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The Old Veteran Was Finally Reunited With His Stolen Pup

When a beloved animal companion is lost, the grief can be overwhelming.

As all dog lovers know Our pets are often like an integral part of the family. They make our houses and apartments feel like home. They share affection with no strings attached, entertain us mightily, and provide us with daily opportunities to show love and care. And when they disappear, they can break our hearts. Pretty much nothing can match the devastation. We may feel guilty, too, if we think we should have forbidden our dog to go outside.


that’s why when we learned the story of the 93-old veteran Roger LeClair and his best friend Lola a teacup chihuahua our hearts shattered into a thousand pieces. But, luckily, the two got a happy ending.

This 93-year-old Roger LeClair, a WWII Veteran adopted the teacup chihuahua at just a month old for 12-year, the day after the election his beloved dog was stolen from his yard.

Then a boy in the neighborhood told LeClair that a woman had driven off with Lola, claiming to be taking the dog to the vet.

The veteran blindsided by far more grief than he ever expected after Lola went missing, admitting that the dog was on his mind all the time, and he worries about her safety because of her small size.

“For the last week and a half, day and night, I go to bed thinking about her, I wake up a time or two at night thinking about her. I guess you call it grieving,” he said.

He immediately turned to news stations to get the word out about Lola’s kidnapping.hoping someone finds her ASAP.

Luckily, there is someone who spotted her. LeClair and Lola were reunited on Saturday, after a hero named Cynthia Godfrey found the dog in a nearby park.she took the dog home and took care of her until she saw Lola’s picture on the news she immediately gave LeClair the call that Lola was safe and sound, and the two planned a meeting to get Lola back home.

Godfrey reported that LeClair was “elated” upon hearing the news of Lola’s rescue.

“I knew it was Lola because of [Godfrey’s] description,” the veteran told Buzzfeed News. “Lola’s tongue hangs out of her mouth to one side, slightly.”

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