Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix- Golden-Chi -A Breed Complete Guide

If you want a truly special dog, the Golden Retriever Chihuahua mix is the best breed for you. What more could you want? They have all the cuteness of a Golden Retriever and the crazy personality of a Chihuahua.

We have all the facts you need to make an educated choice about adding a Chihuahua Golden Retriever Mix to your family, whether you’re interested in their history or things like their unique personalities, appearance, and health needs.

Golden-Chi History

The Chihuahua

Although chihuahuas are among the smallest breeds, their demeanor more than makes up for their diminutive stature. This faithful friend is fervent, courageous, and constantly up for an adventure.


Because of their small stature, chihuahuas may also be easily carried and transported when necessary. Although these canines occasionally exhibit clinginess and seem to bark at odd times, these puppies constantly aim to please their owners.

The Golden Retriever

Among the most adorable breeds you may ever meet is the Golden Retriever! They are a great asset to any household because they are obedient, amiable, and simple to teach.

This breed is easily distinguished from others thanks to its eye-catching golden coat and want-to-please disposition. They are hence well-liked options in a lot of homes.

Their easygoing nature extends not only to people but also to other dogs, cats, and kids. These dogs, who are very social and bright, need to be with people and exercise frequently.

The Golden-Chi

The hybrid of a Golden Retriever and a Chihuahua is among the most peculiar crossbreeds available. Though the origin of this combination is still unknown, it’s simple to understand why the pup came from both of these pretty popular purebreds!

Chihuahuas and Golden Retrievers are too different in size to mate naturally; effective insemination needs to take place through carefully regulated artificial insemination.

The A.K.C. does not acknowledge the Golden Chi.

Golden-Chi Appearance

Chihuahuas and Golden Retriever are among the tiniest breeds of dogs and one of the largest, respectively, in terms of size, weight, and look.

Chihuahuas typically weigh between three and six pounds and max out at nine inches tall, whereas Golden Retrievers can grow to be up to 75 pounds in weight and 25 inches tall.

Despite their differences, which put them at different ends of the dog spectrum, they are both extremely loving creatures that flourish when they have attention and engagement from people.

Any dog owner’s fantasy come true is a Golden Retriever/Chihuahua mix. Because it blends two distinct breeds with radically contrasting traits, the pup has a distinctive appearance. You can’t be sure of the exact look, but it will probably weigh between 15 and 30 pounds and have thick, wavy hair. In general, the ears are smaller and more downturned than those of a Golden Retriever.

Additionally, their face shape will resemble that of a Chihuahua with the softness of a Golden Retriever, giving them an all-around gorgeous puppy!

Golden-Chi Temperament

The Chihuahua Golden Retriever mix is going to keep you on your toes if you’re the type of person who enjoys diversity!

Due to the two different parent breeds mixing DNA, this lovely breed may have a wide range of physical qualities, from short and long coats to a wide range of hues and shades, but their personality may be just as unpredictable.

It’s hard to predict what personality type the mix would bring because one half is known for being devoted and exuberant, while the other is fiercely independent and strong-willed.

Having one of these pets may prove to be an extremely special experience that no one else in your community has had before!

Golden-Chi Health

Mixes of Chihuahua and Golden Retrievers usually live 10–13 years on average.

Chihuahua Golden Retriever mixes share many physical and behavioral characteristics with their parent breeds, but they also inherit similar health problems.

We advise you to speak with your dog’s breeder or veterinarian if you’d like to know what health problems your furry friends might be prone to.

Based on the health of his or her parents, your dog’s breeder will be aware of any potential health issues to which your puppy, whether mixed breed or not, may be vulnerable.

A dog DNA test is an additional option if none of these approaches work. I have utilized the Embark dog DNA test on both of my family’s dogs. I appreciate that this dog DNA test can identify breeds and detect health issues.

I was pleasantly impressed by how precise the breed ID test results were when they were returned after two weeks.

The health detection also helped me learn more about the health problems that my two dogs are prone to and how I can better care for them.

Hip Dysplasia

Although the ailment primarily affects larger dogs, it also affects smaller breeds, such as mixes of Chihuahuas and Golden Retrievers. It happens when the hip joint is deformed, which makes it challenging for dogs to walk or simply move about.

Sadly, there isn’t a single item that can stop it from developing, so owners need to be alert for symptoms like stiffness after activity or trouble standing up.


Osteosarcoma is an aggressive kind of bone cancer that can affect Golden Retriever and Chihuahua mixes. It can spread to other organs and significantly shorten life expectancy.

Owners of Golden Chis must be aware of the risk because it’s a very tragic condition that can affect any pet at any age. On the other hand, preventive treatment and routine veterinary visits can help detect and treat problems early on.

