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Miniature teacup Chihuahuas

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Chihuahua Puppy Sitting in Red Coffee Mug

Multi-colored Long Hair Chihuahua Puppy Sitting in Red Coffee Mug, Maitland, Fl USA, June 2009

Do dog owners always ask what is the difference between a ‘normal’ chihuahua and a teacup chihuahua? the answer is: there is no difference between them at all, miniature and teacup are not varieties. Do keep in mind that chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world.

The term is used by breeders as a marketing term. because the term is very useful in catching the attention of customers, the term is used even if the puppy fits breed standard size.

Teacup chihuahua care

Chihuahuas because of their size need extra care and attention, some buyers at the first don’t know this fact and find themselves with an undersized dog with high care needs.

Here are some tips to take to helps your little miniature chihuahua healthy and happy:

1.temperature changes can be a big danger for your dog, so be very aware and keep in mind that what seems normal for you can cause some troubles to your chihuahua’s body to regulate temperature especially cold. Try to find appropriate clothes for your chihuahua, You will notice that your dog does well when wearing a shirt, sweater, or vest.

2. Concerning exercise requirements, normally a chihuahua needs 20 to 30 minutes of walking per day. However, a teacup chihuahua must take short walks-about 10 to 15 minutes-1 or 2 times per day.

3. Use the harness any time that your chihuahua is on a leash, and use a collar for ID purposes.

4. As we know 3 meals for puppies and 2 for adults are recommended, But for teacup chihuahuas, you should give them smaller, but more frequent food throughout the day, As the teacup always needs a small amount of fuel that their body can handle. We recommend 4 small meals for puppies and 3 for adults.

5. Because the children like teacup chihuahuas and because of their toy size, you should teach them and everyone in your house how to handle a teacup chihuahua.

6. The most important thing is that you should be aware that an underfoot dog even half-stepping on a teacup chihuahua can cause severe to fatal injury.

Health issues with Miniature chihuahua dogs

Stress-related Problem-You will notice that your teacup chihuahua is shivering and shaking nearly all of the time because the body of tiny teacup chihuahuas have very little fat reserves to regulate body temperature and because of this fact puppy feel always cold.

There are other causes of teacup stress such as digestive troubles, metabolism issues…etc.

Hypoglycemia-this means the sugar level in the blood that can lead to some big troubles such as come or even death if not quickly and properly treated. All toy-sized dogs can be prone to this issue, especially puppies under the age of 4 months. This problem can develop if the dog doesn’t eat on a regular basis.

As a chihuahua owner always keep your eyes close to the signs of this issue which are: sleepiness and dizziness, weakness.If your chihuahua shows any of these signs try to seek a successful treatment.

Rubbing Honey onto the gums of your dog at home is the first treatment as it helps to deliver quick sugar to rush the bloodstream, then you should take your chihuahua to the animal hospital.

Injury-Trauma is the second cause of death for the chihuahua breed.

it includes being drooped, falls, hit by a car…These represent the dangers that an undersized dog-like chihuahua that weighs 2.7 kg can face during his life.

teacup chihuahua with that tiny and fragile bones has a great chance of being terribly injured if stepped on, dropped, or even sat on by accident. teacup chihuahua is always at risk any time kids play with him or being carried.

A collapsed trachea is an example of issues that teacup Chihuahua can face. This issue is rarely fatal but it can be the cause of breathing difficulty.

The reason why Teacup term exists

The term is used for two reasons

1.Competition.In the past, a breeder use this term to build his or her reputation.

Nowadays, the Humane Society of America and other organizations stooped puppy mills, this fact leads to many pet stores limiting their business.

Breeders who have website know very well how search engines works, so they use certain words on their website in order that the buyer can find them very easy, terms such as ‘miniature chihuahua’.This way a lot of people will buy a so-called teacup even if it doesn’t exist.

2.When we have a dag that is smaller than the standard.

In some cases, some puppies are smaller than expected. However, it doesn’t mean that the puppy will still smaller even if when he becomes an adult, because sometimes with the smallest of the litter may end up being the largest adult.

Keep in mind the standard size of organizations

Uk: No more than 6 lbs

AKC: 2 to 4 pounds is preferred

Ckc: Up to 6 lbs

Fc: 3.3 to 6.1 lbs

chihuahua is the smallest dog breed.

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