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Tips on avoiding obesity in your Chihuahua

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Chihuahua suffers from obesityIt’s pretty obvious that the amount of energy that Chihuahuas give off is huge. Take a quick glance at these micro-pets and you’ll realize how they are full of life and personality.to keep them lively we must find tips on avoiding Chihuahua obesity.

Normally, it will burn at least three times much energy as a normal-sized dog. That fact withstanding; it’s quite easy to realize that diet is important to these pretty little creatures.

Like any other dog, Chihuahuas have special nutritional needs that can make them enjoy a long healthy life. The small size means that you can’t approach nutrition from any angle and hope that your cute friend will be in their best form. It’s good to realize that there has to be a unique way of treating this unique small pal.

Here are some insights to help you make sure this pretty breed is teeming with life and energy:

Plump is not optimum

The key to a healthy pet is good nutrition and Chihuahuas are no exceptions. But it’s very hard to bump into an owner who is not spoiling their pet. Food is the most used item when as a treat for these fellas. While this is very good in, maintaining the relationship between you and your Chihuahua it could be unhealthy for the pet.

One of the impressive traits of Chihuahuas is how they think. It’s so small from the outside yet so big inside. They simply believe themselves to be bigger than they actually are.

And maybe they have successfully hypnotized their owners to believe the same. Why else would we be feeding them more than they need?

It’s so easy to buy into this massive bravado that you’ll actually end up feeding them more than they require for a healthy, balanced diet. What we achieve is welcoming obesity as the biggest health issue for Chihuahuas.

Innocent but guilty

Since many owners don’t realize that their pets only need tiny portions to keep them going, the well-meaning gestures continue until it becomes a health issue if not a hazard. With other types of dogs, this is not a serious issue due to their size, but to these little beauties a treat here and another there could actually amount to more than half their daily dietary requirement.

No table scraps

By all means, avoid treating your dog with table scraps and start spoiling it in the right way. Normally, letting your dog overeat will eventually lead to problems that start during puppyhood and can carry over into adulthood. To name a few:

  • Bone weakening
  • Rickets
  • Skin problems
  • Obesity

Most importantly, avoid overfeeding a pup because in so doing you interfere with the normal composition of fat cells by magnifying the size of fat cells. This will easily lead to an obese adult Chihuahua.

 Recognize obesity early and deal with it

A significant part of this problem is that owners do not recognize the obesity problem and they can’t tell what amount of food is too much. And mind you, as little as 4-6 ounces in extra feeds will make it fat.

How do you tell a Chihuahua is in the best condition?

It’s easy to tell:

  • The ribs must be barely visible
  • They should have a slight ripple crossing over the ribs
  • When you touch the dog, the ribs should be felt without much pressure
  • It should have a little waist that is clearly visible when standing over the dog looking down
  • From the sides, you should spot a “tummy tuck” sloping upward from the chest to the hind limbs

Give them a good diet

The objective of having a good proportion is to maintain a lean dog throughout its entire life. As you will notice, when dogs are fed with diets that are high in calories and proteins they eat less and that’s okay because this is quality food. Lower quality food has few calories so the dog eats multiple times to derive satisfaction.

A huge determinant of what the dog should be fed on is its life stage and most importantly, the activity level. Pups will require more proteins and calories for growth while adult dogs require a maintenance diet. Senior dogs, on the other hand, will need a good maintenance diet plus some high protein food to help in retaining the muscle mass which is prone to lose as the dog progresses in age.

In addition, senior dogs will need more antioxidants to maintain a healthy immune system.

It’s quite normal for you to want to treat your Chihuahua and that’s excellent because it shows you care. However, try to make your treats less risky to your dog: adopt healthier treat approaches. Understand that Chichis are small dogs and no matter how many times they may try to convince you with some bravado, don’t buy it. Remember, small rations for a small lovely dog.

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