Australian Shepherd Chihuahua Mix- AussieChi- A Complete Breed Guide

The Aussie Hua Hua or Aussie Chi is an interesting breed. This mix of an Australian Shepherd and a Chihuahua can look, be big or small, and act in different ways.

But don’t worry, you can find all of that information right here, so you can decide for yourself if this Chihuahua cross is a good fit for your life. We’ll talk about their appearance, health problems to watch out for, characters, how they respond to training, and more.

Aussie-Chi History

The Chihuahua

Cute White Chihuahua Sunbathing on Blanket Outdoors on Spring Sunny Day


One of the smallest and most famous dog breeds in the world is the Chihuahua. These little dogs are known for having a lot of energy, being playful, and being very loyal.

Chihuahuas come in many different colors, such as white, fawn, blue, black, and cream. Their coats can also be short or long.

These adorable creatures barely weigh four to six pounds at full maturity, despite the fact that they frequently act much larger than they actually are. Chis love spending time with their owners, so if you want a friend to keep you company, you can’t go wrong with one of these smart little dogs.

The Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd Dog breed is just what its name says it is. These dogs were first raised in the United States to work on ranches and farms as herding dogs. They are smart and loyal.

They frequently observe family members wandering too far and gently collect them together to prevent further damage.

And luckily, they are a fun-loving breed that loves to play catch, run in the park, and go for long walks. Because they learn things quickly, Australian Shepherds are also very good at remembering orders with very little repetition.

The Aussie-Chi

Mixes of Australian Shepherds and Chihuahuas are a good choice for people who want a small dog with the energy of an Australian Shepherd.

They are small enough to live in both houses with yards and flats, but they are known to have more energy than other small breeds like Chihuahuas.

Not only do they do well in small areas, which makes them great apartment dogs, but they are also very active, which makes them a great choice for someone who loves to be outside and go for long walks or jogs.

The Aussie Chi is a great mix of an Aussie Shepherd’s intelligence and a Chihuahua’s sassiness. This makes for a happy, playful puppy with a calm personality.

The A.K.C. does not accept the Aussie Chi.

Aussie-Chi Appearance

The Australian Shepherd Chihuahua mix is a breed that many dog fans find hard to pass up. This designer dog is very cute and small, so it’s easy to carry around.

It looks like a mix of its two parent breeds, the Aussie Shepherd and the Chihuahua. It is tall and slim like an Aussie Shepherd, but it is small like a Chihuahua. It’s very cute—they have the face and eyes of a Chihuahua and ears the same size.

When compared to an Aussie Shepherd, the Aussie Chi may look short, but they are much taller than the normal Chihuahua, so keep that in mind if you want to get one.

The Australian Shepherd Chihuahua mix is a bundle of beauty and energy, with coats that range from deep red to deep blue. Some dogs even come in unique and eye-catching merle or “tri-color” patterns with three colors.

A full-grown Aussie Chi can be anywhere from 10 to 16 inches tall, which is in between a Chihuahua’s 6 to 9 inches and an Australian Shepherd’s 18 to 23 inches.

Aussie-Chi Temperament

The Chihuahua-Australian Shepherd mix puppy is very friendly and full of energy. He’s a great pet for people who like to stay busy since he likes to be active and get lots of care.

As a loving puppy, he won’t leave your side, and he might even give you some warm cuddles now and then! Aussie Chis may be small, but they have a lot of spirits and can sometimes be stubborn.

But when shown love and affection, they quickly pick up tricks and demands for obedience. Overall, this cute puppy can be a lot of fun and full of shocks.

Aussie-Chi Health State

The average lifespan of a Chihuahua-Australian Shepherd mix is between 12 and 17 years.

Even though Chihuahua and Australian Shepherd mixes may look and act like their parent breeds, they also have the same health problems.

Based on the health of his or her parents, your dog’s breeder will be aware of any potential health issues that your puppy, whether mixed breed or not, may be vulnerable to.

A dog DNA test is an additional option if none of these approaches work. I have used the Embark dog DNA test on my family’s dogs. I appreciate that this dog DNA test can identify breeds and detect health issues.

I was pleasantly impressed by how precise the breed ID test results were when they were returned after two weeks.

The health detection also helped me learn more about the health problems that my two dogs are prone to and how I can better care for them.

Patellar luxation

“Floating kneecaps” is what most people call luxating patella. This condition changes the way the Aussie Chi’s legs are built and can often cause pain and swelling.

Make sure your Aussie Chi gets the best care possible by taking them to the vet for regular checkups and making sure their diet is balanced and full of healthy foods. So, luxating patella doesn’t have to be a problem. With the right care from a vet, your Chihuahua Australian Shepherd can still enjoy life.

Tracheal Collapse

Australian Shepherd Chihuahua Mixes can also have major breathing problems, such as a collapsed trachea. This terrible disease damages the cartilage rings that keep the trachea open. This makes it hard to breathe and causes coughing because the airways become partially or completely blocked.

Aussie-Chis can have trouble breathing if they aren’t treated, so it’s important to take them to the vet for regular checkups to keep them in the best shape possible.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a disease in which the ball and socket joint in the hip slowly wears down over time. This is more likely to happen in Chihuahua-Australian Shepherd mixes.

