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Pit Bull Who Got Second Chance At Life Becomes Taco-Eating Social Media Sensation-Enjoy!

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Lucky the pit bull was in bad situation three years ago, he was living in a locked, abandoned house where the floors were covered in feces.

He was shot in the face and leg when he tried to escape the house, but he did it successfully.


Before finding his forever home with the Rudman family in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, He was rescued by the society of the great plains for the prevention of cruelty to animals.

Now lucky is not only happy, but he is also famous on social media because he is living a brand-new life because he is eating tacos.

His human friend posts a video on his Instagram account showing him eating tacos like the good-est dog there ever was.

“It’s crazy, and people live for it. They love watching him eat his tacos, and he loves to crunch the shells. Crunch, crunch, crunch the shells and so, it’s pretty funny,” Gina Rudman told WDAF, per KMTV.


Lucky has over 25,000 followers on his account and it’s very fun to watch him eating tacos.

This the dog turned 5 years old. The Rudmans threw him a big birthday bash with a lot of tacos. the birthday party took place at a Taco Republic truck.

“I just want to make his life so much better than what it was before,” Gina said. “I think we’re doing that. I think he’s a pretty happy guy.”




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