Dental Issues

Unfortunately, because of their rather unfavorable size ratio and heredity, Golden Chis frequently experience dental problems. The teeth are more likely to get misaligned and crowded in the small mouth since the larger teeth might not fit in there properly.

Early veterinary care is critical for the prevention of some dental issues, but to keep their puppy healthy, owners must also pay attention to their daily feeding schedule and teeth-brushing guidelines.

Golden-Chi Care

A Chihuahua Golden Retriever Mix requires consideration for food, grooming, exercise, shedding frequency, and training.

Shedding Level

Chihuahua Golden Retriever mixes are not the breed for you if you’re searching for low-shedding dogs!

Chihuahuas and Golden Retrievers are both double-coated dogs that need frequent care to keep their coats healthy and in top condition. Every breed can have thick, opulent coats in the spring and fall, but these seasons also see a lot of shedding as the animals get rid of their old fur. Those who are familiar with pet maintenance can easily handle light shedding daily.

Golden Retriever mixes with Chihuahuas are not hypoallergenic.


Because they are a remarkable cross of two cherished breeds, Golden Retrievers and Chihuahuas require extra special care. Brushing your Golden Chi at least once a week is essential to keeping their coat looking lustrous. Don’t forget to brush their legs and any other hard-to-reach spots.

Additionally, bathing should only happen once a month using shampoo made especially for dogs. Furthermore, as fleas and ticks like to settle down on this double-coated dog, routine checkups for these bothersome parasites are required!


It can feel like a balancing act to feed a Golden Chihuahua mix the right quantity of food. Factors including age, stature, and level of exercise can disrupt your dog’s optimal food plan. Plus, there’s no simple answer, not even for purebred dogs.

Nevertheless, 1-2 cups of dry food each day will provide your dog with a solid baseline. You may wish to adjust this amount somewhat, depending on the physical attributes of your Golden Chi (a little less if they are inactive most of the time, or a little more if they frequently run and play).


Any pet needs to exercise, but some breeds require it more than others. When it comes to activity needs, you’ll need to figure out which parent breed your Golden Retriever/Chihuahua mix most closely resembles.

While the little but spirited Chihuahua only needs 20 to 30 minutes of exercise per day, purebred Goldens often need at least two hours.


Although the Golden Retriever Chihuahua crossbreed offers compassion and loyalty, it also carries over certain undesirable traits from the latter, like being hard to train.

Even with their intelligence, they frequently struggle with displaying tenacity in this regard. There are methods around this, but for owners to achieve the best results from their Golden Chi, they will need to be patient and consistent in their training sessions.

Is Golden Chi The Right Option For Me?

The Golden-Chi And Other Animals

Yes, that is the response! Mixtures of Golden Retrievers and Chihuahuas have acquired the devoted temperament of both parent breeds, which makes it easy and quick for them to form deep connections with other animals.

Though smaller animals might find the Golden Chi too lively or frightening, care should be given when acclimating them to a new pet.

But with the right socialization, these devoted puppies will make quick friends with any pet you bring into your house.

Not Good With Small Dogs

Although they can be devoted and affectionate, Chihuahua Golden Retriever Mixes may struggle with little children. These combinations are typically highly energizing, which may lead them to accidentally topple small children or jump on them while they’re playing.

Additionally, they could bark more frequently around kids than they do around adults, which can be frightening and noisy for small children.

Therefore, it would be advisable to consider obtaining a different breed or wait until your children are older before taking the pup home if you are considering having a Chihuahua Golden Retriever Mix and you have tiny children.


Good Choice For Active Owners

Active, devoted, and affectionate, Chihuahua Golden Retriever hybrids require owners who can keep up with them. Because of their energetic and fun-loving nature, they require an owner who will exercise them frequently to keep them content and well-mannered.

If not given sufficient care, Golden Chis can become destructive. This is due to their constant hunt for methods to release their energy. In case you’re a driven individual searching for a companion for exciting adventures, the Chihuahua Golden Retriever mix might be the ideal choice!

golden retriever chihuahua mix

Golden-Chi Male vs Female

One possible distinction between the male and female Golden Retriever-Chihuahua mixes is that males may be more domineering and aggressive.

Males tend to bond more with their humans. Whereas females may wind up being too attached or distant depending on the temperaments of their parents. However, compared to males, females are sometimes more devoted to and protective of their human companions.

Golden Retriever chihuahua mix

Quick Breed Summary

Weight 15 to 30 lbs
Height 21 to 24 inches
Size Small
Coat Type short

white, tan, gold, fawn

Amount of Shedding High
Nose Black
Ears stand up
Temperament loyal, social, territorial, loving, gentle
Life Expectancy 10 to 13 years
Hypoallergenic No
Intelligence Yes
Kid-Friendly Families with older kids
New Owner Friendly Yes
Activity level Very Active
Breed Recognition None


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