The Effective Way To Lеаѕh Trаіn A Chihuahua

A big part of training your Chihuahua dog is teaching him or her to walk with a leash. To Lеаѕh Trаіn A Chihuahua is crucial so your dog knows what to do and what not to do when walking together.

Let your chihuahua walk on a loose leash to keep him from pulling you while you’re out for a walk. It gives your dog enough space to run around and explore other areas, as long as he lets some of his leashes out. So, he can’t just keep leading you in the direction he wants to go. Instead, he needs to follow your lead so that he can still see other options.

The 5 Effective Steps To Lеаѕh Trаіn A Chihuahua

Here’s a step-by-step guide for training your Chihuahua to be a good dog:

1. Get ready with a 6-foot rope and a halter or harness

Because Chihuahuas have such thin necks, halters are better than collars for walking them.
Other than the leash and harness, it would be best if you also had some small treats on the side.

2. Giving the action

In this case, you need to show your chihuahua using a word or a rhyme that tells him what you want from him. The answer could be “Go,” or “Walk.” Speak these words before you start walking beside him.

3. Coming to a stop and leaving

If your chihuahua starts to bark at the end of his leash, just stand still and don’t move. When your dog is running or lunging, don’t let him move forward. This will help him understand that he can only get where he wants to go if to leaves some money on the table.
Then, it would help if you started walking again when your dog has passed some slack on his leash. Make sure to say the command before you begin to move.

4. Give out the prize

Keep in mind that as soon as you and your chihuahua leave your house, you will have a lot of trouble getting his attention. The only way to keep him interested in you is to make your time with him fun and rewarding. You can yell at him, give him treats, or just sufficiently talk to him.

Say “good boy” or “good girl” every time your chihuahua turns and looks at you. Give him something nice for it such as a treat or his favorite toy. You could also use a clicker. Every time your chihuahua comes to you, you click down and reward him. This technique shows your dog chihuahua that paying attention to you is a good thing. When you talk to your dog in that high, cheery voice, it’s also a way to keep his attention on you.

When you first start teaching your chihuahua to walk on a leash, you need to use a lot of treats to get your dog’s full attention. However, you should remember that chihuahuas are very small and easily prone to weight issues. Therefore, you have to use the smallest treats or treats in small pieces that you can find. Keep your hand on your hip and keep giving him treats as long as he keeps walking close to you. This will give him an idea of what you want from him. As you go, you may want to slow down and wait longer between giving him treats.

 5. Attempting to solve issues

Note that there will be times when it is difficult to get your chihuahua’s attention during training. He might find what’s going on around him more interesting than what you have to say or give him. Even stopping and starting may not be enough to get his attention back from whatever is holding it. In this particular instance, you should wait until your chihuahua lets you off the leash a little bit before giving the command again. Then, turn around and walk the other way.

Thе Principal objectives оf Chіhuаhuа Lеаѕh Trаіnіng

When training a chihuahua to walk on a leash, the first goal is to make it a habit for the dog to walk next to you. Having the dog in that position made you fulfill a few things including:

  • First, if you have to turn quickly, it holds your chihuahua out from under your feet.
  • Second, the dog is in your area, so you don’t have to look for him all the time.
  • It lets the owner take care of his business while the chihuahua takes care of the dog’s business. Furthermore, it will keep your tiny chihuahua safe.

You might think this mission would be easy to complete. it will require to be checked and corrected constantly and brought back to speed constantly. When you finally find the heel, you get a lot in return.
Another sign of successful training is that sometimes you forget that your chihuahua was walking with you. Maybe you’re doing something with a friend and all of a sudden you realize that you’ve lost track of what the dog is up to. Whу? Because the dog was just standing there and moving with you, you should pay attention to other things.

Respect is another reason why a chihuahua should never be in front of his owner. In the world of dogs, the person who leads the walk is the alpha. So if you notice that the dog doesn’t try to get in front of you anymore, it means that he has recognized you as the leader of the group.

To make sure that the lesson is well-learned. Work on getting the chihuahua to sit immediately whenever you stop. When a dog sits, it means that it is paying attention and has acknowledged the owner. That gives you the freedom to deal with anything in your environment that needs your attention, whether you’re waiting to cross the street, buying something, or just chatting with someone. All of these things are much harder to do when your dog follows you around.

The “stay” order

source: pexels

Before you can say that your chihuahua is anywhere near leash-trained, you need to add a fourth part, which is the stay. Most Chihuahuas can do this because they are smart. I would practice in a fenced-in yard or somewhere else where your dog won’t be near traffic, for safety’s sake.

Say “stay” to your chihuahua and let him go off his leash. Move back a few yards and tell him again and again. Wait about 30 seconds and then praise him by giving him a treat if he stays still. Slowly add more time until you have several minutes, and as you add more time, add more distance. This will teach your Chihuahua to relax.

Last word

Training your Pooch to walk next to you is paramount, especially for chihuahuas. Because these small dogs can be easily mistaken for prey and get attacked by larger dogs or other ferocious animals such as hawks. The steps we mentioned above are also valid to train not only chihuahuas but other dogs regardless of their size. If you have any other ideas on this subject would you please tell us in the comment section?



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