How To walk A Chihuahua That is Aggressive

Chihuahuas are such wonderful, small dogs. They have big personalities, and they don’t always realize how small they are. Some Chihuahuas can be aggressive, especially toward other dogs. This makes it hard to take them for walks and get them to know other people and dogs. According to experts, Chihuahua is one of the breeds … Read more

Crating Two Chihuahuas Together

Happy and friendly black and white long-hair chihuahua pet dog in a crate

So, you’ve decided to train your chihuahua puppies to stay in a crate. Let’s get started! But make sure they each have their own crate before you start training them. As a chihuahua lover, I always receive questions via our Facebook page such as, “Can two chihuahuas be in the same crate?” The answer is … Read more

When Can I Stop Crating My Chihuahua?

When can your chihuahua stop being in a crate? Crate training is very crucial for all dogs including chihuahuas. Most of the time, owners are told to crate-train their dogs to make potty training easier. This is true, and there are also many other good reasons to crate-train your chihuahua puppy. If you do crate training … Read more

Is agility good for Chihuahuas?

You want to start dog agility, but you’re not sure if it would be good for your chihuahua. You might be wondering if agility is the right sport for your chihuahua or if you should try something else. Yes, is the short answer. Chihuahuas do well with agility. Agility training can be very helpful for your … Read more