How to Bottle Feed a chihuahua Puppy

It’s known that Momma’s milk is preferable for puppies. Try your best to make the mom allows the pups to nurse as possible as they can especially during the first day. Because this helps newborn puppies to receive the benefits of the colostrum, which is a strong anti-bodies pre-mil. This shows a great difference in the puppies. However, newborn chihuahua puppies can be prone to a lot of unwanted situations. Such as being unable to nurse from their mother for the following reasons :

1. There is not enough milk in the dam’s body.
2. Sometimes the dam may reject the litter.
3. The puppy may be orphaned.
4. The puppy may be so strong enough to suckle.

In any of these situations. You will be obliged to properly bottle feed your chihuahua puppy, as his life will depend only on you.

You will be doing this until the weaning process is complete. It will require patience and dedication.

Weaning will be when the puppy is able to be transitioned from a liquid diet to a solid one.

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Amounts and frequency

It’s clear that each pup is unique, but in general, a newborn should be bottle feed every 3 hours. In other words, the pup should be drinking about 8 times in a 24 hour day.

The puppy’s tummy is the best sign that will help you to know when you fed your pooch.

When the tummy has had enough will round out and look a bit full. However, there is no need to overfill the chihuahua puppy, because it may lead to health issues,8 times per day is enough.

The process of feeding the chihuahua puppy must be under control. When the puppy is 4 weeks old, you can lower feeding to 4 or 5 per day. the weaning process began when the chihuahua puppy is 5 weeks, she or he should have 2 or 3 bottles feeding along with a soupy mixture of water and food.

The end of the 7th week is the best time to encourage the puppy to ingest solids as his main food source.

Bellow the guidelines to weigh your chihuahua puppy

for every 100 grams (1/4 pound ) a pup weights, you will need to feed the dog 20 milliliters (67 ounces) per day.
you have to keep in mind that each puppy is unique so this is an estimate. Even if the tummy rounds out but the puppy seems to have plenty of energy, then the puppy most likely receiving enough.

if you think that your puppy is weak and has difficulty feeding. Therefore you must visit your dog’s veterinarian for advice or help.

our guidelines suggest reducing the amount of milk replacement by 5.9 milliliters every week.

This article may also help: Chihuahua Growth Chart

what to feed

there is a lot of ideas about what to feed a newborn chihuahua puppy when bottle feeding. some create a homemade recipe, others use goat’s milk and they claim that it is wonderful, one of the most popular and well-tolerated puppy milk replacement formulae is the esbilac puppy milk replacer.

chihuahua puppy bottle feeding tips

  • feeding a chihuahua puppy every 3 hours is something you want to prepare for at least two bottles at a time. In order to avoid hurting your puppy and avoiding clogging the bottle, the formula must be mixed very well.
  • It is a must to use a sterilized needle to make 3 holes in the nipple. But you have to keep in mind that the goal is that once you shake the bottle and hold it upside down that only 2 to 3 drops come out.
  • during making holes make 1 at a time until you see that the right amount of milk is coming out.
  • There are two cases that you must know about feeding your chihuahua puppy. If too much comes out, your puppy could choke inhaling it, and if a little comes out, your puppy will swallow air then leading to potentially painful stomach gas.
  • Pay attention to the temperature of milk, it should be room temperature. Heating up the formula can cause great injury to the puppy’s mouth and throat.
  • The puppy can lay down on its tummy and feed

After each feeding

As you know the air is taken in via the bottle than by suckling the dam. So you will need to burp your chihuahua puppy.

The operation is the same way as with a baby, hold your puppy with its tummy against your chest and shoulder, then gently pat the back until you hear a healthy burp come out

to care about your puppy you have to do this, the outside area of the puppy must be massaged gently with a soft and clean cloth. This will cause the puppy to eliminate. This must be done over a newspaper because the puppy is not old enough to be house trained.

Last word

We know how hard is to bottle feeding your puppy. But please don’t forget that it is just 7 weeks. So with love and patience, you will have a wonderful puppy running around your home. It’s also preferable to get your vet involved too. Because their advice and professional experience are priceless


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