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Woman Says ‘Spiteful’ Ex-Boyfriend Sold Her Cute Puppy On Craigslist, Then Dumped Her

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After Ashley came home to not find her beloved five-pound Pomeranian Ella, she was shocked and distraught

Ella was a great emotional support dog for Ashley because Ashle had been suffering from anxiety and depression since moving to Los Angeles to pursue her dream which is having a great career in music.

Ashley asked if her then-boyfriend pf three months has any information about Ella. That’s when she says “He looked at me with the most spiteful smile that I’ve ever seen someone give anybody.”

Her Ex-boyfriend claimed that he had sold Ella earlier that day, without any care of her permission, then proceeded to dump her!

Also, she showed the alleged ad about Ella to Inside Edition, the ad was written by her ex-boyfriend, which contains false claims “Trying to find a new home for my gorgeous little princess,” it read. “Just got a new job, so I have to move across the country and my new place does not allow dogs of any kind.”


He ex-boyfriend later that night sent her a text message that read, “Ella is safe and sound in her new home, you’ll never see her again.”

Ashley did her best to find her little friend, she filed a police report and went to the media to share her story in the hopes someone watching would recognize her dog. To make matters worse, the dog needed medication to treat an infection.

Fortunately for her, a local couple saw Ashley’s story on the news and made an astonishing realization.



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