Early diagnosis is important for treating this illness, but signs of pain and suffering can go unnoticed for too long because the fluffy coat hides them so well. As with any breed, taking your Aussie Chi on regular long walks is an important part of keeping him or her in good shape.

Aussie-Chi Care

When looking for a Chihuahua-Australian Shepherd mix, you need to think about grooming, shedding level, exercise, training, and feeding.


Chihuahua-Australian Shepherd mixes are not only very smart but also very easy to train. This makes them perfect for activities that make them more alert, like agility classes.

The good news is that they will be just as excited to learn some cool tricks as they will be to fight. Even though Aussie Chis tend to be bossy, with the right corrections and consistency, you can get them to follow your lead in no time.

Overall, a mix of an Australian Shepherd and a Chihuahua is a great pet for a busy home with clear rules.


The Aussie Chi usually has the same kind of fur coat as its ancestor, the Australian Shepherd.

Its thick, double-layered coat is meant to protect it from all kinds of harsh weather, but it also needs to be groomed regularly.

If you don’t have time to brush your Aussie Chi every day, at least do it every other day. This will help keep its fur from getting tangled and make your home look messy. And for this particular breed, you should use deshedders or pin brushes.

Shedding Level

If you want a puppy that doesn’t shed much, the Chihuahua-Australian Shepherd Mix might not be the best choice.

Since both parents are thought to shed moderately to a lot, it’s likely that their hybrid children will do the same. Due to its mixed genes, it’s hard to say how much a Chi-Aussie will shed, but one thing is for sure: brushing your Aussie Chi regularly will bring you a lot of benefits.

Brushing your dog regularly not only helps avoid mats and tangles but also gives you a chance to spend quality time with your pet. You can get the most out of a good brushing session by giving your dog treats and lots of love. This way, you and your dog can both get the benefits of good cleaning.

The Australian Shepherd-Chihuahua mix is not good for people who have allergies.


A puppy that is a mix of an Australian Shepherd and a Chihuahua is the best choice for someone who wants a friend with a lot of energy.

Just make sure you have a lot of time for these dogs. They need a lot of exercise and training to keep their moods up.

Along with regular fun and mental stimulation from obedience classes, a nice long walk or jog every day is a great way to keep them healthy and happy. Aussie Chis have a lot of energy that needs to be put to good use but don’t worry, they will get a lot in return for all their hard work.


When you have an Aussie Chi, it can be hard to figure out what to eat. You want to make sure your puppy gets the best nutrition possible at every meal, but since it’s a mix of two different breeds—an Australian Shepherd and a Chihuahua—it’s not easy to choose an ideal diet.

High-quality commercial dog food is the best way to start because it makes sure that all of their nutritional needs are met. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you could also make your own dog food. Just make sure to check with your vet first to make sure your dog gets the right mix of proteins and carbs.

Is Aussie-Chi The Right Option For Me

Aussie-Chi And Other Pets

Aussie Chis are small, but they have the high energy, intelligence, and loyalty of their Aussie Shepherd ancestors. This makes them great playmates for kids and other animals alike.

But because Chihuahuas can be unpredictable, Australian Shepherd Chihuahua Mixes should be trained carefully when they are young to make sure they get along with other pets in the future.

With the right teaching and rules, they can be very kind to other pets in the house. In short, if given the chance, an Aussie Shepherd Chihuahua can live with other pets.

Great For Families With Young Kids

A dog that is a mix of an Australian Shepherd and a Chihuahua is the best pet for any family.

He is lively and loves to run and play fetch. This dog is smart and always on the lookout, which makes him great at keeping his furry friends and their home safe. Also, he has more personality than you can imagine in one dog. He has the gentle care of an Aussie Shepherd and the awareness of a Chihuahua, all wrapped up in a furry bundle of joy.

The Aussie Chi is a great pet for kids because he always wants to go on adventures and play games. If your group is looking for a loyal dog to play with, look no further than this one.

Easy To Teach

You can’t find a better pet than an Australian Shepherd Chihuahua Mix. They are easy to train and very loyal.

Because they are smart and active, they are great for a wide range of activities, from agility lessons to therapy work. With the Aussie’s natural desire to herd and Chi’s boundless energy and friendliness, these puppies are sure to be active, loyal family pets that are easy to train.

Even though their parents may have given them some sass, their desire to learn will always win out over their pride. Aussie Chis need a lot of movement and mental stimulation, so keep their tails wagging and their minds busy.

Aussie-Chi Male vs Feamle

Male Aussie Chi puppies are usually bigger and more protective than their female counterparts. This makes them better guard dogs for people who want a reliable friend. Female Chihuahua-Shepherd mixes tend to be more shy and quiet, but they can still be busy when it comes to bonding with their family.

Both males and females of this breed have silly attitudes and love to show off their athletic skills when they can.

Quick Breed Summary Table

Weight   8 to 30 lbs
Height  10 to 16 inches
Size small
Coat Type short or long
colors blue, tan, marbled, black, and white
Amount of Shedding high
Nose Black
Ears big ears
Temperament Territorial, smart, loyal, and energetic.
Life Expectancy 12 to 17 years
Hypoallergenic No
Intelligence Yes
Kid-Friendly yes
New Owner Friendly yes
Activity level high
Breed Recognition None

Here is a video of a cute Aussi-Chi, Enjoy!


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