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Why Is My Dog SO Itchy?

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Itching, also called pruritis, This action is triggered by nerves in the skin. To stop this problem we should know first our dog’s itching causes.


Itchy dog

Sometimes of itching could be caused by another issue like mange which is the result of a parasite. These two forms of mange, are contagious between dogs and some are not contagious, however, they can cause itching and inflammation. Some types of mange could be extreme and cause hair loss and odor.

External parasites

dog's parasites

There are some popular causes that can cause itching such as fleas. Some think that if their dogs are clean they will never see a flea, this is totally false because firstly they won’t see fleas until the infestation is severe. secondly, ad adult flea spends most of her life cycle out of the pet. Adult fleas jump on our dogs only when they need to feed and then back off again to lay eggs in your home or backyard. The fleas’ saliva is very irritating so their bites can cause intense itching. Itching could be worse when your dog is allergic to flea.


dog's food

In order to know that food is the cause of your dog’s itching, Your vet will recommend a food trial in which your furry friend eats only the prescription diet for a period of time. Food allergy is the cause of the itching has vanished. Then you can add one food item to the prescription diet to see if the signs return. Keep in mind that commercially available diets are not food trials even ones that say “hypoallergenic”, this type of food can not be effective for diagnosing the issue.

Allergic disease

itchy dog

There two types of allergies, Inhalant, and food allergies. Inhalant allergies cause the skin itching more than coughing and sneezing.

If you are not sure about the cause of your dog’s itching, the only one that can help you is your veterinarian.

Severe itching is always a sign of a medical issue, the first thing you must do is visiting your veterinarian because your dog suffers a lot.

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