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Some Common Health issues likely to Affect Your Dog and How to Deal With Them

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Dogs are normally super healthy pets with an extended life expectancy. However, in all breeds of dogs, there are some dog common health issues that seem to bother them and your dog is no exception. To make sure that that your dog is well insulated from the risks that may arise from its genetics, it’s imperative that you get well informed on some of the health issues that are likely to affect the dog.

The Morella

This is a soft spot on the skull that almost all the apple-headed are born with. Basically, it’s similar to a soft spot that human babies are born with and serves the same purpose: facilitating a safe passage in the birth canal and prevent exposing the brain to a lot of pressure. In most of these little dogs, the soft spot will be completely sealed by the time they reach adulthood. But for some the closure is partial.

This is not a defect but a characteristic to some small dogs. If hit on the spot with a hard object the dog may quickly die therefore care must be taken. In fact, there was a time back in the years when breeders used the Morella to classify some breed like true Chihuahua; any dog that didn’t have the soft spot was crossed out.

Reverse sneeze

Descriptions of this disorder are several and they depend on the owners. Collectively, this condition is represented by some snorting and some sort of wheezing among other descriptions.

This is a condition that has not been fully explored and there are many suggestions trying to explain why it actually happens. Among the varied reasons given here are some few:

  • Small trachea
  • Sinus infections
  • Elongated soft palate with temporal misalignment

The reasons vary but this seems to be a common issue with dogs that have broad and short heads and mostly the toy breeds.

Sometimes it will happen when the leash is pulled or when the pet is playing, eating, drinking too quickly and could just happen for no reason at all.

The good thing is that this should not alarm you, most bouts will only last a couple of moments and if you want to speed things up, try rubbing their throats or simply distract them.


This is a condition that arises when the blood sugar levels fall way below the normal levels. When this happens, the brain is severely deprived of essential nutrients and it leads to weakness, severe seizures, and a disheartening death.

Remedy and Prevention

As a response to an emergency situation, quickly give the dog something that is sugary like a syrup or jelly.

To prevent this from happening altogether, make sure that your dog eats regularly. If your dog is not a little piglet, then you can start free-feeding them. But if they have a tendency to overeat it’s not recommended to use free feeding, they might become obese altogether.

If you suspect that normal diets are insufficient, you should introduce a high-calorie mix feed.

Dental issues and problems

Before they reach the age of four years 75% of all dogs will develop dental problems of some kind. Mostly, this is contributed by their small mouths and small snouts making the teeth become stacked closely together resulting in issues when feeding.

Food gets stuck between their teeth so often. This means that regular dental care is a compulsory chore for a dog owner if they wish to avoid further complications. Get your Dog a dental kit but in the meantime, you can use a child’s toothbrush to clean their mouth.

Dealing with it

Make it a habit to regularly give the dog some raw bones. These will not only keep your dog occupied but also clean their teeth. When you go to the vet store make sure that you purchase some water additives that contain an antibacterial. This will help to eliminate bacteria that cause bad breath and plaque.

Finally, always have a vet check your dog for any dental issue that you are unsure of.

The cherry eyes

This is a condition that makes the eyes to protrude and be so close to the ground. Apart from the fact that foreign materials can easily injure the eyes, this does not cause any danger on its own. Of course, it’s unsightly but that doesn’t mean life-threatening.

There are several methods used to fix this problem which may include:

  • Massaging the eyes back into position
  • Steroid eye drops
  • Surgical procedures
  • Placing some warm and mildly moist cloth over the eyes

Breeders have tried to overcome this issue through selective breeding with a huge success rate.

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