How to Bottle Feed a chihuahua Puppy

For various reasons, newborn Chihuahua puppies frequently cannot suckle from their mother. The mother’s unwillingness or incapacity could be the cause of the shortage of milk. Although hand-feeding your puppies may take time and effort, you will contribute to your adult Chihuahuas’ health and happiness. A lot of owners may ask how to bottle-feed a chihuahua puppy.

What should I feed my chihuahua puppy?

Some folks have unique suggestions for what to feed a puppy that is being bottle-fed. People think that Goat’s milk functions amazingly well. Some make a homemade concoction that they say provides the best possible health. While you can create your mixture using components like yogurt, corn oil, and yolks, some aren’t effective substitutes and others might even be harmful.

Among the most widely used and well-accepted formulations for replacing puppy milk is Esbilac Puppy Milk Replacer. 

Quantities and Frequency

While every puppy is different, a newborn Chihuahua puppy should generally be bottle-fed every three hours.

This is not limited to the daytime; you should do it continuously. Consequently, the puppy needs to drink roughly eight times within 24 hours.
When you feed your Chihuahua puppy enough milk replacement, you may tell most likely by looking at how full their tummy is.

When the dog has had enough, it will round out and appear a little full.

But it’s crucial to avoid giving the puppy too much food. Approximately eight feedings a day are planned for him or her; overfeeding the puppy could result in health issues.

You can reduce the number of feedings to four or five a day once the Chihuahua puppy is four weeks old. The puppy will begin the process of weaning itself off its food and water mixture at 5 weeks old, and it should be receiving two or three bottle feedings at that time.

You will be almost done and in the middle of pushing the puppy to start eating solids as his primary source of nutrition by the end of the seventh week.

It would help if you weighed your dog and then adhere to these recommendations:

You must feed a Chihuahua puppy for every 1/4 of a pound (100 grams) that it weighs. twenty milliliters, or 67 ounces, each day. To feed a puppy weighing one pound, for instance, you would give it about 2.68 ounces (80 milliliters) of food.

Please remember that this is only an estimate. Every dog is unique. The puppy is getting enough if the tummy settles and he or she appears to have lots of activity.

Your dog’s veterinarian can determine whether your puppy is receiving the right quantity of nourishment if it appears weak and has trouble eating.

Guidelines recommend cutting back on the amount of milk replacement by 2 ounces (5.9 milliliters) every week.

How to Bottle Feed a Chihuahua Puppy

You should make at least two bottles at a time, keeping in mind that you will need to feed the puppy every three hours. The formula needs to be thoroughly mixed; if there are any lumps, they could clog the bottle and harm the puppy’s digestive tract if they manage to get past the openings in the tip.

Some nipples won’t have any holes in them, so you might need to build some for your specific dog breed. Making three holes with a sterile needle is advised for Chihuahuas. But the objective is to have only two or three drops emerge from the bottle after it has been shaken and held upside down.

Once you notice that the right amount of milk is coming out, make one hole at a time.

If not enough is released, your Chihuahua puppy may swallow air and experience possibly excruciating stomach gas. If too much is released, your puppy may choke on it.

The milk should be served at room temperature. Make sure not to overheat the mixture as this could seriously harm the puppy’s mouth and throat.

The Chihuahua puppy should be allowed to lay down on its stomach and eat, even though you might be tempted to hold it like a baby.

Following Every Meal

Burping is necessary because your Chihuahua will inhale more air from the bottle than during regular dam feeding.

The procedure for this is the same as for a newborn. The puppy’s stomach will be pressed up against your shoulder and chest when you cradle it. Till a healthy burp emerges, gently pat the back.

Puppies that are just born have no concept of how the bowel movements. Normally, the dam activates the anus, which causes the body to pass gas.

You will have to do this if you are caring for a Chihuahua puppy by yourself. Gently massage the puppy’s outside anus area with a clean, soft washcloth. The puppy will be eliminated as a result of this setting off a physiological reaction.

It can do it over newspapers, which can be promptly put away, as it can get messy and the puppy is not old enough to be house-trained.

Last Word

The weeks you spend bottle-feeding your Chihuahua puppy will be somewhat hectic, but they’re also crucial to your dog’s health. In about 7 weeks, with love, patience, and time, you will have a boisterous Chihuahua puppy running about your house.

Consult your dog’s veterinarian as soon as possible if you have any questions about your dog’s health in general or about how to feed the puppy. With babies, a minor problem can escalate rapidly into a major one.


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