loving owners call them “little clowns” because they are funny and make people laugh. They are also gentle enough to calm even the most tense nerves.

The AKC does not accept the Chihuahua-Brussels Griffon mix.

Chussel Appearance

Chihuahua-Brussels Griffon mixes usually weigh between 6 and 12 pounds and stand between 7 and 9 inches tall. If you don’t have a lot of room for a big cuddly family member, a Chihuahua-Brussels Griffon mix is a great small friend.

Chussels may have a wide, flat muzzle more reminiscent to the Brussels Griffon, or they may have a little rounder face shape that we commonly identify with a Chihuahua, depending on which parent they take after.

The Brussels Griffon Chihuahua mix is a real head-turner. It has a short snout and that famous underbite. It also has unique facial hair along its chin, which makes it look even cuter.

The amount of Chihuahua and Brussels Griffon in Chussels makes their fur look very different. Most coats are stiff and a little rough, and the face has a lot of feathering and fringe. If there are more short-haired Chihuahuas in the mix, you won’t get as much of this fluffy face fringe. However, all Chussels have a beautiful double coat that is thick and shiny.

Chussel Temperament

The Chussel is a friendly, active pet that can sometimes act like he doesn’t care. He is known for being full of energy, and his strong will can make him harder to train than some other breeds.

With regular training and socialization, the Chihuahua Brussels Griffon mix can make a great pet for any family. At first, he might be wary of new people and places, but it doesn’t take much to win his trust.

He will get used to being around new people and places when he takes obedience classes. This will also help him improve his social skills.

Even though they are playful, they make great watchdogs because they will bark at anyone who comes to your door without being asked.

Chussel Health

The average lifespan of Brussels Griffon Chihuahua Mixes is 12 to 15 years.

Chussels may have some of their parent breeds’ physical characteristics and behavioral tendencies, but they also get those breeds’ medical issues.

Consult your dog’s progenitor or a veterinarian if you wish to learn about the health concerns to which your canine companions may be predisposed.

Breeders are aware of any potential health issues that may affect your dog, whether it is a hybrid breed or not, due to the conditions of its parents.

Even if none of the aforementioned alternatives are feasible, a canine DNA test could be utilized. I have personally utilized the Embark dog DNA test on two members of my canine family. I appreciate that this DNA test for canines can detect health issues and identify the breed.

Upon receiving the test results two weeks later, I was delightfully taken aback by the remarkable accuracy of the breed identification results.

In addition, the health detection enabled me to gain a better understanding of the health problems to which my two canines are susceptible and how I can assist in their care.

Patellar Luxation

This painful condition affects the kneecap and causes it to move out of place. It is usually caused by the way the leg bones are built or by a stressful event.

Some light cases can be treated with the right kind of exercise, while more severe ones may need surgery to relieve pain and get joint movement back.

Hip dysplasia

When this happens, the hip joint doesn’t fit or move right. It can be painful and often needs surgery to fix. Even if the surgery goes well, your Brussels Griffon-Chihuahua mix may still feel pain or have less movement, so pet owners need to keep an eye on them.

Depending on how bad the problem is, their vet may tell them to limit how much they move or give them supplements to help with the pain.

Tracheal Collapse

This means that their lungs can get blocked, which can make it hard for them to breathe, make them cough dryly, and in some cases even make them pass out.

Even though the disease might not always need medical help, if your Chihuahua-Brussels Griffon mix is showing any of these signs, you should call your vet right away.

Chussel Care

Grooming, exercise, training, and food must all be taken into account when taking care of a Brussels Griffon Chihuahua Mix.


If you want to add a Chihuahua-Brussels Griffon mix to your family, you should know that you’ll have to do a lot of training.

Chussels have a lot of energy and need to learn how to handle it and set limits. It can be hard, and a first-time dog owner shouldn’t take it lightly. If you’re just getting started with dogs, it’s best to find one that’s easier to take care of.

The good news is that training your Chihuahua-Brussels Griffon mix should go smoothly if you are patient and persistent. Don’t forget: steady and slow wins the race!

