How to Care for Your Chihuahua After Surgery

Surgeries are so stressful and hard experiences for all of us, especially for little creatures such as chihuahuas. Their bodies are so fragile, that they can’t understand what is going on and we can’t communicate the situation. Our role here is to keep a close eye on our chihuahua after surgery and while they are recovering.

To take care of your chihuahua after surgery, there are some basics and long-term tips to follow to ensure that your four-legged friend heals after surgery.

Immediate Post-Surgery Care for chihuahuas

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Post-operatively, when your chihuahua comes to you, she/he can seem abnormal. They may show strange behaviors and they could be even a bit disorientated. If you notice that there are concerns about your chihuahua’s behavior then it is a good idea to sick your vet’s advice, but don’t expect chihuahuas to be their usual self. Surgery is a huge mission for these little dogs. In addition, the vet may prescribe some medications that can make them sleepier than usual.

Ensure that your chihuahua is safe and has access to a private space where they go anytime they want. You will notice that all they want to do is find and sleep somewhere comfortable.
Immediately after surgery, your vet may ask you to use a “cone of shame” as some people call it for your chihuahua. It is useful to keep your chihuahua away from any wounds, to stop the dog from licking it, and/or try to unpick any stitches. These behaviors are natural for any dog including chihuahuas, so it is very crucial that you use a collar or cone to keep them away.


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