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How to stop a Dog from begging

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Dogs can do all sorts of things but the behavior which often brings the humans to their knees is begging. Begging leaves the owner happy in most of the cases and they reward the dogs too but sometimes it is too much of an endless series and is out of control, stop a dog begging is something you must care about.

It gets trickier if you have a small dog. They beg in an aggravating fashion. They jump for the food or toys, whine and incessantly look you with saddest eyes and refuse to do anything rather than begging. It’s just stressful for a dog just like you. Why? Because it involves a large amount of energy exerted for high alertness and not to mention the overpowering sense of urgency.

Dogs will be much happier when all this frenzy is removed so they can become relaxed as a family member and focus on healthy activities.

Begging means the canine to take control of the situation. Your leadership will mean much less. Your dog may not listen to your commands such as staying beside during daily walks or even marking the behavior.

Besides begging can lead to unhealthy circumstances for your dog. Relentless begging gives for more foods that are unplanned or any table scraps.

Usually, dogs beg for a couple of reasons – when he isn’t sure of the outcome or know the favorable outcome.

The habit of begging is complicated. It can be a tiresome emotional experience. Upon rewarding begging behavior, it immediately makes your Dog composed plus makes you feel like you’re doing a good job bringing up a dog. Sometimes your dog begs incessantly and conceding can make you feel like a sense of win for you.

However, begging can get out of control for you to only realize it was a bad habit and needed control. You need to train your dog that the habit of begging doesn’t come with a reward or a favorable outcome.

It may sound easy but a lot of willpower and time comes into play.

Decide foods for your Dog

Approving main meals are out of the subject matter because it is important along with snacks and treats.  Sometimes, they constantly beg for the treats and giving them essentially more calories than meals. Therefore, it’s important for you to reassess the snacks your dog is getting.

Keep some special treats in stock and reward with it the next time your dog deserves them like following your commands, housebreaking among other rewarding behavior. Give other treats between mealtimes.

Work certain foods into the main meal which your dog begs for the most. Don’t forget to check these foods are healthy and safe for your canine.

Keep everyone informed about the plan

Remind everyone in your household about the plan you’re working on. Let them know to beg is going out of hand and it’s unsafe. Dogs have a good sense off understanding and if someone shows empathy towards them for begging, they know. They try to persuade hard as they can. If any member can’t stand begging and give in, the plan will turn into ruins.

Not acknowledging the begging

To put it simply, just don’t offer whatever your dog is begging for. Avoid speaking or even making direct eye contact. It can get difficult avoiding your canine but it’s for you and your dog’s own good. Stick to the plan.

Dogs like to wear down the owners. They are full of energy and beg for what they want but if you outlast them they will give up eventually. A dog should be taught that there will be no favorable outcome for begging and all begging endeavors need to be stopped.

Dogs live in packs and when they feel ignored, they will think they are an outcast. So they try to behave seriously for the things they are being ignored. Plus no eye contact means you won’t have to stare into your dog’s soul and think it wants something badly.


Distract your dog with playing toys or activities. Just don’t let them think they are getting rewarded for any sort of begging behaviors. The end goal is to distract your dog in a specific way.

Take new toys and keep them out of the reach from your dog. You entirely ignore when your dog is barking and whining and when it stops, use the exact moment to hand the toys.

Take your dog for a walk and try to initiate a fetching game or other encouraging activities. Give a pat just not when it’s barking or whining.

Most often, dogs only beg when the food is in hindsight like when getting a meal ready or opening a fridge.

When your transition the action into the other thing, you will be encouraging the dog to concentrate on the new thing.

However, don’t just make-believe and actually reward your dog.  The goal is to strike a balance. Stopping a behavior can take time and effort so have patience and have a good time with your canine.

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