Behavior and Temperament of chihuahua

behavior of chihuahua and temperaments

what to know before getting a chihuahua? For a chihuahua owner, it’s very important that he or she understands his chihuahua’s behavior, temperament, and other specific things. Make sure that you have all the information about this dog breed before getting one. And make sure that chihuahua is the dog breed you wanted and expected. … Read more

Miniature teacup Chihuahuas

teacup chihuahua inside a cup

Do dog owners always ask what is the difference between a ‘normal’ chihuahua and a teacup chihuahua? the answer is: that there is no difference between them at all, miniature and teacup are not varieties. Do keep in mind that the chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world. The term is used by … Read more

Apple head VS Deer Head Chihuahuas

4 chihuahuas two deer head chihuahua and two apple head chihuahuas

Chihuahua owners often can’t make difference between deer head chihuahua VS apple head chihuahua. They always ask us via our Facebook page if there is a different variety of chihuahuas in regard to head size, Our answer is no, there are 2 different varieties in regard to coat… As you can read in our article … Read more

Long Haired Chihuahuas: A Breed Complete Guide

Man holding three long haired chihuahuas

Short hair versus Long-haired chihuahua With the exception of coat length, chihuahuas are virtually the same breed. Compared to their short-haired cousins, long-haired Chihuahuas have a more voluminous and fluffy appearance. In spite of this distinction, Chihuahuas with long hair and those with short hair share the same characteristics with regard to size and disposition. … Read more

Chihuahua Heat Cycle- Well Explained

Chihuahua females make wonderful family pets. Because they don’t mark territory like males do, they are favored by many. However, be mindful of a female’s heat cycle if you’re adopting one. To prevent unwanted puppies, extra caution and attention are needed at this time. Like any other dog, female Chihuahuas need careful attention during their … Read more

Male VS Female Chihuahua

chihuahua male vs female

You might be wondering if a male or female Chihuahua puppy is preferable. Which gender will be friendlier and more gregarious than the other? Are there pronounced variations in temperament, conduct, and training ease? Those already owning a Chihuahua and considering adding another to the family might be curious about the distinctions between male and … Read more

Chihuahua Territorial Marking

Overview Chihuahua Territorial Marking is a natural behavior,  every dog marks its territory, it’s a primal instinct. They tend to pee at anything to do so. So when a chihuahua begins marking within the house, it can be frustrating for an owner. The house starts smelling like dog urine. Stains of pee seem to be … Read more

Chihuahua Growth Chart

Chihuahuas have a big personality hiding in a tiny package, they are charming and sassy. They get their name after the Mexican state of chihuahua, they also have been derived from the Techichi, an ancient dog breed in America. In addition, they are the smallest dog breed in the world, this is why people nickname … Read more

Why Are chihuahuas So Aggressive?


For some chihuahuas, There is a saying that goes like this. If the size of them would have been a little larger, then they might have been the deadliest dogs on the planet”. People say so because of the fact that some chihuahuas are, despite their small size, quite aggressive. Aggressive chihuahua is not as … Read more