If you put in the extra work from the beginning, you can look forward to all the benefits of having such a smart, fun-loving friend.


Chussels are great if you want a dog that doesn’t need much care.

If their fur is short, all you have to do to take care of it is brush it a few times a month with a slicker brush. The long-haired Chihuahua gene can make their fur longer, but this isn’t hard to take care of either. Just brush their coat once a week, and it will stay healthy and shiny.

Mixes of Brussels Griffons and Chihuahuas are great for people who don’t have the time or energy to clean their dogs a lot.


You must strike a balance between giving them the right amount of food and avoiding overfeeding them when it comes to nutrients. Due to their diminutive size compared to other dog breeds, Chihuahua-Brussels griffon hybrids don’t require nearly as much food. As a general guideline, give them around 1 cup of food every day, spread out across two or three meals.

Additionally, you must be mindful of the food your Chihuahua/Brussels Griffon mix is fed. Even though they can eat most kinds of dog food, it’s important to choose one that’s made for small breeds. As a result, they will receive all the nutrition they require.


Being a pet owner of a Chihuahua Brussels Griffon mix can be rewarding, but it’s vital to keep in mind that Chussels require exercise as well. Despite the fact that they should exercise frequently to stay healthy, given their small size, they should only engage in mild to ordinary activities.

Regular walks and playing catch or hide-and-seek with your Brussels Griffon Chihuahua mix are great ways to get them moving and spend quality time together.

It’s not necessary to overexert your Chussel with challenging exercises in this instance because sometimes less is more!

Shedding Level

Fortunately, unlike a typical Chihuahua, the Chussel does not shed. Instead, it often only sheds minimally throughout the year due to its small size and single-layer coat.

However, during routine brushing and grooming sessions, Chihuahua Brussels Griffon mixes undergo modest shedding in the fall and spring when many breeds are losing or growing back their coats. But you can minimize shedding with the right care and upkeep!

Hypoallergenic Brussels Griffon Chihuahua mixes do not exist.

Is Chussel The Right Option For Me?

Doesn’t Get Along With Small Kids

Despite being adorable and devoted canine friends, Chihuahua-Brussels Griffon mixes are not suitable as young children’s pets.

This is because young children could not be aware of or capable of handling chussels properly, which might easily damage them if done. Chussels are naturally small and delicate.

Because of this, it’s recommended for Chihuahua Brussels Griffon mixes to live with adults only in homes without young children who might accidentally upset their four-legged buddy.

Chussel And Other Pets

Mixes of Chihuahua and Brussels Griffons can make wonderful family members, but they need careful supervision of their territorial urges.

They not only need to be well socialized, but it also needs to be carefully considered whether to bring in any current pets. If this doesn’t happen, Chussels could get uneasy and display territorial behavior when other animals approach them, such as snarling or barking.

They may eventually lose sight of their ability to be amiable as this protective impulse takes control. However, Brussels Griffon Chihuahua mixes become devoted friends with a ton of personality when given enough socialization.

Not A Good Choice For First Time Pet Owners

Chussels’ curious nature necessitates a more seasoned hand for a good upbringing.

Chihuahua Brussels Griffon hybrids exhibit some of the bold behavioral characteristics of their Griffon parent breeds while remaining petite and cuddly like their Chihuahua parent breeds.

However, those with enough expertise can easily lead the Chussel through socialization training and transform it into a fun-loving pup that will fit in well with the family. Their strong-willed character can be rather tough for first-time dog owners.

Quick Breed Summary Table

Weight   6 to 12 lbs
Height  7 to 9 inches
Size small
Coat Type short and wiry
colors Cream, Black, brown, and Gray
Amount of Shedding Moderate
Nose Black
Ears floppy big ears
Temperament Territorial, bossy, loving, and yappy.
Life Expectancy 12 to 15 years
Hypoallergenic No
Intelligence Yes
Kid-Friendly No
New Owner Friendly No
Activity level high
Breed Recognition None


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