Chihuahua Dogs History

Dogs have been known to be the first friends of human beings. Most people around the world keep dogs for different purposes. Dogs have the best instincts. They are friendly and nice animals. Did you know that there around more than 100 breeds of dogs? Well, you should know, each divided into different classes there are other species that falls under the category of wild dogs.So,our website iheartchihuahua.com is dedicated to study chihuahua dogs.

Dogs can be really useful to us in many aspects due to their intelligence. They have helped us in many places including our homes. Nowadays most airports for security so that drugs will not be passed from one country to the other. Besides this, they are being used by the armies who go fighting these dogs help them detect grenades and bombs.

Chihuahua Dogs

There is another species of the dog named Chihuahua. They are the most intelligent dogs in the world. They obtained their name after a town in Mexico City called the Chihuahua. They vary in size shape and even color.

chihuahua town in mexico

chihuahua town in mexico

They weigh about 2 to 5 pounds. Chihuahua can live from 12 to 20 years. They are mostly smaller in size as compared to other species of dogs. They measure around 5 inches at the shoulder.


The Chihuahua dogs have the best personality. The other interesting thing about dogs is that you can train them and they would catch up and do just as you wish it to do.  Most people train their dogs and are able to communicate with them in different ways. It can really exciting if your dog can follow your instructions in the house. Chihuahua is the best examples of this. They are easy to train and keep around. If you want a lively dog around that can give you the best company, buy this species, you will love their company, they are they are lively dogs.

I personally have my small Chihuahua and it’s the best dog to have around. It runs around the house and snuggles and cuddles up with me on the chair. When sleeping they would take all your space and expects you to cuddle around them.


These dogs also need grooming in order for them to be healthy and be more lively. Bathing them, brushing and trimming their nails can keep them looking really nice.

Grooming a Chihuahua dog really needs a lot of caution. Since they are delicate they need to be held carefully while you groom to avoid hurting them. You need to use a soft brush for their hair so that you don’t hurt them

Trim their hair nicely ones in a while, they will really look beautiful, especially the white Chihuahua. Bath them with warm water

Pros of Chihuahua

  • They don’t eat much food and these dogs are one of the good watch dogs
  • Their size makes them to sit comfortably on any small chair and cuddles with you
  • chihuahuas can be protective and barks when a new person comes around the compound, making you alert.
  • little chi get along with cats.
  • They don’t poop big piles, hence giving you an easy time.
  • chihuahuas are funny cute dogs that you can play with.
  • Their size makes them much easier to carry them around.
  • These dog holds long lifespan while comparing to other dogs.

Cons of Chihuahua

  • If not well potty trained they can poop everywhere.
  • They have a strong smell, if you are not used to this you can really get irritated.
  • When they get a bit older they normally have hip and back problems
  • They need to be carried to the pack, unlike other dogs which you can walk around with the Chihuahua can’t walk far places.
  • They have teeth problems since most of them have small mouths.
  • They are so tiny making them delicate. A neighbor’s dog can kill it with one bite.


Dogs can really be exciting pets to keep around they kill the boredom in the house especially when you are staying alone. Apart from being a friend, they can give you good security. They need to be treated with respect and fed well, buy dog food at the stores at an affordable cost.  If you mistreat your dog it may run away or wonder around the neighborhood hoping to find a friendly person.

A recent study shows that most people prefer dogs for their pets since it plays important roles in our houses and also outside. It can sense things quickly especially if thieves are breaking your house, your dog can be your guard.

If you need one you can go to the dog store and buy one for companionship. You will love your new friend