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The 5 Fastest Dog Breeds

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There a lot of dog breeds around the world, each bread has particular temperaments, characteristics, appearances, and some different qualities. But there one common thing that all breeds share, which is running. and if you have a dog you will notice that they can chase a ball for days straight. Most dog parents tire out before their dogs do!
If the quality you are interested in is speed, or have you ever wondered what breeds are the fastest? check out the list below!


In short distance this breed is considered the fastest dog on the planet, his speed can reach up to 43MPH, during all the history this dog is known for their racing background, there are some pieces of evidence have been found in Egyptian tombs. Greyhounds were used by royalty for hunting. Nowadays, this breed is involved in the world of greyhound racing, which moves a lot of money.

What will surprise you about greyhound qualities is that they are quiet and lazy, but also affectionate, gentle and obedient companions.


With speeds of up to 40MPH, this breed comes in the second place, vizsla is a Hungarian dog that a lot of people believe date back to the 10th century. Vizsla is a dog with incredible power who needs a lot of time, plenty of opportunities to run, walk, and play hard every day.it means that this dog needs an active family.

3.Jack Russel terrier

Never judge a book by its cover, because this dog was recorded at a speed of 38MPH. the English dog used 200 years there to hunt foxes, know for his speed and confidence, this dog is also known as the Parson Russell terrier, he is a very clever little dog.


His speed timed at 36MPH, this dog breed was developed in Russia as a hunting dog. in the past owners used them to hunt wildlife, but nowadays, people pet them across the world especially in Europ.

5. Weimaraner

His speed is 35MPH, its hard to pet this dog because this breed needs a lot of exercises.

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