[VIDEO] Terrified lonely Baby Tortoise Ends up in the Middle of a Busy Elephant Herd

A cute little tortoise in South Africa Got caught in the middle of a group of elephants, he did his best to hide from them. But, he didn’t need to do that because he didn’t have a thing to worry about…

A tortoise was walking down a quiet dirt path. When a herd of elephants emerged from an unexpected bush and went straight towards him!

It was too late for the little tortoise to outrun the entire pack of elephants, so he retreated into his shell to wait. He just wished that an elephant didn’t crush him with his enormous feet.

Fortunately, The majority of elephant feel the presence of the little tortoise and cautiously stepped over him.

A baby elephant had other plans, she nudged the tortoise a bit with her trunk, maybe she was trying to get him to play with her? however, the little tortoise was not interested!

“Interestingly enough, the elephants seemed to be aware of the tortoise’s presence and were very careful to step over the tortoise or only bump him gently with their giant feet,” Kruger Sightings wrote in a video about the encounter.

The shelter of the poor tortoise was near a lake, where the herd decided to take a pause for a drink of water…and there was a lot of noise and chaos all around the little scared tortoise.

Miraculously, every single elephant managed to avoid the little guy.

“For a minute or so, the herd was standing over the tortoise, having a good time in the water,” Kruger Sightings wrote. “But luckily, the elephants soon moved a bit upstream and the tortoise immediately saw an escape path, letting him flee for his life back to the safety of the surrounding bush.”

Fortunately, the herd didn’t last long there.

Here is the awesome video…


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