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Snowflake The Rare Albino Alligator Arrives At Zoo In Illinois For A Summer Visit-Enjoy!

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A very rare albino alligator is finally at an Illinois zoo for summer vacation!
The albino American alligator who is named snowflake is 16 years old and 7 feet long.


scientists say that this beautiful creature is one of only 100 albino alligators on the planet, and we have to put in mind that there are 5 million alligators in the US alone.


The cause of this special color is that the albino alligators are the children of parents who have the recessive gene for albinism. In other words, it means that they can’t create melanin to give a color to their skin or eyes, therefore they have that ivory-white color.

What we have to know about the albino alligators is that they face a hard time surviving in the wild, not like other alligators who can live in rivers, marshes, and swamps.

Due to their bright white skin and their pinkish eyes, it’s so easy for predators to find them. Also, their skin is more sensitive to sunlight, which means that is more difficult for them to regulate their body temperature. In addition, it is hard for them to see the food and predators because the sun burns their eyes.

Normally snowflakes can’t survive for long in that environment, he is living at st.augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park. However, he is moved to a summer vacation up north to take a break.

Snowflake is now at the Brookfield Zoo Illinois, where visitors will have the opportunity to see him until September.



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